3 Chapter 3 - Negotiation 

"We are very interested in your inventions, but you should know the impact that they will have. our design could overturn Piltover's current industrial system that relies on the hex crystal energy."

Cassandra has no doubts that these are Lilin's designs, nor is she worried about the legitimacy.

She managed all of Kiramman clan's craftsmen before she became a member of Piltover's ruling council, so she could naturally see the feasibility of Lilin's peculiar ideas.

If these drawings were designed by him, then the Kiramman family would be able to recruit a genius inventor who could rival Jayce.

If these blueprints were stolen by Lilin from a certain clan, he would ultimately reveal his incompetency in his subsequent inventions. At that time, the Kirammans merely need to contact the Piltover Enforcers to arrest him. The Kiramman family have nothing to lose, but all the more to gain; including new technologies that can open up a new era in Piltover.

In Lilin's perspective. The Kiramman family has a good reputation, and is unlikely to steal his design in short-sightedness.

Moreover, even if Lilin mistrusts the Kiramman family and the design drawings were taken from him maliciously, he still has his mechanics system, which contains so many technologies from Earth that Runeterra does not have. It would just be a matter of coming up with more inventions, a cheaper price to pay to distinguish an enemy.

Analysing the cost-benefit , the two sides negotiate the patents.

"We will supply you with all you need, your job is to make prototypes, then perfect them as much as possible to ensure that they can be used as consumer products.

"You have nothing else worry about. The Kiramman clan will not covet your patent ownership, but the name of the Kiramman clan must associated with you inventions. Can you accept these terms?"

Lilin nodded, realizing that Cassandra was merely making a symbolic gesture, and it doesn't really matter whether he agrees or not, "Of course, there's no problem."

"Very well, then let's talk about the patent profits and royalties, your drawings please."

Cassandra has negotiated many student sponsorship contracts and prefers to be in control of the Kiramman family's sponsor investments.

"Let us discuss the first drawing... The bicycle, um, has a very strange name. It is powered by pedals to turn gears and chains, and the design is very novel..."

Cassandra paused, and Lilin knew it was time to bargain for his inventions.

"But you also know that Piltover already has vehicles like the hex scooters. Compared to them, your bike have no significant advantage, and the young nobles and daughters of houses are unlikely to be interested in..."

"You have made a mistake, madam." Lilin retorted.

The brows of the Kirammans wrinkled slightly.

"First of all, although my bicycle can't compare to hex vehicles in terms of speed and distance, it does not require hex crystals as a power source, and its structure is simple. But have you ever thought about the cost?"

Both Cassandra and Tobias were stunned for a moment, showing expressions of thought.

Lilin paused for a moment, the corner of his mouth raised, "Besides, who said my bike was designed for the nobles?"

"Not designed for the nobles... Wait!" Tobias suddenly understood, his eyes lit up, "Do you designed these… bicycles for the commoners?"

"Yes, the original intention of my design of bicycles is for the sake of proletariats, not only can they be used as means of transportation in daily life, but also can be used to travel and exercise at the same time.

"The cost of bicycles is cheap. I think the low-end market should be the target. The price does not need to be too expensive, with small profits, so that working people can afford it. I believe it will definitely become a popular item."

Lilin spoke out the advantages and merchandising of bicycles without reservation, and even if Cassandra tried to devalue of the invention, she at a loss for words.

"I think this kind of idea is great, dear, other houses give little attention to common people. If we go from this angle, those Antoines can get a taste of..."

My foolish Tobias, why are you talking for the opposition in a negotiation!?

Thought Cassandra, as she glared at her husband, but what Tobias and Lilin said was very reasonable, and she couldn't refute it. She felt a little discouraged and could only compromise: "Name your price young man."

However, to her surprise, Lilin didn't push the envelope, he raised three fingers, "Thirty percent, I want thirty percent of the sales profits."

Piltover is an independent parliamentary city-state, many consider it to be a small country within itself.

As a trading port connecting the east and west waterways of Runeterra, the things produced in Piltover are not only sold locally but exported to all regions of the world.

In other words, the wealth from the invention of the bicycle is already enough for Lilin to spend his whole life, and he can even join the upper class of Piltover on this invention alone.

But he gave up the opportunity to ask for more?

Cassandra couldn't understand.

Before she could ask why, Lilin immediately continued: "But I have conditions."

"Do tell." Cassandra sat up straight.

"First, I want to try to invent more things in the future, no matter how incomprehensible these things are, or even if you think it is impossible to succeed at all, you have to support me unconditionally."

Impress by his ambitions Cassandra wondered, "How many more cards do you have up your sleeve young man?"

Cassandra only felt that she was unable to see through this Ionian boy shrouded in mystery.

"I agree, the premise is that the interests of the family cannot be affected... What else?"

"Second, I can share some of the core technologies of the future invention, but all of the precarious technologies must be under my control, and you must not force me to hand them over."

"Precarious technology..." Cassandra almost lost her composure, "What danger will your inventions entail? If it violates the laws of Piltover and affects the safety of the city and the citizens, we will not allow …"

Cassandra was halted by her husband, and her voice stopped abruptly.

Although she didn't finish speaking, Lilin knew what she was referring to.

Camille, of Clan Ferros, the shadow dictator of Piltover...

But when that time comes, he should have established himself enough to be unafraid of the infamous steel shadow.

Lilin comforted himself a little in his heart and explained, "Well... it's hard to say at the moment, but you can rest assured that there will be no problem."

"... You have my word, what else?"

"Finally, I hope that some of the advanced invention patents to account for more, such as generators..."

"Of course, I will ask for a lower margin for the simple inventions, and 10% to 30% will be enough. How about it?"


At this point in the negotiation, Cassandra felt a little numb. She wondered if Lilin was just a maniac or a genius.

She glanced at Lilin's eyes wordlessly, but apart from confidence, she saw nothing.

Forget it, let's take a gamble, it's not a loss anyway.

Cassandra sighed silently, "Alright, you may designate a portion of the inventions, to have 50% of the patent profits."

"Thank you madam." A bright smile appeared on Lilin's face.

Then he and the Kirammans got up.

As Lilin's dark brown eyes and Cassandra's blue pupils stared at each other, they reached out, shook hands and smiled.

"May the gears turn!"

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