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Apricity | jung jaehyun


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The cold breeze left me aching for warmth from inside, I hugged myself, as each second passed by... I could see the nearing end but no I was not yet to leave. I stared past what was visible, the sun sheered it's absence over my cold body temperature. The lake rippled as the cold air swept through the surface, so sensitive at mere touch of air- that it shuddered from it- but still not freezing. Vulnerable is what I was feeling, dishearten was what I was, stupid was what I was made to feel. A spark of hope shined as I saw the sun creeping out ,just so slowly to test my patience, the brightness of it blinded me for a minute. I felt warm air nuzzling my naked skin, I shuddered from it but this time the warmth settled down. As the sun showed itself, a wave of hope joltted in me. Maybe I'll be saved......maybe "Shh..... Do not make a sound" I cry out internally, my body shouted for help. Legs tied with a rope, bare skin with nothing to wear but a cold air filling the dark dungeon. The dungeon that was once a canvas of my favorites, with the color to the furniture now it reeked of profanity. The dry ice below my body numbed my limbs. At almost loosing my consciousness I was drenched in cold water with a force that I fell off the dry ice. "Oh my goodness, baby?" He walked up to me and untied the rope that were too tight for him to open. " Are you alright?! Oh my- look at you... you-" His face contorted , his eyes looked almost...almost sad. "Go clean up yourself , we're going on a date" he smiled , that smile was what I fell for.


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