2 Caitlyn

Felix didn't sleep this time for very long, he woke up in the morning and began to familiarize himself with the two energies again for about 2 to 5 minutes.

Then he wore his clothes and bought some fruits from a store one street away of his apartement. Though the fruit in this time wasn't as delicious compared to the latter part of the apocalypse due the many excellent chefs that have risen, also the edible meat and fruit in the apocalypse were already quite delicious as itself.

But still, having fresh fruit is already a blessing when the apocalypse will happen. In the beginning there weren't many edible plants nor edible meat because only a number of selected creatures could be eaten.

But if you found one creature that could be eaten then most of the time you would find a group of it.

When Felix came home he already saw a girl that was 4 years younger than him sitting on his old sofa with her long wavy light brown hair. Felix also saw she looked a bit surprised when she looked around.

''Kate what are you surprised about?'' Asked Felix with his emotions hidden. If he he was invisible then he would already have tears streaming down his cheeks.

''N-nothing, maybe I am a bit surprised on how clean your apartement is compared to previous week'' Said Kate with a genuine surprised tone. When she thought on how this clean room looked one week before then she could say it was a huge difference.

Felix just chuckled as he offered a banana to her that she accepted.

''Ah, thank you''

''No problem, so how was your week?'' This is something he always would say when Kate would visit him. Due that he really wanted to cry out of happiness but maybe due his old body or as a big brother he doesn't want to show his pathetic side to his little sister even if it's peaceful now.

''Same as always, boring stuff, teaching some unnessecary stuff that we later even don't need to know to live'' Said Kate with a bored face.

Felix just chuckled again when he saw her expression. But she was indeed right that what school teaches really didn't matter anymore after 3 months but there are certain subjects that still are useful.

''Then just focus on biology and engineering, especially biology'' Said Felix when he remembered the most useful subjects for the apocalypse. Even there are some other useful ones, his sister probably won't try because she hate the other ones.

And even if he tells an apocalypse will come so that his sister will try her best to learn, she probably would scoff at it and think it is a joke because he told his sister many jokes.

Well, he could show her the 'time flow' is what he named the dark blue flowing river but that would be too exhausting and wasted on just to convince his sister to believe him so he rather indirectly teach his sister some techniques instead using proof that could delay his training.

''Why? Nevermind, I excell at those subjects so you don't have to tell me that'' Said Kate with an even more bored expression indicating him to change the subject or do something else that is fun.

''Then how about a spar?'' Asked Felix, to be honest he forget for a second that his sister always loved fighting. It was a good thing, because of that she easily killed rank 1 creatures without much effort, and about 5 years she really improved a lot but she died because she sacrified her life for him when they were surrounded by greedy bastards.

Maybe it was lucky or not but she died at the end by an accident from a guy who swung his bat. Felix knew they wanted to rape his sister but it didn't happen because she already died by then.

Of course he wasn't an idiot who would be blinded by rage otherwise her sacrifice would be for vain. So he ran and ran without looking back again and swore to take revenge.

A sad look appeared on his face when he thought of the past events but it was quickly replaced with his normal happy to go expression.

''Eh?'' Kate looked dumbfounded at her brother. At first she was already surprised that her lazy brother actually cleaned his apartement alone and now his brother who didn't like moving at all said if she wanted to spar with him?

Before she could respond she saw her brother already at the exit with his car keys saying if she was coming or not.

Kate excitingly stood up and quickly followed her brother.


Felix and Kate arrived at an area where the community wanted to build centre full of shops and other buildings but due some problems that occured it was delayed so nothing was built at the moment making it a perfect place to spar, the terrain was flat, made out of sand and some grass was growing.

The most important point was that it was only a 10 minute ride from Felix's apartement with a car.

Before Felix could say anything, Kate was already warming up in the distance with excited eyes.

Felix just shook his head helplessly and just threw his shirts in the car on the seats.

''Brother don't cry when I kick your ass!'' Kate taunted as she was ready after a few minutes.

Felix said nothing and just smiled.

Kate made the first move as she sprinted towards Felix leaving a cloud of sand behind. She threw two punches that was easily dodged by Felix.

Kate frowned as she didn't expect her lazy brother could dodge her punches. She then threw an another punch, when she saw Felix wanted to catch her punch she immediately retracted her punch and swept her leg that unexpectedly also was dodged by her brother.

Felix grinned as he countered after he dodged Kate's low sweep kick.

Kate then fell on her butt as she got a dazed look on her face.

She lost to her brother, her lazy brother, her brother who never likes fighting and never fought anyone his life, someone who was so lazy that didn't even move a lot except when it was needed...

''You underestimated me'' Said Felix when he saw his sister continued having the dazed expression. Underestimating an opponent in the apocalypse is a grave mistake anyone can make. For example the death king who looked very sickly and think despite having a domineering name.

Many thought it was pure luck he got that title and thought they can steal some valuable stuff from him but were brutally murdered in the end, how? Because they were underestimating the death king due his looks.

The death king could transform in a massive skeleton equiped with black shiny armor that even rank 10 creatures couldn't scratch.

That is why you never can underestimate an opponent by his looks or background.

Kate looked at her brother, he sounded like as if he had experience in it. She gnashed her teeth and despite her pouting, Felix could tell that her eyes were smiling.

''Again!'' Kate sprinted again towards Felix and threw lighter punches with more speed. After they were blocked she high kicked the side of Felix's body.

Felix grabbed the leg of Kate but saw Kate was using his strength to create a foothold and kicked with her other leg at his other side.

He let her leg free and used both arms to block the side kick coming from the other side. Despite training the energy that could strengthnen his body, it wasn't an instant effect thus he needed to use both arms to defend Kate's side kick.

And Kate's body was trained while his not thus creating enough reasons for him to use both arms.

Kate quickly created distance after seeing her other kick was also blocked.

Felix then made his first move as he this time sprinted towards Kate as he also threw several punches that Kate blocked.

Minutes, minutes passed by and the superiority in techniques could clearly be seen but Kate despite being overwhelmed by her brother didn't show any inferiority complex or something similar but she showed a wide smile and excited eyes.

Well eventually Kate was once again lying on the ground on her butt.

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