Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Author: Remove the Head and Eat
Magical Realism
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What is Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Read ‘Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?’ Online for Free, written by the author Remove the Head and Eat, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering SYSTEM Fiction, SURVIVAL Light Novel, SIGNIN Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: The live show, Survive in Wilderness was a hit.There were thousands of participants in the game show. They would all sta...


The live show, Survive in Wilderness was a hit. There were thousands of participants in the game show. They would all start by parachuting from a plane and land randomly in a primary forest. The participants would have to rely only on a backpack, a water bottle, and a dagger to survive. Yu Beier was only eight years old when he joined the game show so that he could buy the cure for his ill mother with the prize money. He was the youngest to have ever participated, and he had accidentally woken up a wilderness survival system. [Ding! You have received the Wilderness Survival 101 Pack!] [Ding! You have received Max-leveled Hunting Skill!] [Ding! You have received Max-leveled Building Skill!] [Ding! You have received Max-leveled Swing Skill!] … When the show started, the viewers were utterly shocked. From climbing the tallest mountain to crossing the ocean, conquering the forest and swamp, and managing an island, there was nothing that Yu Beier could not do. “Dude! That eight-year-old boy is living a much more interesting life than us!” “Yu Beier is the apex among men!” "Whenever I see his stream, it feels like I've just lived an extra life!"

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Si Czarina at Elise ay matalik na magkaibigan since there was a child, Kaya naman kilalang kilala na nila ang bawat isa. Lagi silang magkaramaray sa lahat ng bagay, parehas silang matalino, same course Ang kinuha nila nung college at ngayon ay sa same University pa sila nagtuturo. Lagi silang nagkakasundo sa lahat ng bagay, katulad na lamang ng pananamit, maging sa pagkain, sa galaan at pagkahilig sa k-drama. Ngunit kahit ganoon ay may roon pa rin silang pagkakaiba, mas nahumaling si Elise sa mga koreano, mas mahilig siya sa mga K-pop groups. Samantalang si Czarina naman ay hanggang k-drama lang dahil mas focus siya sa kaniyang trabaho dahil siya Ang tumatayong bread winner sa pamilya. Nakatuon ang atinsyon Niya sa pag-iipon ng pera, kasalukiyang nasa under construction Rin Ang pinapangarap niyang bahay para sa kaniyang mga magulang at malapit na itong matapos. Nag-iipon rin siya para sa kaniyang sarili dahil may usapan silang magkaibigan na lilibutin nila Ang buong mundo at Ang una sa kanilang listahan ay Ang Korea na Ang bestfriend Niya pa Ang pinili, Wala naman siyang magagawa dahil parang kapatid na Rin Ang turing niya dito. At nakapagpangako rin siya dito na si Elise ang masusunod sa lahat kapag nakapunta na sila roon. Samantala, ang K-pop boy band group naman na BTS ay kasalukuyang namamayagpag at sikat na sikat sa larangan ng musika hindi lamang sa kanilang lugar, maging sa buong mundo. Masasabing perfect ang grupong ito dahil sa mga achievements na natatanggap nila sa kasalukuyan. Masyado silang natuon sa kung ano sila ngayon, nalimutan na nilang maghanap ng makakatuwang sa buhay. Magkakaroon pa ba sila ng pagkakataon para sa love? Ito na kaya ang pagiging dahilan upang makilala nila Ang isa't isa? Ano kaya ang sunod na mangyayari? Magiging maganda Kaya ang una nilang pagtatagpo?

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What is this? What has webnovel turned into lol, look at how they do locked chapters now. .................................................................


EXP EXP EXP....................................................YOU LIKE MY REVIEW AND I WILL LIKE YOU BACK GUARANTEE///////////////////////////


I don't like this new "locked chapters ordering" so I gave this 1 star. Simply because I'm afraid that if this monetization model performed better, they'll start putting this new order of "locked chapters" model on ALL the new novels, and I'm not rich enough to survive that. at the point in time of this review, the ordering is roughly: -chapter 1-3 free -chapter 4-20 locked -chapter 21-36 free -chapter 37-40 locked


Why in the world would you lock below chapter 20, much less chapter 5. locking chapter 4 and above is foolish, and a huge waste of my time to continue reading during a trial read. This is quite frustrating too, as while I have enjoyed the first 3 chapters this is nowhere near enough unlocked content to willingly continue reading.


I don't have much to say, I just that I find it difficult to understand how an 8year old is doing all that (even if he reincarnated) and people aren't questioning his presence in the show




You know how bad it is when the description has grammar errors. ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


The story seems interesting, but having the initial chapters blocked and the ones in the middle open prevents us from giving a better evaluation of this work, so I'm giving low marks in everything, nobody wants to risk an unknown novel.


Locked ch 4 and up = instant delete from library good book but until they stop being stupid... (delete)...........................................................................................


I liked the concept, but honestly it makes no sense to put an 8 year old kid. You could have just put 18 year old guy instead of an eight year old and it would have been quite fun. I am also seeing possible signs of grooming and underage love line forming. There are also some plotholes. The system sign in reward was missed, and there are no details given regarding how some traps were made, and how sometimes, the plot seemed to have jumped past few details. Unlike what some comments are saying, racism is not shown (at least till ch 40) other than China being where the MC was reincarnated in. But still no clue why the novel was picked with all these possible danger flags.


after reading the title i know this is just garbage it is ok to read if you ignore common sense (logic) and savage society watching 8 years old survive in the forrest.this is the same as other not make sense novels.


1 star for how blatant the Chinese propaganda is. In 3 chapters china has a goddess and the most godlike 8 year old Chinese kid and people act surprised sure but there's no wow this is dangerous someone should stop this or why is this kid here? No they act like its expected. and don't even get me started on the new paywall its so stupid its a more enjoyable experience pirating it from the getgo


I'd love to rate this higher, but it seems Webnovel has decided that this book shouldn't be translated, even though it's been second from the top of the list for energy stones for months. I really hope they get it together because the two top stories have been sitting there, surpassed by others that have less than have to votes, while us readers get frustrated.


I love this novel and such a interesting story about character and his man vs wild journey. I hope this novel author start his work as soon as possible.


I had enjoyed this until the 8 yr old had to carry a useless but pretty Scarlet Johansson because she acts worse than a 8 yr old and is creepy in her behavior towards a kid. And i swear the author cant talk about a female without stating how pretty she is every two seconds. Considering he is a 8 yr old this seems to be over done and just turns creepy. Somehow authors can even turn a story about a young kid be surrounded by beautiful woman. Bet if he was old enough this would be harem. And how creepy the author is it may still turn out to be harem


What is up with this?! Everytime I start reading something with an 8yr old, there's some creepy weird sexual or romantic tension with an older woman...this is super awkward and gross...the MC is 8!!! even if he is much older at heart, his physical body is still 8!!!! yuck!!!


Honest reviews are here.. First, the novel title has already described what kind of novel this is.. It kind of depends if you love to read this or not.. If you like TV shows like "crocodile hunter", you might like it.. Those who don't know that show, or specifically this novel, are like a wildlife documentary where MC joins the game show and to gain popularity, he teach his viewer the ways to survive in the wild.. As an 8 years old boy, he kinda attracts many people with his wilderness knowledge where he gains thru system.. Plus, with that kind of knowledge, his age doesn't seem to match his worldwide all-knowing knowledge.. This survival system kinda helpful at first, but later, it becomes harder to gain the usefulness "thing" from it.. Oh well, maybe the system was ONLY helpful in the beginning to help MC.. In my opinion, I kind of feel bored with this type of novel.. So, I only last for 40 chapters..


Reveal spoiler


Good character but a few too many shota moments in my opinion. I also don't see much use in the system that he got. it's either fan service or jokes.


Well, at least I won't have to worry about nonsensical hook up with women with sudden inexplicable obsession with the MC. One thing I have to comment is that the author dragged in several real life people in the novel. This is not a fan fiction but a novel that's expected to be published (at least online), has the author asked for permission?


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