Apocalypse Meltdown

Author: Twenty-Two Knife Flow
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What is Apocalypse Meltdown

Read ‘Apocalypse Meltdown’ Online for Free, written by the author Twenty-Two Knife Flow, This book is a Sci-fi Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, HAREM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: One day, darkness enshrouded the world. According to the Meltdown theory, Earth’s magnetic field faced a change, and alo...


One day, darkness enshrouded the world. According to the Meltdown theory, Earth’s magnetic field faced a change, and along with it, natural laws changed too. Though some laws related to physics could still be applied, a lot of scientific theories and laws had been overturned, prompting everyone to re-discover their underlying principles. Humanity’s scientific foundation was not the only one which faced changes; the field of genetics had transformed too. One of the biggest disasters brought by the magnetic field’s change was the zombification of more than 80% of the world’s population. After years of struggling, a few lucky survivors would evolve and awaken a hibernating power hidden in them. Chu Han was never that lucky… While holding on against the first wave, humans weren't the only ones getting stronger. Soon, phase-1 zombies evolved into phase-2 then phase-3 and so on. Ten years after the mysterious meltdown, the world dominated by humans changed hands. Zombies were the new overlords, and humanity was facing extinction. One day, Chu Han`s consciousness returned ten years before the end of the worlds. A loud noise awakened him in Minqiu University’s dormitory. With only one day to prepare before the Apocalypse’s outburst, he slowly realized that he had been reincarnated! Chu Han’s sudden reincarnation brought an unexpected power, which he hadn’t in his previous hellish world. To be more precise it wasn’t a power, but a system! The Meltdown System! Despite losing his monstrous strength gained through years of harsh training, Chu Han was confronted as the Meltdown System could grant him talents in exchange for credits, which he could get with every zombie he killed. This is a story about a world on the edge of ruins, the Meltdown System, and Chu Han, trying his best to save the people he could not save before.

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Onmyo was your average male humanoid, or that’s what everyone thought, but in his own mind he knew he was not like everyone else. People around him clearly felt everything from love to hate. But Onmyo didn’t know why, but he always didn’t feel much of everything. Don’t get the mc wrong, he wasn't some sick psycho, but instead he just felt a toned down enough version of emotions to just not even show it on his face. He also had a version of memory loss where he can barely remember anything. The most he remembers from his childhood even is just random quick snip its of his memory’s. If you were to combine them all it wouldn’t even take a totally of 1 hour to replay all of them unless it’s preictally engraved in his mind he will remember. He also can’t focus for more than 30mins because losing focus. Also, he was lazy on a whole new level. Basically, you could call the mc retarded, but only retarded on certain parts only. The main reason he was called Onmyo was his eyes. That’s because he has two different eye colors and the pupils were black in his left eye and white in his right. (But enough talk about him, let's talk about the main reason.) On Christmas day he killed himself. The main reason was that he just felt why not, literally the mc killed himself on a whim *facepalm*. That’s when *cue the cliché scene* he meets god. But he started to question God, and his motives for reincarnation him for free and managed to impress God so much that God gave him an intelligent female system to join him in his adventure in the new worlds and wishes if they were heaven-defying. Now join Onmyo and his system on his journey to find family, love and also to find something to appease his boredom. ____________________________________________________________ Wow, ok so I think I wrote the synopsis too much. Welp. Anyways this is my first time writing a book and even worse I’m only a freshman so don’t count me to be a good author or even have stable updates. This is more of something for fun and if I manage to get a good amount of people reading this book, I might consider doing daily updates. Oh well enjoy the book. I also would love to improve so please rate and tell me anything I need to improve on. *ALSO CAREFUL I WILL BE ADDING A SHITTON OF CURSE WORDS*

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when you have to google eschatology -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------


The book that you guys have waited for one month can be read in Webnovel tomorrow morning (11.13). Thank you for the likes. It is your likes that the MSE could come to your eyes. Thank you very much! Hope the book will not let you guys down and you will keep reading! LOL !


I think I dont need to read the story when the summary already tells me what will happen in the book😂 Still, the summary is interesting for someone who likes to read a sort of apocalyptic/game elements like me. 5🌟 for now.


Game system in zombie apocalyptic plot? Like it.. Just one thing... I want more chapters when it releases finally!! Yeah, I am greedy... So what. I see game elements novel I give like.


This story is barely readable. Translation quality is about on par with machine translation. The story itself show some promise but it is so hard to get past the incoherence of the word choice.


Ooh, System-chan plus zombies? Me likey 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 ..... But wait, is this going to be funny? 😅, if it is, then... System-chan! Wait for me!!!


The novel was OK till chapter 15. Then the quality of translation dropped like hell and it is almost impossible to properly follow the story


What has happened to this novel? It's been weeks and there's still no new update. The story is interesting. I really like the mc's personality. The author brings new mysterious characters which makes me curious on every chapter. Sadly each chapter is rather short and the update is so slow.


Had high hopes but sadly the translation quality had dropped dramatically and is still going down. Chapter 19 is so bad I am unsure if one of the characters has died or not. There was supposed to be 16 chapters per week but the updates are not keeping to that standard which might explain the lack of editing. Think I will leave this alone until the story becomes readable.


The summary? Too repetitive! How many times can meltdown system be repeated in a paragraph? The name of the system is strange, really really strange, the surrounding sentences and information give no context as to why it would be called "Meltdown" leaving me worried the TL has gotten the name wrong. Or more importantly that this is an TL synapsis of the first chapter gone wrong. The info we are given as that the MC steals a G55 to save him and his fam ok I like that, but then it goes on to say in passing he meets some sniper dude? Is this person going to be his long time BF?? Why mention him if nah? Gaining this "Meltdown System" by running over Zeds. The way the summary is outlined makes me believe that even though this MC is a returnee, he has no practical experience with this system... or that he didn't know he could gain the system by running zombies over instead of melee killing them.... If this story is about some dude going around in his car killing zombies then I'm out. The amount of damage a human body does to a vehicle isn't little so the car shouldn't last long unless the system works on the MC's vehicles as well as himself. I like Game elements and post-apoc and dystopia stories but I can't feel to optimistic about this one regardless of if its the TL's mistake or the author's logic.


it’s taking way too long for the updates. what is going on? two weeks and still nothing. this is really disappointing because this one of of my go to novels but qidian got rid of the translator as well as the steady updates. i would rather have steady updates with a “poorer” translation quality than this kind of unstable updates that mass release 4-5 chapters every few unknown week. and the translation quality wasn’t even that bad. i dont know why quidian got rid of the translator and this is making a lot of us readers very unhappy


My second review, as I don't know where my first has gone to. Alright, I have to admit, after writing my first review on this novel, I have soldiered on and read up to chapter 51, hoping to see any changes in the translation quality. There are improvements, alright. The wordings has gotten much better comparing to its darker past, and yay! The translator has found his space button! However, the price for it was a massive plunge for my IQ. I swear, I could feel I'm getting more and more stupid as I read this novel. The wordings is ridiculous and the story is even more. For an example, there is absolutely zero moral lesson in this story, which there maybe are two reasons for it: The story is made just to satisfy our primal pleasures, which are violence, domination, and *beep*. Or the lessons in it are unfathomably deep and are hidden behind layers upon layers of sophisticated and complex details, events, and the people in the story. Which, I highly doubt it. The plot, events and unexpected encounters are just there to polish the mc's ass, which has become extraordinarily shiny in the recent chapters. (Man, so shiny, more than Mr. Crab in Moana). As for the other characters, they all have one thing in common: their character. (Lol) Apparently, the author is fond of the thing called 'mob psychology', because there is no such thing as 'individualism' in this novel, even for the named ones. (Hah!) Their 'characteristics' are very repetitive, even more so for the mc's companions, as if they are long lost brothers and sisters with different sizes and shapes. If the author wants to give them some stage time, then they will get professional and act like how the author had described them as. But if he doesn't want to, hide away the name and I dare you say who is who. Really, guy, there are tons of novels like this out there that have the same ruthless protagonists with their own ass-kissing squads, harems, systems and power ranger's enemy-tier antagonists. Search them up in novel updates and you will find dozens in an instant, at least they have a moral lessons, unlike this, and their mcs don't have the fetish of swallowing flesh, blood and ****** stupid judgement like sleeping before the end of the world without the door key. But the world is good, thou. I have to give them that.


ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES!!! definitivamente votare por esta novela!!! @FANZOMBIE#1 !!!!!!!!! _________________________________________________________________________


The novel is actually p good, but whoever is managing the publishing is doing a terrible jobs. First 3 months with no updates, now 3 weeks with no updates and no info whatsoever. 1 star until it will get a proper release schedule, and not just wishful thinking and empty promises.


Even though I just became one of its editors, some may say that I'm biased, I really like the novel. The MC is to my tastes, pretty ruthless MC but caring towards his people, except Chen Shaoye; his care for him can be considered as 'tough' love ;p Thanks for reading and supporting it ^_^


Zombies world + game elements OMG!!!!! My favorite 😍😍😍😍 Even if u say its all about zombie again and u can get abilities with it just like GDW I Dony Fucking Care Because I Fucking Love It Very Much Hahahahaha


PLEASE START UPDATING THIS GREAT NOVEL!!!! IT'S BEEN ALMOST A YEAR https://forum.webnovel.com/d/21802-get-apocalypse-meltdown-updates-going-again . . . . . . . . . .


Qidian have a lot of good content, but this is clearly not one of them. Awful translation quality after chapter 10, going downhill from there. Nothing wrong with the novel, but the translation of it makes it uncomfortable to read beyond a certain point. I recommend like many people that the chapters need to go through an editor before release. And I personally recommend re-releasing chapters beyond chapter 10.


Trash. It was interesting at first so I played along with it, but then the translation quality when to crap and I realized it was no different from a lot of other Chinese Novels about the end of the world. No longer interested.


I PICKED THIS UP!!! First chapter posted a few hours ago here on Webnovel. Just search Apocalypse Meltdown v2.0. I AM TAKING THIS TO THE END, ALL 1300 OR SO CHAPS. TELL EVERYBODY.


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