228 Multiple Upgrades


Vale felt extremely tired as he sat on the bed. He rented a room to sleep for the rest of the night for three zen and ten nolls which was quite expensive. However, he didn't bother negotiating as he needed a place to stay to look normal.

Of course, he didn't come here to rest…

He immediately checked his attribute panel to check what he got when he extracted the zombie, the Summoner, and the necromancer.

[ Name: Kyle Marshall ]

[ Attributes: Strength 41.52, Agility 39.80, Intelligence 58.05, Vitality 45.20 ]

[ Dark Arts: Spell Dispersion Lv4, Ghost Hand Lv7, Incorruptible Body Lv7, Darkness Manipulation Lv2, Spirit Vision Lv0, Light Absorption Lv3, Create Shadow Soldier Lv0, Cursed Breath Lv0 ]

[ Holy Arts: Divine Sense Lv1, Blessed Healing Lv0 ]

[ Celestial Arts: Call of the Divine Lightning Lv0, Shadow Mutilation Lv0 ]

[ Summoning Art: Grimoire Attraction Lv0 ]


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