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"Oh! So you're asking who I am?" "That's a good question, my friend!" He stood before her, spat out the yellow sand from his mouth, raised both hands shoulder-high, and proudly proclaimed, "I am a big shot in Zaun's Undercity, the ninth councilor of Piltover. I am the honored hero of Bilgewater." "What have I done?" "I once set fire to the Petricite Grove in Demacia and competed in height with the Yordles in Bandle City." "..." Standing in front of her, he spoke confidently. "And now, I've encountered you in the swirling sands of Shurima." "Alright, lady, I've said my piece. Could you please put away your weapon now?" ////This is a translation, I do not own this story or any character in it. The original author is [子梓木] ZiXingMu and the link to this book is https://www.69shuba.com/book/39724.htm Gonna update 1 or 2 chapters a day cuz I got another book I'm translating.////

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-297- Superpowers

"Lulu headbutt!"

The little witch shouted gleefully and turned into a purple shadow, rushing towards Linwin.

But Linwin just instinctively reached out his hand, gently reaching out, and the next moment, the little flying superhero rushing towards Linwin at super speed was forced to stop.

With one hand holding the Hextech rocket belt and the other holding Lulu.

Linwin looked helplessly at Lulu hanging from his left hand, pinching the back collar of the little witch's robe with his index finger and thumb, causing Lulu to pout and stick out her tongue. She had flew too fast, so suddenly stopping naturally choked her neck.

This also made Lulu feel a bit dizzy.

After stopping, the excitement faded away, and being choked on the neck, the next feeling was intense discomfort and dizziness.

Lulu even felt like she was going to throw up!

"I can't see, I feel sick....."

The little witch's eyes were twinkling, and Linwin lifted his hand, bringing her in front of him.

Looking at Lulu, who was coughing and laughing, Linwin said, "Who taught you to do this?"

"I didn't provoke you, did I? Why are you trying to crash into me?"

But the little witch completely ignored Linwin. Instead, she covered her mouth with both hands, her cheeks bulging, as if she was about to throw up.

Linwin immediately planned to put Lulu down.

After all, he didn't think Lulu could vomit rainbows.

But as soon as Pix flashed, Linwin saw a strange light appear on Lulu's body.

Then, Lulu looked up in amazement and exclaimed to Linwin with excitement:

"Oh, I'm all better now."

"Tell me, who taught you?" Better? If she's better now..... Linwin raised his hand again.

Lulu blinked her big eyes, puzzled. "What are you talking about?"

"I mean, who taught you to do reckless things like that?" Linwin repeated helplessly. If he didn't do this, Lulu wouldn't understand.

Because she really could be that stupid!

She's the Yordle who can argue with a dog on the street.

"Who taught me?" The little witch said again, then raised her head on Linwin's hand, rolled her eyes, and rolled out a super big white eye.

The style of Yordles is completely different from that of normal people, and Lulu is one of the best among the Yordles. This always smiling and happy little witch is more cheerful than other Yordles, and her eyes are even bigger than those of other Yordles.

Wait a minute, come to think of it, among the Yordles, it seems that only Teemo squints his eyes? That guy always looks like he deserves a beating.

With Lulu's big eyes rolling, it's not so much, but Linwin feels thoroughly despised.

But in fact, Lulu seemed to be just thinking about who taught her, and also seemed to be thinking about the names of those people.

Then, Lulu clapped her hands hard, and Pix also flew to her little master's side with her hands on her hips, setting the atmosphere for LuLu.

Linwin only heard Lulu saying again with a smile:

"Powder did it all the time, I learned it from her."

Lulu waved her short little hand with a smile.

"Now I know why she does it!"

As she spoke, her naughty little feet kept kicking, and one bare foot even kicked Linwin's chest.


Linwin sighed and didn't doubt what Lulu said, because this was really something Powder could do.

In front of Linwin, she rarely restrained herself, let alone in front of others.

Probably only in front of Vi, Vander, and old Zoran, Powder would restrain herself a bit.

But logically speaking, Powder likes these small Yordles very much because they all look very cute.

Guess the AD and support get along too well....

Linwin carried the little witch and thought to himself silently.

Lulu is really mischievous. She's even more mischievous than the story describes. Although she's cute, she often does naughty things.

You know, when the two tribes clashed in Freljord, Lulu played pranks by turning people's weapons into flowers, turning a fierce battle into a farce.

She's a headache even for Zed , because Lulu thinks Zed and the members of the Order of the Shadows are too serious! Seriousness is not good, it's bad for health!

So Lulu wants to make them happy.

As for how Lulu wants to make Zed happy, well, it's basically to make the members of the Order ridiculous, right?

And now the little culprit who did these things in the story have now come to the Twin Cities.

Now, no one knows how many people are avoiding Lulu in the university.

In the cafeteria, because someone bumped into her, she used magic to turn living people into jumping little frogs, and she also turned a roadside dog into the size of a house as a prank.

She's really naughty lately...

But most people can't do anything to her because they might not be able to beat her!

"Thank goodness, you finally stopped!"

Heimerdinger trotted to the edge of the table, blowing his beard and looking at Lulu, saying loudly, "Lulu, I've told you many times not to touch my things."

"Have you?"

Lulu turned her head to look at Heimerdinger, saying in confusion, "I forgot."

Heimerdinger paused, "You just did!"

But then he sighed, and immediately said, "Forget it, forget it, I'm used to it now."

Faced with Lulu's answer like this, the professor just blew his beard and accepted this loss.

Then, he looked at Linwin. "Linwin, did you come to see me for something?"

"No, Professor, I came specifically to see Lulu."

Linwin raised his eyebrows and said as he held the little witch in his hands.

"Uh, what do you want with her?"

"You're looking for me? Linwin, do you want to play with me?"

"I need your help with something." Linwin lifted Lulu high and said face to face.

"I'll help! Tell me, I'll definitely help you."

Lulu immediately said with joy.

Someone actually came to Lulu for help!

Heimerdinger looked at Linwin on the side, then looked at the joyful Lulu, wanting to say something, but opened his mouth and couldn't say anything.

He just stood there awkwardly, rubbing his small hands.

If Lulu doesn't cause trouble, that fine. But what can she help with?

And hearing Lulu's words, Linwin immediately put Lulu down on the table, and Lulu and Heimerdinger stood together.

This time, the two Yordles standing on the table are taller than Linwin.

Taking out a Hextech gemstone, Linwin said to Lulu:

"I want you to enhance the magical energy in this gemstone."

"What a beautiful big stone!" Taking the Hextech gemstone with both hands, Lulu held it and examined it for a while, then looked back at Linwin, asking in a dazed manner, "Enhance its magical energy? How do I do that?"

Looking at the dark little fairy beside him, Linwin said to Lulu, "With your abilities, Lulu, as long as you want, you can change many things."

"My abilities?"

Lulu looked at Linwin strangely, then she understood!

"Oh, you mean dreaming?" Lulu said to Linwin.

Heimerdinger turned to look at Lulu, wanting to pat her on the shoulder.

"Dreaming? Yes, it's dreaming." Linwin immediately replied.

Dreaming? No, it's creative thinking.

"Got it. What do you want it to become?" Holding the gemstone, Lulu turned to look at Linwin and asked.

"Make it more magical and smaller."

Linwin looked expectantly at the little witch holding the Hextech gemstone.

Different from the speechless expression on Heimerdinger's face, Linwin was genuinely excited.

Lulu's abilities are terrifying. To put it positively, Lulu's abilities can be described as a miracle, but to put it negatively, Lulu's abilities are like disasters.

As long as Lulu wants, she can reshape anything in the world of Runeterra, change things in the material realm that she finds troublesome, and she can change anything! For example, if Lulu thinks the iron in front of her is soft, then she can turn a pile of hard iron into something as soft as cotton.

Just like what she did in Freljord, she thought that the people fighting on both sides were holding flowers in their hands, so their weapons would instantly turn into fragrant flowers.

Creative thinking, unrestricted imagination!

If the person who gains this ability is not Lulu, but an evil mage, then the continent of Runeterra will definitely be threatened.

Lulu's wild magic is capable of reshaping the world, and this is something even the demigods cannot do.

Ornn can smash the earth with one hammer and turn it into a strait.

Ornn can change the terrain of Freljord, he can create the miraculous Howling Abyss, and he can create many magical artifacts.

But can Ornn turn a stone into grass? Can Ornn turn humans into animals? Can Ornn make a straight road suddenly twist or even reverse?

Ornn cannot, none of the demigods can do such things.

But Lulu can.

Fire is fire, fire is hot, ice is cold.

But as long as Lulu wants, she can change the rules of the material realm. If she wants fire to be cold, fire can be cold; if she wants ice to be hot, ice can be hot.

So if this magic were to be wielded by someone with evil intentions and released on a large scale, it would definitely result in countless deaths.

But this powerful ability is being used by Lulu for mischief.

However, it is precisely because of Lulu's innocence that Pix has recognized her.

It's what allowed the "Fairyland" to accept Lulu and teach her this magic.

At this moment, after listening to Linwin's words, Lulu vigorously nodded her head:

Blinking her eyes, Lulu picked up the Hextech gemstone and said:

"No problem, leave it to me!"

With both hands holding the Hextech gemstone, Lulu let out a cheerful laughter.

A purple light emitted from Pix.

The Hextech gemstone held by Lulu also emitted light.

"Big Nose Dewdrop!"

"Hurry up and shrink, hurry up and shrink!"

The little witch lowered her head as if staring at the Hextech gemstone, and with her cheerful murmurs, Linwin saw with his own eyes that the Hextech gemstone, which was originally the size of Linwin's fist and needed both hands to hold, was constantly shrinking.

A purple light covered the Hextech gemstone, and on the ground, the spiral wooden staff that Lulu had previously placed on the ground suddenly flew into the air by itself.

Linwin instinctively felt a white light in front of him, as if space had torn apart. When he blinked and regained his clarity, what he saw was Lulu, holding the gemstone and jumping around as if presenting a treasure.

"It's a success, it's a success."

"Quick, look, is this the beautiful little stone you wanted?"

Lulu presented the stone to Linwin as if offering a treasure.

Linwin took the Hextech gemstone, which was only the size of his thumb, and squinted at it.

The data on the panel told Linwin that Lulu had indeed achieved it.

This Hextech gemstone, which was ten times smaller than before, contained even more magical energy than before.

It can be seen that it has upgraded from a three-star item to a four-star item.

"Lulu shrank it, and then, Linwin, what's the use of this?"

Heimerdinger asked beside him, puzzled.

Linwin handed the Hextech gemstone to Heimerdinger and said, "Professor, take a look for yourself. After seeing it, you'll understand."

Heimerdinger took the gemstone and looked it over.

"It's just become more rounded, like a small marble."

Heimerdinger said.

"Professor, take another look."

Yordles are naturally magical beings, so these little guys are greatly loved by Runeterra, so Heimerdinger can see it.

After listening to Linwin's words, Heimerdinger looked again at the marble-like Hextech gemstone.




"Linwin, what's the deal with the magic of this gemstone?" Heimerdinger raised his head in surprise, holding up the Hextech gemstone and asking Linwin.

"Its energy is several times that of other Hextech gemstones!"

Heimerdinger exclaimed as he looked at Linwin.

Hextech gemstones are mass-produced, and the energy stored inside them is generally consistent.

"Didn't you just hear my conversation with Lulu?" Linwin patted Lulu's little head, smiling.

Being patted by Linwin, Lulu closed her eyes in extreme enjoyment.

"Pat me more."

The little purple person pointed to her own head.

"How did you do this?"

Heimerdinger looked at Lulu.

He had no idea that Lulu could increase the energy of Hextech magic gemstones.

He only knew that Lulu could turn people into frogs, squirrels, and various cute little animals.

"Professor, I came to find Lulu for this."

Linwin picked up Lulu and said to Heimerdinger, "Lulu can help Zevi create things that don't exist, as long as Zevi can make Lulu understand what she's saying."

"I still can't understand," Heimerdinger said dumbfoundedly.

"Simply put, Professor, Lulu is a Yordle with amazing superpowers."

"Lulu has superpowers?" Lulu stretched out her arms and hugged Linwin, looking at Linwin's face.

And before Linwin could reply, Lulu immediately nodded vigorously and said, "Yes, yes, yes, what Linwin said is right."

"Lulu is a Yordle with superpowers!"

Linwin immediately smiled and continued:

"So, powerful Yordle with superpowers, are you willing to help us ordinary humans?"

Upon hearing Linwin's words, Lulu giggled and nodded vigorously.

"Leave it all to me!"

"Then let's go now, Lulu, Zevi and Viktor need you right now."

"No problem."

Heimerdinger watched as Linwin walked out of the door carrying Lulu, and then looked at Pix, who was struggling to carry Lulu's staff, unable to imagine how the fist-sized pixie could lift the staff as tall as Lulu.

"Why does it feel like...."

"Lulu is being deceived by Linwin?"

Heimerdinger whispered in the room.


"Dear god, who will help me tidy up the lab!"