Apocalypse: Infinite Supplies System

Awakening to a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutated monsters, Alex makes a startling discovery: he possesses a system that grants him access to unlimited resources every day. 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited bottled water.】 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited 9mm bullets.】 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited cold medicine.】 ... With each system notification, Alex's chances of survival soar while others struggle to stay alive. As everyone else fights for their lives, Alex finds himself living in luxury, residing in a lavish mansion where he leisurely sips red wine and savors grilled delicacies amidst the chaos of the end times...

AvalonEmber · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
303 Chs

Flaunting his lavish lifestyle.


 Another shot, and another henchman fell to the ground again.

Others looked at Ethan with fear and anxiety, urgently asking, "Boss, what should we do! Boss, say something!"

But Alex didn't give them much time.

Teammates fell one by one until only Ethan remained.

Ethan felt a sense of despair, holding his crossbow, shouting somewhat frantically, "10086, if you're a man, come out and face me! What's the point of hiding!!"

The response he got was a shot to his leg.

The intense pain almost made him drop the crossbow.

Perhaps out of consideration, Alex then very thoughtfully smashed the crossbow in his hand.

Then, slowly, he walked out into the yard.

Alex looked at Ethan, reminiscent of how he used to watch a mouse caught in a trap in his rented room, letting it do as he pleased.


 Alex fired another shot, hitting Ethan's hand as he tried to sneakily pick up another crossbow from a fallen comrade.

Then, he watched quietly as Ethan writhed in pain, his own emotions unmoved.

Ethan remained defiant, perhaps knowing he had no chance of survival, hurling curses.

"Damn you, if you're going to kill, just do it, stop dragging it out!"

Alex chuckled.

He didn't continue shooting, instead saying, "Playing the victim card, not bad. Clearly, you all had ill intentions towards me, and I merely fought back."

Ethan snorted, spat out some blood, and fiercely said, "Consider me fooled, falling into your trap. Just finish me off!"

Alex raised an eyebrow, "What, you're not going to try to convince me? What if I were to let you go?"

Ethan laughed bitterly.

"10086, even if I begged, would you spare me?"

Alex also laughed, revealing his still well-maintained pearly white teeth.

"Indeed, I wouldn't." Letting the tiger back into the mountain, that would be foolish, right? Alex raised his P92, aiming it at Ethan.

Ethan closed his eyes, his lips trembling slightly.

Knowing he had no chance of survival, he still felt fear in the face of death.


After the gunshot, Ethan didn't die.

He opened his eyes in surprise, looking at Alex in confusion.

At the same time, an excited thought involuntarily crossed his mind.

Could it be that he intended to spare him?

Just then, Alex smiled shyly and fired another shot.

This time, it hit him right in the forehead.

"Sorry about that, my aim was off."

"Damn it!"

Ethan's eyes widened as he slowly fell to the ground.

Normally, if they had been more cautious, they wouldn't have ended up in such a predicament.

But their strong greed clouded their judgment, leading them to fall into Alex's trap, which wasn't even carefully prepared.

In the end, they lost their lives.

Alex scavenged what little supplies remained from this group of people and threw the bodies outside the fortified walls.

Early tomorrow morning, the diligent zombie cleaners would take care of the mess.

With the immediate threat resolved, Alex breathed a sigh of relief and returned to his room, casually collapsing onto the soft bed.

"Finally got that thorn out of my side..."

Alex closed his eyes, finally able to sleep soundly.

He slept until he naturally woke up, with no plans to go out scavenging for supplies today.

The resources around the villa area were no longer sufficient for their needs.

If they wanted to find more advanced resources, they would need to venture into areas with denser zombie populations.

Fortune favors the brave, as they say.

This recent incident significantly depleted Alex's stockpile of combat supplies.

Though he had an unlimited amount of water to trade for food and combat supplies, the critical issue was that the number of trading platforms couldn't keep up with his consumption!

Whenever he had spare time, Alex would be scouring the trading platforms for goods, even allocating some supplies for Mia, who stayed at home, to do the same.

But the result still didn't achieve the desired effect.

Because of the scarcity of combat supplies, Alex had to put a stop to his plans of going out again to search for resources.

After all, the P92 didn't have strong sustained combat capabilities.

Once a magazine of fifteen bullets was used up, it had to be reloaded.

Facing a large number of zombie groups would put him at a disadvantage.

Once bitten, it could mean certain death.

Thinking of this, Alex couldn't help but daydream.

If one day the system gave him unlimited AK47s, or unlimited Molotov cocktails, that would be amazing.

Thinking of unlimited resources, Alex suddenly remembered that he could claim some today.

He quickly opened his email and received the timely unlimited supplies sent by the system.

Red wine.

Alex took out the red wine and looked at the foreign words on the bottle, feeling somewhat speechless.

I wonder how this wine tastes?

Alex took out a regular glass from his backpack and opened the bottle with his bare hands.

The speed was so fast that the bottle cracked neatly as if sliced with a knife.

Lifting the red wine, Alex sniffed it at the tip of his nose.

Even without letting it breathe and aerate fully with the air, he still sensed the richness of this glass of red wine.

"Drinking wine, something feels missing..."

Alex gently shook the handle of the glass with the red wine, muttering to himself.

Then, Alex suddenly realized.

He took out several steaks from his backpack.

"Exactly, how can you have red wine without steak?"

Alex posted a photo on the chat channel showing red wine and steak arranged on a dining table.

User 10086: "Red wine with steak, it's still missing something. It would be more comfortable with beer. Brothers, anyone collected relevant supplies, put them up on the trading platform (attached picture)."

As soon as this message was posted, the chat channel exploded.

You see, even basic necessities are scarce now, and many people are struggling to make ends meet, let alone indulging in luxuries like beer, red wine, and steak.

Even if they had them, they would have long consumed them as normal rations.

After all, staying alive is the priority.

For Alex to post this photo at this time was clearly provocative, flaunting his lavish lifestyle.