1 Prologue

All throughout history there have been sightings of witches, vampires, werewolves, and far worse. The Nightcrawlers were Loki's minions and it's the Daggers job to stop them from infecting the Earth. With help of Odin's powers people were chosen to protect the Earth from the Nightcrawlers. Odin's first choice was Thorin, his second son, to lead the team. Then came Astrid, a well renowned archer in Odin's second calvery, and Liam, a hardworking and wise swordsman in the first calvery in Odin's army. From the vampires' Odin chose: Prince Nicholas Graham, Aidan Cumberland, and Candace Parker. From the werewolves, Odin had to use his wisdom to choose the headstrong and violent werewolves. In the end, Odin chose Kendric Ormstrong, the mighty guardian of all mystical beings; Archer Vindicate, the alpha's third-born son; and Lilly Forsythe, the daughter of the werewolf tribe's beta. Last, but not least, the witches of the world came together on a vision of Odin choosing three of them for the most important mission in the whole world. Three days later Odin met with the witches coven and chose Harlow McChildress, Halo Hunter, and Aviva Evans. The team was complete or so the world thought, but one warrior was left an unknown ally through the battle for the world. She is the only air warrior left fighting for good. This is her story.

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