Apocalypse: Infinite Supplies System

Awakening to a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutated monsters, Alex makes a startling discovery: he possesses a system that grants him access to unlimited resources every day. 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited bottled water.】 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited 9mm bullets.】 【Congratulations, you've received unlimited cold medicine.】 ... With each system notification, Alex's chances of survival soar while others struggle to stay alive. As everyone else fights for their lives, Alex finds himself living in luxury, residing in a lavish mansion where he leisurely sips red wine and savors grilled delicacies amidst the chaos of the end times...

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303 Chs

A Woman

Alex descended to the first floor of the supermarket, hoping to find some supplies.

However, he searched the entire supermarket and found nothing.

Finally, as he entered the restroom to relieve himself, he noticed a wooden crate in front of the sink.

"Is this the supplies?"

Alex muttered to himself as he approached the wooden crate.

[Successfully opened Bronze-tier supply crate]

[Received Wood × 10]

[Received Rope × 1]

Something is better than nothing!

Alex immediately stowed all the supplies into his backpack.

He checked if there was any usable water resource in the restroom, but found that the faucet was just for show.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Coming out of the restroom, Alex was about to walk back to the second floor when he heard someone knocking and calling outside the supermarket.

"Is anyone there? Please open the door, there are zombies chasing me!"

Alex walked to the supermarket entrance and peered outside through the gap, seeing a woman standing outside.

100 points!

He wouldn't know how to use any fancy words to describe it.

Giving this woman full marks was enough to prove everything.

Alex had seen many women, but this one stood out to him.

With just her looks alone, she could easily rank first among all the women he had ever seen!

"Who are you?"

Alex didn't immediately open the door, but instead shouted from inside.

Mia Thompson looked anxious and pleading.

"Hey, young man, I've been stranded outside for a day, with no supplies at all. Please let me in first! I'll do anything for you afterward!"

Alex frowned.

After a moment of consideration, he took out a wooden board from his backpack and opened the supermarket door.

"Thank you, young man..."

The woman walked in, quickly thanking Alex.

Arriving in this apocalyptic world, she had been chased by zombies, nearly dying several times.

Now that she saw someone of her own kind, she felt a sense of safety.

But just at that moment, Alex suddenly made his move.

Before the woman could react, he delivered a powerful chop to the back of her neck, knocking her unconscious.

Then, Alex immediately closed the supermarket door, tied up the woman with the rope, and carried her to the second floor.

People's hearts are unpredictable.

In the apocalypse, one cannot be too cautious when dealing with strangers.

Once you trust the wrong person, it could cost you your life.


The woman groggily woke up, her neck still hurting badly.

As she went to rub it, she realized she had been securely bound with a rope.

"Are you awake?"

Alex approached the woman while eating his bread.

The woman looked somewhat frightened and struggled hard.

"What are you trying to do? Do you know this is illegal...?"

Alex couldn't help but chuckle at her words.

In this world where death could come at any moment, talking about legality was indeed laughable.

Alex squatted down, his right hand reaching out directly as he said with a smile, "Sorry, I can't determine if you're a good person or not, so I had to tie you up first and then see if you have a conscience!"

The sudden action startled the woman, her eyes twitching slightly.

She said with some anger, "You bastard, if you have the guts, release me, and I'll let you check your conscience properly!"

Alex suppressed the expression on his face.

He stood up, his face expressionless as he said, "You're just a prisoner at my mercy, and you dare to bargain with me? Are you overestimating your own charm? To put it bluntly, I could just tie you up and force you into a 'game'. What can you do about it?"

The woman bit her lip and remained silent.

She also knew that what Alex said was the truth.

Alex sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette, then continued, "Tell me your name and background, and maybe I'll spare your life."

After saying this, he waited quietly for the woman to break the silence.

"I'm Mia Thompson, a doctor, chased by zombies, ended up here accidentally."

A doctor?

Alex was interested in Mia's profession.

In such an apocalyptic world, having a doctor was a guarantee of survival. And, under the premise of mutual consent, they could sign a contract, without worrying about loyalty issues.

Alex said lightly, "Follow me, I'll provide you with food, and you'll be under my command. Also, to ease my mind, we'll have to sign a master-servant contract."

Mia clearly understood the advantages brought by her profession and shook her head in refusal.

Alex shrugged, not in a hurry.

There was no conflict or hatred between them, so he wouldn't be insane enough to deliberately harm her.

But he couldn't let her go for now, better be cautious.

Then, he took out a sausage from his backpack and started eating it in front of Mia.

Watching Mia's throat move as she swallowed secretly, Alex said while eating, "Forgot to mention earlier, your conscience is pretty big."

Mia blushed, gritting her teeth, wishing she could bite this damn young man to death.

When had she ever been treated like this by a man?

May you have an unfortunate old age, covered in red hair from head to toe.

Alex was determined to recruit Mia, the doctor, into his group, but he didn't want to use forceful means. Instead, he opted for coercion and temptation, planning his moves carefully.

After finishing the sausage, Alex wiped his mouth with a tissue from his backpack, burping satisfactorily.

"Are you hungry?"

Mia stared at Alex with a straight face, somewhat angrily saying, "You don't have to play games with me like this."

Alex took out a bottle of water from his backpack, opened the cap, and held it to Mia's mouth to feed her, saying earnestly, "Doctor, I really want you to join us. I guarantee you won't miss any meals, and with me around, I'll ensure your safety."

Thirsty Mia couldn't care less about replying, gulping down the water as if her life depended on it. The instant coolness revitalized her spirits.



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