Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy

Faced with a certain death, Kyle has no other choice but to gamble. He was warned that he could perish in the Arcane Academy, but he gritted his teeth and took the risk... and because of his decision, he unveiled many secrets about this mysterious world, discovered many mystical practices, touched upon forbidden relics that would change his life, and gained the enmity of powerful existences. Thankfully, he didn't transmigrate alone. The Divine Extraction System was with him as he treaded his chosen Arcane Path… *** 14-17 chapters per week. Early chapters are now being edited for quality purposes. Please bear with me.

xlntz · Fantasy
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845 Chs

New Companion

The journey of the two Time Manipulators continued.

In the town of Silverbrook, they stayed at the Rusty Griffin Inn. The innkeeper, a stout woman named Hilda, eyed their cloaks.

"You're not from around here…" She said while looking Fox… Needless to say, she was also an undercover agent of the Arcane Bureau and the two agents wanted to make a report here about the suspicious thrall they'd seen.

Of course, that would be done away from the prying eyes of the two clients they have.

"Yes… We're travelers." Fox replied. "And we just need a good night's sleep."

Hilda nodded, her eyes looked shrewd as she looked at Jin.

"We only have two rooms available… Just share with each other."

"We're fine with that…" Axe replied that he wanted to make his report already. After making their payment, Fox informed Jin and Giorgi that they would just buy a few things they needed.