4 Origin Emperor - Tang Shaoyang


Tang Shaoyang back to his small house. He wanted to save the people of Youyouliucun District, but all of them had been infected and turned into a zombie.

He already checked all buildings and found no one survived through this ordeal.

"Sigh, I have failed to protect my people…"

Tang Shaoyang let out a sigh. Yes, he regarded the people who lived in Youyouliucun District as his people while he was the head of the people here. That was why he treated them kindly and helped them a lot.

Tang Shaoyang regarded this Youyouliucun District as his territory while he was the lord of this territory. He also regarded the protection fee the people gave him as tax, not protection fee. The people paid their taxes to their lord, it was a natural matter.

As for Dragon Wing, Tang Shaoyang never regarded himself as one of them. He regarded Dragon Wing as a big empire while he was the vassal of this big empire. The taxes (protection fee) his people paid to him, he would tribute to the Dragon Wing as Vassal.

Yes, he regarded himself as Vassal of Dragon Wing. He had no loyalty to this Dragon Wing, he just wanted to protect his territory. This was the reason Tang Shaoyang never accepted the promotion Lu Gang offered.

As for why he did not try to take Dragon Wing down. It because he knew, he alone was not enough to defeat Dragon Wing. Moreover, an underworld boss such as Lu Gang, he possessed a gun.

No matter how strong he was, Tang Shaoyang also knew his limit. He could not win against a gun. There was no way for him to win.

For an orphan without any background and connection, there was only a little chance for him to become a big Boss like Lu Gang. Knowing he could not win, Tang Shaoyang joined Dragon Wing, as a vassal.

He dropped from the school not to become a mob or dog. He wanted to be the leader, led many people under his wings. If not he was forced to, he would not join Dragon Wing.

However, even though he did not want to, he had to. If he did not join Dragon Wing, he would be regarded as an enemy and Dragon Wing would not hesitate to crush him. He regarded as a Vassal and joined Dragon Wing as the lord of Youyouliucun District.

But now, he lost his people which was also meant he was no longer a lord. Without his people, he would automatically lose his status as Lord.

"Nah, I will think about it later. For now, I have to check what is this screen status and talent… That robotic voice said that I got three Talents for killing a thousand zombies. Screen Status!"


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 6

Talent: None [You have 3 Talents Point]

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 23

Agility: 8

Vitality: 6

Stamina: 10

Magic Power: 1

Sense: 5

Skill: Basic Detection


"Hmm, what is this affiliation?"

Tang Shaoyang moved his hand to touch the screen status. He regarded this screen status as his smartphone.

[Affiliation: the state or relation of being closely associated or affiliated with a particular group.]

The explanation appeared of affiliation appeared.

"Hmm, so affiliation is to show if I belong to any group…" Tang Shaoyang nodded.

With a heart of curiosity, he touched the age and explanation appeared like before.

[Age: the length of an existence extending from the beginning to any given time.]

Then, He looked down and touched Vitality. He understood the strength, agility, and stamina, but he did not know what this vitality meant.

[Vitality: Power of enduring. Strengthening the flesh and increasing the capability of healing.]

"Oho, so this vitality is my defense. If really like this, I should allocate my attribute points to Vitality and Strength. Maybe high vitality could block a bullet?"

Tang Shaoyang was wondering if he could block a bullet with high vitality. It said vitality strengthening his flesh.

He shook his head and continue with the next attribute, Magic Power. Tang Shaoyang really had no clue regarding this magic power.

[Magic Power: Possession of authority over magic.]

"Urgh, what is this? Possession of authority over magic? What magic? Is that magic that in a tv show? If so, this attribute quite useless for me. I don't like to use a trick in a fight…"

Tang Shaoyang connected the magic in the screen status to the magic in the tv show. He never thought about the magic in the fantasy or game, he never played a game or read a fantasy story after all. It was Tang Shaoyang impression of magic, a trickery.

Tang Shaoyang did not dawdle long in Magic Power, he touched the next attribute, Sense.

[Sense: a specialized function or mechanism (such as sight, hearing, or smell) by which a certain creature receives and responds to external stimuli.]

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. He got the meaning behind this explanation. But he was still clueless with magic.

"Then what about talent?" He touched Talent on the screen status.

[Talent: the natural endowments of a person. By consuming Talent Point, you will be granted a Talent!]

"So the Talent Points can be exchanged to a Real Talent? But how?"

He basically understood that much, but he did not know how to use the talent point. Exchanging the talent point for talent, Tang Shaoyang did not know how to do that. There was only a little clue.

"Will it work if I request it out loud?"

Tang Shaoyang held his chin.

"Hmm, with zombies appeared everywhere, I need an infinite strength and then, I can slaughter them with ease… This is one. There are two more talent points…"

A lewd smiled formed on his lips.

"I want an infinite strength, charm and charisma to conquer women, and the last one, I want to upgrade my **** so I can please my women! I want all these talents!!!"

Tang Shaoyang shout aloud, but he let out a burst of laughing afterward.

"Ahahahahahaha… There's no way such talents existed… Eh!?????"

Ding! Dong!

"3 Talent Points are consumed! You have been granted Divine Body! Good Luck, Gamer Tang Shaoyang!"

Tang Shaoyang immediately checked his screen status.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 6

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 33

Agility: 13

Vitality: 11

Stamina: 15

Magic Power: 6

Sense: 5

Skill: Basic Detection


He saw that Divine Body was really added to his talent. Tang Shaoyang immediately touched the words Divine Body.

[Divine Body (S Level Talent). Granting an unlimited growth of Strength, Charisma of Emperor and Charm to conquer the beauties, and an upgraded P*nis with a compatible size, last longer, and guarantee to make all women pleased.]

[Divine Body Attribute: + 2 Strength and +1 other attributes each time leveled up.]

Tang Shaoyang had his mouth opened wide. It took sometime before he could believe such talent really existed.

"Such Talents really existed…" He muttered in a low voice.

However, he found this talent Divine Body was really good. It increased his attribute by leveling up. Before he only got two attributes points, but he now got eight attributes points for leveling up.

"Wow, this talent is really amazing. With 33 strength, I can crush the zombie's head with ease."

Even though the two other talents seemed useless, Tang Shaoyang was satisfied with the talent he got. Especially the charisma of emperor, he was fond of those words.

"Nah, with my current attribute, I have no problem to face even another thousand zombies."

Tang Shaoyang was quite confident with his strength.

"It's already been some time since the zombies appeared. Maybe the government already set up a shelter right now, let's look for them. I will look for other people and… Ehhhh?!!!"

Zombies appeared out of nowhere, it was surely a mess everywhere and most likely, the government already fell.

This Youyouliucun District for example, there was no survivor here. All of them turned into a zombie except for him, and most likely the official or even the soldier also turned into zombies.

No government meant there was no law, there was no law meant there was no restraint. The little chance to realize his dream to be a big boss… No! He did not want to be a Big Boss, but an Emperor. He would establish his own empire and became an Emperor.

"That is it. I will establish Empire and I will be the first Emperor of my Empire. Moreover, with this weird attribute, there is a chance I can win against the bullet."

First Emperor of Tang Empire, Origin Emperor Tang Shaoyang! From today onwards, there's no more Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun, but Origin Emperor, Tang Shaoyang!"


Oops, my bad habit. Let's see, my goal is to establish an empire. To establish an empire, I need territory, people, and beauty to be my queen. The first goal is to choose a territory. The second goal, I have to gather the people. The third goal, I have to create my harem palace."

Tang Shaoyang went out and let out a laugh.

"Hahaha… The world will witness how this Origin Emperor establishes the greatest empire in history, Tang Empire!"

The youth who grew up in a small district stepped into a new path with great ambition.

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