"May I?"

At that time, Li Ran felt that it was funny. Her low laughter was especially provocative in such a dark room.

They were already husband and wife, was there any reason why they couldn't?

She then immediately surrendered.

This man was taking his revenge on her.

Her breath was heavy and her body was constantly shaking.

Gradually, she was also deeply immersed in it. The two of them had sex, and it was very enjoyable.

Since they had already done it, wouldn't it ruin the atmosphere if she was shy?

However, just as he touched her private area, Li Ran let out a soft cry and widened her eyes.

The daytime street was bustling and crowds could be seen everywhere. Everything around was so noisy, just like any other regular day.

Li Ran fell asleep while sitting down. It seemed that she was really tired.

Was that just a wet dream!?

They had been married for two months...

The man's face was extremely clear. It was her husband, Lin Nan.

Ever since they got their marriage certificate, they had only slept together once. Her husband was always busy with work. They barely had any contact.

Thinking back about it, 'What's the big deal of having a wet dream? Everyone has their needs.'

"Li Ran! Please come to the first room for a consultation."

Li Ran stood up abruptly and paused her thoughts. Her cheeks turned red as if her thoughts had been seen through by someone.

Seeing that it was indeed her turn for consultation through the information on the screen, she walked into the room.

"You're eight weeks pregnant. The results of your examination showed that everything is good. Continue to maintain it."

The doctor looked at the check-up sheet and smiled at Li Ran.

Li Ran nodded gratefully. "Thank you."

"Is your husband around? Ask him to come in. I have a few questions for him."

Li Ran scratched her head and replied embarrassedly, "I came by myself. If you have anything to say, you can just tell me instead."

"That won't do. No matter how busy he is at work, he still has to find time to accompany you. I see that you always come by yourself."


The Doctor's words lingered in Li Ran's min. She grasped the examination sheet in her hands tightly. However, she understood Lin Nan's circumstances very well.

He was a national researcher.

His contribution to society was needed and she needs to play her part in their family.

Just as she was about to take the elevator. she heard a loud voice. It pulled her out of her thoughts.

She looked around the ward area in confusion and began to hesitate. 

Li Ran decided to follow the sound and she headed upstairs. 

'What if it was a patient who needed help and the nurse did not hear his call?'

But when she walked into the room where the sound was coming from, the situation differed from her thoughts.

It was not only one ward that made the loud noise, but multiple of them.

She stood on her tiptoes and looked through the window of one of the wards. There were a total of three patients in that room. Each of them was tied to their beds. They were struggling fiercely with their mouths wide open.

It was them who were making the loud noise.

Li Ran took a step back.

As she passed through the other wards, she took a glance at the other patients. Some of them were tied up while others were being suppressed by the doctors and nurses. Everyone was too focused on what was in front of them, so nobody noticed Li Ran.

It was better for her to leave quickly.

When she went downstairs, she headed straight towards the front desk.

"Hello, do you have a medical mask?"

"Yes, do you need one?"


Li Ran took the mask, thanked the receptionist, and proceeded to leave the hospital.

Just as she reached the door, an ambulance's siren could be heard. The siren was deafening and it hurt Li Ran's eardrums.

She noticed the increase in crowds and the situation seemed very chaotic.

Li Ran walked away quickly. She placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed it gently.

She's pregnant and could not be careless.

However, Li Ran was very curious. 

She looked back at the hospital. The medical staff was doing their best to get things organized while the security guards were evacuating the crowd. People were constantly leaving and entering the hospital.

Some of them would cover their mouths and noses while they coughed and sneezed.

Li Ran took off the mask that she had on and put it away carefully. She then pinched the bridge of her nose as tightly as she could.

After finding her car, she quickly unlocked and entered it.

She then hurriedly drove to her next destination.

A general store.

She needed to buy some baby products.

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