1 180 Days Before the Apocalypse

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On a distant planet, starlight flashed and a meteor fell.


Li Yu woke up from his sleep and habitually held the short knife in front of his chest tightly.

However, he realized that he was holding an iPad with a movie playing on it.

"Bang!" The sound of a gunshot made Li Yu jump up from the sofa instantly. He looked around nervously and listened to the source of the gunshot.

Another gunshot drew Li Yu's attention to the iPad that he had just gotten up and slid onto the carpet. The sound came from the iPad.

"Where is this?" Li Yu was a little confused. He clearly remembered that he was in the basement of an abandoned house.

He looked around. The room was bright, wood-colored, and clean. Li Yu was a little dazed.

'Isn't that the house I rented in M City before?'

Li Yu picked up the iPad excitedly and saw that it was still May 2022.

He estimated that there were still six months before the apocalypse.



'Am I reborn? I returned from 2027 to five years ago.'

In the apocalypse, Li Yu had fantasized more than once that if he was given another chance, he would definitely not choose to stay in M City.

Every time he thought of his family who could not return to their hometown in time because of a moment of carelessness, he would blame himself more than once and cry countless times late at night.

Without the support of his family, Li Yu spent every day in the apocalypse like a zombie.

At the thought of this, Li Yu's eyes reddened. He clenched his fists and thought to himself, 'I must make up for my regrets this time.'

Back then, for various reasons, he did not return home in time before the apocalypse erupted.

When the apocalypse arrived, he saw that it was an extremely terrifying era.

That was an era that could really starve many people to death.

It was a truly chaotic era.

It was an era where a piece of bread could be exchanged for a human life.

After the real apocalypse arrived, the city was not in chaos in the first few months. However, with the continuous expansion of the zombies and the continuous consumption of resources, it finally fell into complete chaos.

Li Yu looked at the time on his iPad. It was still early, but he had to buy a ticket as soon as possible.

At the thought of this, Li Yu shook his head and immediately opened the ticket purchase software. However, he realized that it was still very difficult to snatch tickets.

Through the scalper, he finally managed to get a train ticket that set off at 23:00.

Without wasting any time, Li Yu packed his luggage. As he had just graduated a year ago, he did not have much stuff.

Soon, Li Yu packed up his things.

Seeing the ingredients in the fridge, Li Yu gulped.

It had been five years. Could anyone imagine how Li Yu managed to survive these five years?

After spending two hours, Li Yu extravagantly made all the ingredients in the fridge into delicacies.

He looked at the seven dishes on the table: braised pork, stir-fried chives with eggs, stir-fried meat with garlic, braised chicken, stir-fried spinach, boiled eggplant, and spicy shredded potatoes.

Looking at the delicacies in front of him, Li Yu smiled bitterly. His culinary skills weren't bad, but after the apocalypse, he didn't have a chance to show off.

Li Yu quickly finished the food in front of him.

He patted his stomach and took out a cigarette from his pocket. He sniffed it greedily and took a deep breath.

This was life!

In all these years, this was the best meal he had ever eaten.

How blissful.

He looked at the time. It was 18:00.

'There's not much time left. I have to set off early,' Li Yu thought.

He should call his family first.

At this thought, Li Yu opened his contact list.

When he saw the familiar number on his contact list, his throat felt a little dry. It had been five years.

His hand was trembling as he dialed a number.

"Hello, Mom…" Li Yu said with a choked voice.

Liu Fanghua seemed to have heard her son's choked voice and said, "Yu, how are you doing over there? Do you not have enough money? I heard that your situation is much better last time."

"I'm fine… I miss you guys a little. I want to come back," Li Yu said.

After a moment of silence…

Liu Fanghua sighed and said with a little joy and worry, "I told you not to go so far to attend university and work. Your father and I don't expect you to earn much money. We just hope that you can live happily!"

"We're all worried about you. Come back."

"Also, remember to bring something good when you come back. Don't lose your belongings. Identity card, charger, you have to check it before you leave. Also, get a refund for your rental…"

Hearing his mother's familiar yet unfamiliar nagging, Li Yu didn't feel annoyed like he did in his previous life. Instead, he listened quietly and felt a sense of happiness in his heart.

Liu Fanghua talked for a while and realized that Li Yu didn't hang up the phone impatiently like before.

She asked curiously, "Yu, are you still listening?"

"I'm listening. I know everything. My train leaves at 23:00 tonight. I'll probably arrive tomorrow morning," Li Yu said.

"Be careful…"


He hung up the phone and checked his balance. Other than the 1,200 yuan he spent on the train ticket, he had less than 40,000 yuan left.

Li Yu immediately made a call to the company's leader.

His company was not big and only had a few people. His leader was the boss of the company.

Li Yu's words were concise. He directly said that he wanted to resign.

The head of the company was a woman who was going through menopause and had a lot of work to do.

Upon hearing Li Yu's resignation, she immediately flared up at him. "Quit? Don't you want your salary anymore? Have you done the job I asked you to do this morning?"


Even after a round of bombardment, Li Yu was very calm. His salary was supposed to be paid on the 20th of every month. The smaller the company, the more disgusting it was.

Li Yu ignored this woman who was going through menopause. However, when he heard this gossipy woman start to say some indecent words…

He hit the nail on the head and said, "I know that you've hooked up with Little Han in our company. If you don't give me my salary, I'll tell CEO Sun."

CEO Sun was the husband of this woman who was going through menopause. The two of them started this company together, but they did not expect that the relationship between the employees of the company was even more complicated.

The menopausal woman instantly stopped, like a duck whose throat had been grabbed, unable to speak.

After a while, the menopausal woman said gently, "Uh… Little Li, don't be rash. You're saying that you're going to resign, right? What are your plans?"

"There's no need to test me. I want to go back to my hometown to develop. You don't have to worry. Give me my salary and I'll leave. I'm very tight-lipped," Li Yu said directly, exposing her.

"Mm… Alright, alright. Then you have to keep your word." The menopausal woman's tone carried a hint of uncertainty, but it also felt like she had survived a calamity.

"Don't worry! Transfer the money! Hurry up! Also, I think you still owe me 40,000 yuan of reimbursement! You didn't pay me the 13th-month salary you mentioned before! You haven't paid for my national insurance for months. This time, you can convert them into cash and give them to me!" Li Yu said in one breath.

Although he could not remember how much he should be reimbursed, it was definitely not that much. However, he remembered clearly that the company had not paid for the insurance for a few months.

"Alright! I'll transfer 100,000 yuan to you. Let's make a deal."

Li Yu did not panic at all when he saw the 100,000 yuan that had been transferred to his bank account.

Although his salary was less than 10,000 yuan and this was sort of a fraud under such circumstances, he was short of money now.

However, Li Yu was not afraid at all. Even if the menopausal woman sued him, he could sue the company for not paying the insurance on time. Moreover, she was the one who said that she would pay 100,000 yuan. Besides, the apocalypse was coming soon.

Who was afraid of who?

The sum of 100,000 yuan was also what he had expected. After all, the company was relatively small and did not have much income during this period. He wanted to avoid a life-and-death struggle. Later on, there would be a lot of trouble and it would affect his preparations before the apocalypse.

100,000 yuan was just right.

Li Yu turned around and made another call to the landlord. The landlord was a good person. According to the contract, there was still a month left. If he left in advance, it would be equivalent to breaching the contract. However, the landlord still refunded Li Yu half a month's rent.

Hence, he added another sentence to warn the landlord to stock up more supplies at home. If anything happened, it would be more stable to have supplies at home.

He did say it, but it didn't matter if the landlord listened or not.

During the five years of the apocalypse, Li Yu's heart was as cold as a fish that had been killed for ten years.

His kindness was only for his family in this life. Other than that, he was unwilling to trust anyone else.


On his way home, Li Yu looked at the scenery outside the window and began to plan.

If he wanted to protect his family before the apocalypse, he had to build a strong base.


Although money was useless in the apocalypse, it was useful now.

Constructing a base and buying supplies required money in all aspects. It was definitely not enough with less than 140,000 yuan in his hands. Even if his family would give him some, what reason could he use?


He definitely couldn't say it. If he did, it would be too tiring to explain. Moreover, if it was leaked, he would be in endless trouble.

After making up his mind, he opened the gambling application.

He skillfully entered a line of numbers: 12 15 20 26 30 33 16.

There was no mistake. It was a string of two-colored ball numbers. This was a string of winning numbers for the two-colored ball lottery on May 28, 2022.

During the apocalypse, Li Yu had dreamed more than once of returning to half a year ago. He had also fantasized about what preparations he would make if he returned to the beginning.

In those dark days, what supported him was being immersed in his own fantasy.

Therefore, he was already fully prepared for his rebirth.

He had even thought of what items to buy.

Where would the base be built?

How to quickly obtain money so that he could have the funds to build a base.

Therefore, he memorized this string of numbers during the apocalypse in his previous life.

Unexpectedly, he had really been reborn half a year before the apocalypse!

After thinking about some messy things again, Li Yu felt a little bloated. He put his bag in front of his chest, facing the aisle. He leaned against the headboard of the sleeper bed and started to sleep.

Many years of habit allowed Li Yu to quickly enter a light sleep state. He was used to relying on sleep because this position allowed him to quickly get up to deal with various unexpected situations.

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