Apocalypse: Infinite Supplies System

Awakening to a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutated monsters, Alex makes a startling discovery: he possesses a system that grants him access to unlimited resources every day. 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited bottled water.】 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited 9mm bullets.】 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited cold medicine.】 ... With each system notification, Alex's chances of survival soar while others struggle to stay alive. As everyone else fights for their lives, Alex finds himself living in luxury, residing in a lavish mansion where he leisurely sips red wine and savors grilled delicacies amidst the chaos of the end times...

AvalonEmber · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
311 Chs

There are unidentified survivors approaching outside the wall


When he reached the gate of the villa district, groups of zombies noticed him and started running towards him.

Alex shook his legs and chuckled, "Just came back for a warm-up, I'll use you guys to verify how much my physical fitness has improved."

With that, Alex dashed straight towards the zombies.

To be on the safe side, he chose to take them out one by one, avoiding direct confrontation with a group of zombies.

Even though he had reached level 4, he still preferred to be cautious.

"Powerful Flying Kick!"

Alex shouted the classic move from the movies, delivering a flying kick towards the leading zombie.

The zombie that was solidly kicked flew out directly, rolling several times before stopping.

Alex was also surprised by his own explosive power.

He didn't expect his strength to reach this level.

It's worth noting that zombies have much stronger physical fitness than humans.

This kick could keep a zombie crawling on the ground for quite a while before getting up. If it hit a human...

Alex already envisioned that scene.

Zombies, unlike humans, don't feel fear when they see their comrades being kicked away; they just continue to roar and launch attacks at Alex.

"Come at me!"

Alex took out a silver-level samurai sword he had collected earlier and, without any technique, relying solely on his brute strength, effortlessly cut down the zombies as if chopping vegetables.

For a moment, there were no subsequent zombies arriving.

Shaking off the zombie blood from the samurai sword, Alex pondered, "It seems that the team that entered the villa district with us earlier really cleared out most of the zombie groups."

"In a while, if other players who have heard the news come, they will definitely settle in the villa district one after another. Interesting..."

However, Alex wasn't too worried about whether new players would arrive in the villa district later.

After all, he already had the bastion wall. By the time other new players arrived, he should be well-prepared.

Currently, the most worrying thing was the group living next door.

After all, they were still a group, and Alex wasn't sure if the bastion wall could stop them.

What if they climbed over the wall using a ladder? Would the bastion wall stop them?

Alex couldn't guarantee.

He thought that he had to deal with the immediate threats first.

As long as the nearby threats were resolved, Alex was confident that when new players arrived in the villa district, his villa would become an impregnable stronghold.

"I have to find an opportunity..."

Alex returned to his villa, passing the facial recognition of the bastion wall.

Before entering, he glanced at the neighboring villa and silently muttered.

Inside the house, Mia was already waiting by the door, inspecting Alex all around.

"Alex, you're finally back. Are you hurt?"

Alex grabbed Mia and smiled, "How could I get hurt so easily? I have good luck, and I can find artifacts just by going out."

Next, Alex gifted Mia some experience, and Mia directly leveled up to level 3.

Number 9527:

Level: 3 (2/300)

Strength: 7 Agility: 13 Stamina: Abundant

"Well, reaching level three, not bad."

Alex nodded in satisfaction.

However, the most important thing at the moment is to ensure his own development. In the short term, Mia might fall behind him by a level.

Perhaps in the late game, when the experience requirements are high, they will have a chance to level up together.

Moreover, Mia's physical attributes seem not as outstanding as Alex's.

It's unknown whether it's due to differences in male and female physical fitness or other reasons.

Mia let Alex check her information panel, complaining, "You have no idea how worried I was at home, watching your experience bar skyrocketing. My heart was in my throat!"

Alex rubbed Mia's hair and laughed, "There were indeed some twists and turns, but it was all safe in the end. This wave of experience directly made a qualitative leap in our physical fitness, especially for you. You've gained some self-defense ability."

Mia noticed that Alex particularly liked to rub her hair.

But she didn't mind, just curious.

"Alex, why do you like rubbing my hair so much?"

Mia twisted her hair, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Upon hearing this question, Alex realized that he indeed enjoyed rubbing Mia's hair.

Almost involuntarily.

It felt like petting a cat, a bit addictive...

Alex, who had initially lowered his hand, resumed covering Mia's head and said, "Why? Don't you want me to rub your head? Do you prefer me to rub your big chest instead? Haha..."

Mia blushed when she heard that.

"You had the chance before, but you didn't seize it..."

Alex felt a little moved after hearing that.

The Mia in front of him, her well-fitting clothes outlined curves that made men's hormones surge.

The tempting expression of desire and the fidgeting hands due to nervousness.

"Beautiful women are indeed men's biggest weakness."

Alex's Adam's apple moved.

"But, I want to challenge my weakness."

Alex hugged Mia tightly, their lips met, and the suppressed hormones erupted in this moment.

"Mia, do you want to take a bath..."

Mia hugged Alex's neck with both hands and said in a tender voice, "Wash my hair, wipe my body..."

At this moment, an untimely system sound popped up in a popup window.

[Dear player, there are several unidentified players approaching outside the bastion wall you constructed.]

Alex was stunned, as if he had been doused with a bucket of cold water, instantly sobering up.

Mia noticed the fluctuation in Alex's mood and released her legs wrapped around Alex's waist, standing on the ground, asking with concern, "What's wrong?"

If it wasn't an emergency, Alex wouldn't have such a sudden change.

Alex exhaled heavily and said seriously, "There are unidentified survivors approaching outside the wall. I need to go check it out."

Mia straightened her clothes.

"I'll go with you to take a look!!"

Alex took out his pistol and checked the bullets inside.

He shook his head and said, "You stay here. Go to the second floor and take the crossbow. Provide support if things go wrong."

Mia also entered combat mode.

She took out the crossbow, nodded to Alex, and ran straight to the balcony on the second floor, finding a suitable place for ambush.

As Alex reloaded the pistol, he opened the door, muttering fiercely.

"All because of you bastards, letting the cooked ducks fly! If you don't have eyes, don't blame me for using you as live targets."

Through the bastion wall, Alex shouted, "People outside, stop! No matter what your intentions are, if you come any closer to my sanctuary, don't blame me for being rude!"