34 Ch 34 : Short trip

"Spider-type Arcane Card normally has a vicious nature. Even if they are Arcane Card, you need to keep allowing them to hunt and kill prey so as for them not to lose their viciousness. Only then will it be able to unleash its full capabilities in battle."

Professor Muna gave his lecture about the types of Arcane Card.

In this research group, the thing they would learn was a way to evolve Arcane Card, but how would they be able to learn to evolve Arcane Card if they didn't even have the basic knowledge about Arcane Card?

And that's why we are here, stuck in the boring lecture of Arcane Card.

Cade, who was sitting behind Alice was playing around with his pencils, spinning them around and not paying attention.

But all of a sudden:

" Mr. Cade, could you please tell us the basic information about the monster in the picture?"

Professor Muna said as he pointed at the monitor, obviously dissatisfied with Cade's gesture.

A critical piece of information, in this world, the profession of Arcane Card researcher was considered an important figure as it could either help an Arcane Card to learn moves, breakthroughs, or even evolve.

And Professor Muna was a leading figure in that professor. Therefore, being ignored by Cade, he decided to teach Cade a lesson.

Yet, Professor Muna was playing with the wrong guy this time.

" Hmm… it is a pretty rare water-type Arcane Card in the family of Oak Fish. Based on its characteristics, this Arcane Card excels in crowd control and detecting enemies, while it has a disadvantage against Lightning type…."

For the next few minutes, Cade didn't stop talking about the characteristic of the Oak Fish, which made everyone's eyes sparkle in a daze when they saw him.

But one thing they didn't know, Cade actually didn't know anything about the so-called Oak Fish and just replicated what Grigory said in his mind.

' Gyahahahahah, so shameless! But I like your shamelessness. However, why are you suddenly trying to get into the limelight?'

Grigory asked, but Cade didn't respond.

After all, the reason was pretty much obvious.

His reason for staying low was because he thought it could get him away from danger, but later, he knew from Grigory that the world would be destroyed in a few years. Therefore, every minute counted and Cade needed to get strong as possible.

And as of now, what he lacked the most was resources, and he hoped to get some resources by being in the limelight.

For the next half hour of class, Professor Muna kept asking questions to Cade, to which Cade responded perfectly.

It was so perfect that Isabel's eyes now began to have an obsession with Cade, and her face had a smugness all over it as she was the one that endorsed recruiting Cade.

The class soon was over; Professor Muna said his goodbye as he didn't feel like he wanted to be there anymore. And as for Isabel, she quickly said goodbye as she needed to report this to the Higher-ups.

The room had been left by the two instructors, and Cade was also ready to go.

But then, a group of girls came to his desk and surrounded him.

" Cade… Can we ask you some questions?"

But just before they could say anything, a big cough sounded and took all their attention.

" *Cough* Sorry, but this guy.. he already had a prior commitment to me."

Cade: "Damn…"

The girl's quarrel ended up about ten or twenty minutes later.

In the end, Luna was able to chase away the girls.

Although the university always said that status was not important and everyone was equal here, obviously, no one wanted to offend Luna's father.

Cade was about to leave secretly, but when he saw Luna approaching, he stopped.



Cade responded, but he really didn't know what to say.

Previously he had decided to hide from Luna because he didn't want to get attention. But now, he had changed his mindset. This meeting was somewhat inevitable.

"You forgot this."

Luna handed Cade a paper he had left behind.

This wasn't an event that was written in the game, so Cade was really speechless about what to do.

And rather, a lot of confusion began to spread in his mind.

Luna was supposed to be with the protagonist Aurum at this time, so why..

But before Cade could say anything, the next development had truly surprised him.

After handing the paper, Luna just stood there for a while, before saying her goodbye.

" Well, that's all from me. Cade, you should not be that careless!"

Luna reprimanded, but just after saying those words, she proceeded to leave, leaving Cade dumbfounded by what had just happened here.

But unknown to him, right after Luna left the room, she actually ran with blush all over her face.

' Damn.. Luna, what are you doing! You are supposed to ask him why he hid from you, so why is my heart beating so fast… Ahhhh! I really don't know about it anymore, damn you, Cade!'

Cade: "Nani!!???"

. . . . . . . .

Time flew, and a few days quickly passed.

While Cade had a bit of remorse that his plan to impress Alice-Senpai had failed, and rather now he got Luna watching him, chances had finally come to him.

Sitting in his room, Cade excitedly looked at the flyer that was in his hand.

[ Arcane card Evolution Research Group announcement.]

—There will be a short trip on Sunday to let the new students learn more about Arcane Card research.

The short trip was today.

After stuffing his stuff in the bag, Cade walked to the meeting place.

It was a lie if he wasn't excited. After all, this would be his first big event in which the protagonist and his group would be directly involved.

Many of the protagonist groups, Aurum, Luna, Eva, and even Alice, were already present.

They were dressed in their everyday clothes and were just waiting for the trip to start.

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