15 Apprentice Quarters

In the beginning, Yuan thought that all the educators lived in quarters provided by the Huohui sect, but it turned out that was not true.

After leaving fairy Ling's study, Yuan realised they weren't on the same mountain where the educators quarters were; they were actually on a different one. Apprentice Mei, the girl who had brought Yuan to meet his master, told him. That quarter of the educators was mostly just for show; they in general stayed in separate mountains.

Mei told Yuan that the peak they were on and where fairy Ling stayed was called Frost Peak.

She asked Yuan to follow her.

As Mei led Yuan through the winding paths of Frost Peak, they passed by many buildings of various sizes and shapes. Some were simple wooden structures, while others were grand stone buildings with intricate carvings and decorations.

Finally, they arrived at a large building near the centre of the peak. The building was made of white stone and had a towering spire that reached towards the sky. A large banner with the symbol of the frost peak hung from the front of the building, signalling that this was the main residence .

As they entered the building, Yuan was struck by the grandeur of the interior. The walls were lined with shelves filled with books, scrolls, and other arcane artefacts. A large fireplace burned brightly in the centre of the room, casting a warm glow over everything.

Mei led Yuan through a series of hallways and up a flight of stairs to a section of the building where Fairy Ling's disciples resided. As they walked, Yuan caught glimpses of other accolytes and apprentices going about their business, some reading books, others practising spells.

They arrived at a large floor that was divided into several smaller chambers, each with its own door. Mei stated that this was where the novices under Fairy Ling were housed. If Yuan needed anything, he could ask the novices.

She explained that since he has joined directly as an apprentice of Fairy Ling, he will be receiving the treatment of an apprentice and not a novice or accolyte.

They kept moving further. The apprentice's room was a bit more spacious and comfortable than the novice and acolyte's rooms. It was located on the upper floors of the same building and had a window that provided a magnificent view of Frost Peak.

As Yuan entered the disciple's room, he couldn't help but feel amazed at its sheer size and number of rooms. The enormous bedroom took up most of the space, and he noticed how it was furnished with a massive four-poster bed, draped in luxurious silk curtains, and surrounded by plush carpets.

Moving further in, he saw a spacious living area with comfortable sofas, armchairs, and even a small fireplace. The room was lit by crystals that emitted a soft, warm glow, giving the space a cozy and inviting feel.

To his surprise, he counted not one but five rooms in total. Each had a different purpose, and he wondered how anyone could need so many. One of the smaller rooms, he realised, was meant to store clothes, which seemed unnecessary given that all of his belongings could fit into a small suitcase. Still Being a former CEO, he never said no to luxury.

Mei said, "You are an apprentice to an educator, so that makes you a student of the Houhui sect too. You will have two lodgings, too. One room of lodging will be given to you near the Huohui Sect so you can attend general classes if you like, but it is not necessary as long as you can improve your levels. As for the days where you do not have classes, you can come stay here. If Master is free, you can ask her for guidance, but be sure it is something important. We avoid disturbing the master unless it is necessary. "

She took out a silver medallion and a leather pouch, handing them to Yuan. She spoke, "This medallion is proof that you are an apprentice under fairy Ling. You have not cultivated the essence yet, so you can not use it; keep it for now. In the pouch are a few aurums and fire essence crystals for your daily needs. There is also a meditation technique so you can begin your cultivation. Your grandfather has made a generous contribution to the sect, so you do not need to be worried about your funds. Once you cultivate your essence, you can use the medallion to check out your account status in the sect."

Yuan nodded, and Mei said, "Stay here today and rest. Tomorrow someone will come and guide you to the Houhui sect and show you around."

After informing Yuan about other general things regarding his accommodations, Mei left.

Yuan sat on his bed. He looked around and saw that it was very quiet. He closed his eyes and returned to consciousness. He was curious about the golden mist in his mind that could speak.

Seeing Yuan return to conscious space, the golden mist danced and started flowing around him.

Yuan spoke, " Are you there?"

He heard the voice again, " Yes."

Yuan, " How did you end up in my conscious space?"

The voice spoke, " When you received the legacy from your ancestors. I am the ability that was granted to you."

Yuan spoke, " How can you be an ability? When you are able to talk to me?"

The voice spoke: "Robert, this is the world of arcanorians and immortals. This is not your past life. Anything is possible here."

Yuan felt like he had been struck by thunder; someone actually knew his secret that he thought no one knew. The voice continued, "If a CEO from your world can be transported and reborn in a new world, why can't an ability have consciousness?" Yuan's heart raced as he processed the meaning of these words.

He had been too close-minded thinking from the perspective of past Robert. That was the wrong way to think as the voice had spoken, this was the world of arcanorians and immortals He realised that the rules of this new world were different and that he needed to adjust his thinking accordingly. As he contemplated this world, he began to wonder what other surprises this world had in store for him and whether he was ready to face them. He knew that he had a lot to learn and that he needed to keep an open mind if he wanted to succeed in this new environment.

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