Arknights: Purpose and Will

Ikigai: A concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. And he did not have one ever since he could remember, but in this new place he finds himself in, will he gain one? Or will Terra's cruelty give birth to a devil that is determined to destroy everything in its path?

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136 Chs

Chapter 120: Lungmen Scuffle


Talulah and Ch'en glared at Ash after he messed with them. "Why don't you go kiss your ass!" Ch'en scowled at him.


"I can't reach, it why don't you?" He chuckled. But the two quickly forgot about it. Enjoying their awkward time together instead. Having a real conversation for the first time in years.


"So? What are you going to do next? Talulah is an international criminal." Beatrix asked Ch'en and the Lung frowned.


"I don't know... I want her to come with me, but that's basically asking to be hunted by bounty hunters and international head hunters." Ch'en was feeling frustrated.


"Don't worry Ch'en, I'm fine being here. Besides, I still need to be here, I doubt that he would let me leave." Talulah pointed at Ash.


"That's right, she has to carry out her sentence. Which is for life." Ash reminded Ch'en that Talulah is in a life sentence at Paradiso.


"Ohh, that..." Ch'en blinked. Finding it quite vexing that she won't be able to spend more time with Talulah. Especially because they have a lot of things to catch up on.


"I don't mind, Ch'en. I need to do this too." Her sister smiled slightly and the Lung rubbed her nose on Talulah.


"Where's the kiss?" Ash wiggled his eyebrows. Lin and Beatrix deadpanned at him and he shrugged. "What? There's nothing wrong with a bit of action between sisters."


"You weirdo." Beatrix gave him the side eye. "Well, based on experience; it's hot. Though I haven't seen sisters do it yet." Ash nodded sagely.


"Y-you beast." Lin glared at him weakly and he snorted.


"Shut up, you..." Ch'en put her tongue out and he used his telekinesis to pull on it.


"Hey, I might have good taste. But I'm the emperor here, not your friends." He huffed at them and they realized. They were comitting a major crime that is punishable by death.


"S-sorry." They all bowed at him and he waved his hand. "Don't be too comfortable. In private, it's fine. But if you see me in public, you gotta keep up appearances."


He reminded them and they nodded immediately. Them telling him to shut up and others hearing it would be a disaster.


"We'll be careful." They bowed again and he snorted. "Now you're being respectful, little brats. Maybe I should punish you after all?" Ash raised a brow.


They started to get paler as they imagined being imprisoned like Talulah. She didn't exactly look very comfortable being chained down by Kjera's ice.


He flicked his wrist and they suddenly got bent over. "W-what are you going to do?" Ch'en blinked dumbly at him and they four of them stared at him fearfully.


"You've been bad girls, so I'll give the bad girls their punishments." Ash whacked Ch'en's butt first. Her tushy jiggled with a resounding smack.


"Kyaah! What are you doing!?" Ch'en blushed like a tomato and she glared at him.


"I already told you, you've been a bad girl. So I would need to punish you one by one." Ash huffed and he continued on with the others.


"You can't do this! We're going to have a partnership! It's weird!" Beatrix started sweating, seeing Ch'en, Talulah, and Lin's red cheeks.


"Hmph, as expected of a rich daughter. You have never been spanked. Well, that changes today." Ash smacked the rich tiger and she squeaked.


"Kuu! Kill me now..." Ch'en thought that she couldn't get married anymore.


Meanwhile, Talulah was used to brutal punishments. So she didn't even react, though she got embarrassed and her cheeks had a light dusting of pink.


Lin and Beatrix were shocked though. They have never been hit by their parents after all.


'W-what's this stinging feeling that is tingling nicely?' They thought both at the same time. As Ash didn't want to traumatize them. So he imbued his hand with some energy.


It lingered on their bodies and stimulated their nerves. Making the intended effect backfire on him as they started to awaken something.


"Hmph, you should be more careful with your words. I might be younger than you, but I'm definitely your superior." Ash snorted and they nodded immediately.


Except Lin and Beatrix that were in a daze as they twitched from time to time.


"Ummm, what's next?" Talulah raised her hand. Still unable to look him in the eyes. Everytime she even got a glance of his face made her relieve some memories that she wanted to forget.


"Well, these three have to return back home." Ash pointed at the trio and Talulah nodded. She looked at Ch'en and they nodded at each other.


"Hmmm, how about we raise a little ruckus? I'll ferry you guys over and I'll bring Talulah. I'm going to bet that Wei Yenwu would lose his mind." Ash smirked and Ch'en froze.


She then imagined her uncle having a panic attack after seeing Talulah. He would definitely lose his goddamned mind.


"Let's do it..." Ch'en had a little smirk on her face. She resented him a bit for kowtowing to Yan. Leading to her mother being married to a random noble.


And due to that, she died pretty quickly. Hatred and depression taking her life. With the love of her life dying and Talulah being taken by Kaschey. She was absolutely miserable.


"Heh, I knew you had it in you." Ash smirked and he prepared them to go to Lungmen.




In mountainDash logistics, a young man that is a Forte received an assignment from his father. The minotaur anthropomorph looked at the papers in his hands.


"So I am going to Penguin Logistics, dad?" He tilted his head and Eurill; the owner of their company nodded.


"We've been very successful due to Emperor reeling us in for his majesty, Asmodeus' company. You'll learn a lot from Emperor and his entourage, Bison." Eurill smiled and Bison hummed.


"I guess, but isn't that company quite chaotic? I've heard that their chairman gets into trouble often." Bison heard rumors about Emperor's logistics company.


And the penguin feraerus was getting into shootouts with the mafias that were in Lungmen.


Eurill laughed boisterously. "That? Well, Emperor is a tough little bird. He'll just come back even if he goes missing for weeks. Anyways, you will still learn there. They helped us a lot too, we are what we are today due to Emperor and his majesty." Eurill shooed him away.


"Okay." Bison replied with his deadpan expression that is constant, looking apathetic to everything.


But he was secretly fascinated by Penguin Logistics' success. Emperor established their company with Celinia Texas. And then, they suddenly grew like mushrooms.


Bison set out to Penguin Logistics and he was currently in a car. "I wonder what will I learn from there?" He mused as he looked outside the window.


"Hmm?" He noticed a couple of bikes that were speeding. Bison thought nothing of it, but the passenger of the bike suddenly pointed something at the car; a gun.


He suddenly crouched down and the windows shattered as bullets rained on the car. The driver swerved and Bison got thrown around at the back due to the rough driving.


"What's happening? I'm a target for assassination? But I'm still too young to inherit the company." Bison wondered and he cowered down on the floor of the car to avoid the bullets.


Holes appearing on the car door as the assailants kept on firing their guns at them.


"Oi! Say hello to my little friend!" Another car sped up and a Sankta aimed her guns.


With quick bursts of her bullpup, the bikers were deterred and they made a run for it immediately.


"Tch, what the hell are you doing Croissant!? I would've hit them if you weren't such a shitty driver!" Exusiai blamed her partner.


"Shut up! Aren't you just bad at using that gun? Shouldn't you just return that to boss Ash? I've tried that, it's really accurate!" Croissant rebutted and Exusiai gasped.


"Y-you fired my gun from Ash?" Exusiai went wide eyed and her pupils dilated. Croissant immediately noticed the folly of her words and she went quiet.


"Shhh... Shh... She won't touch you anymore, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when she touched you." Exusiai kissed her gun and caressed it softly like it was a victim.


"I-it was my bad okay? Sorry." Croissant winced as she remembered how much of a gun nut Exusiai was. She would use them for indescribable things if she didn't desire another person.


The car of Bison stopped at the side of the road and the duo stepped out of theirs. "We're not done here yet." Exusiai glared at Croissant.


"Yes..." Croissant sighed as she would definitely have to spend a lot to buy Exusiai the apple pies she would demand as compensation.


"Exusiai and Croissant, right?" Bison stepped out of the car after the coast was clear.


"Got it in one! Wait, how'd you know us? Are you some spy that is a fake? Are you one of Ash's super duper secret agents that could assassinate anyone without anyone knowing?" Exusiai raised a brow and Croissant elbowed her.


"Shhh! Are you stupid? What if one of them is listening to you? Ash would confiscate that little gun of yours." Croissant reminded her and Exusiai paled.


She then immediately looked around. And now, she has to live in anxiety at the thought of one of his spec ops lounging around. After all, they were good.


Not just good, good. But gooood. They could know how many strands of pubes you have in just a few minutes. They aren't called ghosts for nothing.


"Ash's ghosts?" Bison tilted his head in confusion. Only Ash's inner circle knows about them.


"Ahh, those guys are who you send to scare the Boogeyman. Ope... I should just shut up." Exusiai zipped her mouth after Croissant glared at her. The Forte was already sweating bullets.


"I see, can we move to a safer location?" Bison was unnaturally calm. And the duo raised a brow at him, but they've seen weirder.


Like Narcissa who can look at you with a blank face and turn you into a red paste on the ground. And they've seen her do that when she was deployed in the front lines.


Bison was quiet the whole car ride. And the operators of the penguin empire understood his quietness.


But he was just thinking of what to do in Penguin logistics later. And who might be the one who wants him dead.


After a car ride into the night, they went to a base of Penguin logistics and met up with Emperor.


"Oi, what took you so long?" Emperor huffed. "The new member got attacked by some assassins boss." Croissant explained with a sigh.


"Well, did you at least put some holes in them? Some nigg- I mean, dudes pulling up? You bet your ass that my employees made them regret that drive through." Emperor raised a brow.


"Uhh, I kinda missed." Exusiai scratched her head with a sheepish smile. "What!? You're a Sankta, you should be a sharpshooter." Emperor face palmed.


"Umm, hello?" Bison waved at the feraerus. 'So he really is a penguin...' Bison was fascinated.


"Ahhh, I forgot the kid here. What's up boy? Texas, let's throw a party for him! We've got a new worker here. We need to show the new kid that we baller." Emperor ordered the Lupo.


"Just because we have a lot of money, doesn't mean we should spend it carelessly." Texas deadpanned at him. It was a habit of Celinia to be cheap.


Being an exile from a mafioso family wasn't easy at all. It was the reason that she doesn't smoke anymore. Because tobacco is expensive as hell. And Asmodeus enterprise doesn't want to produce them at all.


"Miss Texas is right, shouldn't we learn who tried to attack me?" Bison raised a good point and Texas nodded.


"See? He understands it. Hah, maybe Ash is rubbing off on you too much." Texas shook her head wistfully.


"It's just a party. Come on! Where's your spirit?" Emperor really wanted a welcome party.


"Hell yeah! We'll bust out all the good booze and let Sora sing and dance for us!" Exusiai shouted out passionately.


"Oi, what do you think Sora is? A stripper? She's our idol!" Emperor chided her.


"Did someone say, party?" Ash suddenly showed up with his entourage.


"Texas! Long time no see, buddy." Lappland waved at her with a wide grin on her face. Seeing her self proclaimed best friend.


"Geh." Texas' face immediately soured after she saw Lappland. But the Lupo wasn't trying to get her to fight at least, just like in the old days.


Because Lappland is much, much stronger than her right now. So the crazy Lupo lost interest in fighting Texas.


"Come on! Let's get this party started!" Ash took out bottles of expensive champagne. "Doesn't that cost like my annual salary a glass?" Texas' hand trembled as she saw the brand of it.


"Don't you worry your pretty little face. Drinks are on me!" Ash popped them and Exusiai immediately started jumping around in glee.


"Why are we partying with Penguin logistics?" Lin whispered to Ch'en. "I don't know, don't ask." Ch'en also got a bit worried as she was handed months of her salary in a glass.




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