Arcane: Champion Witness System

"Oh! So you're asking who I am?" "That's a good question, my friend!" He stood before her, spat out the yellow sand from his mouth, raised both hands shoulder-high, and proudly proclaimed, "I am a big shot in Zaun's Undercity, the ninth councilor of Piltover. I am the honored hero of Bilgewater." "What have I done?" "I once set fire to the Petricite Grove in Demacia and competed in height with the Yordles in Bandle City." "..." Standing in front of her, he spoke confidently. "And now, I've encountered you in the swirling sands of Shurima." "Alright, lady, I've said my piece. Could you please put away your weapon now?" ////This is a translation, I do not own this story or any character in it. The original author is [子梓木] ZiXingMu and the link to this book is https://www.69shuba.com/book/39724.htm Gonna update 1 or 2 chapters a day cuz I got another book I'm translating.////

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Important! Please Read!

Hey there, translater here. Looks like we're here at 100th chapter. So I'm gonna give you some good news and bad news.

Bad news first, the original author had most likely dropped this book. 

Yes, I know it's BAD news, trust me I'm just as pissed. Cuz judge by the comments in the Chinese community, the author just vanished, didn't left a word, didn't say anything, just suddenly stopped updating. The last update is like 6 months ago. 

Well here's the good news. Before he mysterious vanished, he did updated to about 500 chapters with contain 4 arcs and the barely written 5th arc. Personally I just treated the 4th arc as the ending. At that point the book quality is getting more and more worse and it felt like another person is writing it. Maybe it's because the author noticed it and just decided to stop. 

I will keep translating this book since it's still worth reading until the 3rd arc which will be around like 300-400 chapters. As for the 4th arc, I'm not so sure..

And what's more, since I'm seeing the end of this book, I'm currently analyzing some other remarkable fan fic that I think are pretty damn good. I'll give a few I had in mind.

First of all, Cyberpunk. Chinese fan fic community have dozen of cyberpunk fan fic but almost all have the same route, the mc gets extremely op, makes a giant organization, destroy Arasaka, destroy or control all the AI, and finally world domination... 

There are some good and some bad but it kinda repeat the same route. Then there's this piece, Cyberpunk: Life of a Legend ( my own translation by the way ). 

Not like the other cyberpunk fan fic, mc is not terrifyingly op and got a interesting system. He works in arasaka as a 'corporate dog'. Silently working his way up the corporate ladder while hiding his strength. Use his status and power to help David and Maine's crew. A very interesting story and his ending is unique too and definitely not world domination. Although it's harem and the MC's name is strictly Chinese (well duh). 

Another interesting book I come across is called "I, Uchiha Giyuu, is not disliked". It's basically [ Naruto X Demon Slayer ] fan fic.

To put it short it's Tomioka Giyuu got reincarnated into the world of Naruto after he died and became Sasuke's brother. He found out he got a system that can revive his fallen friends, Shinobu, Rengoku, Muichiro and the others. Interesting concept, amazing writing, some interactions are absolutely amazing. The only problem is that the author updates extremely slow... Like months... He didn't drop it cuz his community is still active and comments keep refreshing. Though some readers, like me, are starting to feel skeptical. 

There's many more like a Pokemon one, Marvel, DC, a combined world of slice of life anime and many others, I will decide on which one to translate after finishing this arcane one. 

And also, I need to tell y'all about my other translation cuz I'm feeling like it's really not getting enough attention. Miracle Summoner, a multi-travelling anime fan fic with FGO as it's main world, current worlds are, Unbreakable machine doll, sword art online, Tokyo Ravens. 

It's quality and writing are top notch cuz the original author write it in a more western way and little to no Chinese joke making it easier for me to translate. And one the best fan fic author, agreed upon by many other chinese readers. He wrote 4 long fan fic all more than 2000 chapters and all his books are always top 10 in the Chinese fan fic community and his second fan fic being top 3. 

So uh....please go check it out, no need to give me power stone, just really wanted someone to read it.