Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy

Faced with a certain death, Kyle has no other choice but to gamble. He was warned that he could perish in the Arcane Academy, but he gritted his teeth and took the risk... and because of his decision, he unveiled many secrets about this mysterious world, discovered many mystical practices, touched upon forbidden relics that would change his life, and gained the enmity of powerful existences. Thankfully, he didn't transmigrate alone. The Divine Extraction System was with him as he treaded his chosen Arcane Path… *** 14-17 chapters per week. Early chapters are now being edited for quality purposes. Please bear with me.

xlntz · Fantasy
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816 Chs

A Challenge

"Wrath, your perception is as formidable as the legends say. I come at the behest of our Demon Lord..." Kyle said.

As he spoke, a subtle aura of Corrupted Divinity radiated from him, the final touch to his elaborate masquerade.

The Corrupted Divinity that he showed wasn't too weak or too strong… It was simply enough to remove any possible suspicions of the Deadly Sin.

Well, with his appearance, now infused with demonic essence and corrupted divinity, Kyle believed that his transformation was flawless, even under the scrutinous gaze of Wrath.

"A Demon Saint, is it? You're not among the elite or single-digit Demon Saints that I recognize. A new recruit, then? Ahh… Right… Many of your kind have fallen to the Shadow Immortal…" Wrath remarked casually while turning away with disinterest.

Kyle wryly smiled after hearing this since the Shadow Immortal that the Deadly Sin was talking about was standing in front of him.