6 Can You Accompany Me? 2

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Wang Ye relied on muscle memory to control the saber technique with his subconscious.

Next time, he wouldn't get hurt again.

After practicing for an hour on the training ground, Wang Ye completely adapted to the proficient level of the Nine Forms of the Basic Saber Techniques, increasing his combat power by quite a bit.

Then, he went to the cafeteria and ate three big bowls of rice, declining the other students' invitations to play games.

After returning to his dorm, he quickly washed up and video-called his family who was staying in the base city's temporary shelter. Following this, he cultivated the Life Evolution Technique and absorbed cosmic energy to strengthen himself.

His mastery of the proficient-level Life Evolution Technique and Nine Forms of the Basic Saber Techniques was naturally nothing compared to the elite class students, but he was not bad in Class 23.

Moreover, it wouldn't take Wang Ye too long to advance from the proficient level to the mastery level.

2 potential points would be enough.

After practicing the Life Evolution Technique for 30 hours non-stop, he had the longest sleep he had in recent times - six hours.

Then, Wang Ye set off into the wilderness at dawn.

This timing was publicly recognized as the most suitable for hunting.

The dangerous night had just passed, and there was little competition among the students.

"The weather forecast shows a 5% chance of rain. It's about as good as no rain."

The scariest thing in the wilderness was not the night, but the red rain.

Part of the red rain that came from the blood sea contained the energy that scientists called "evolution substance". However, because it was diluted, the possibility of mutation was relatively higher.

If humans were exposed to the red rain for a long time, or if the rain was too heavy and the rainwater seeped into their skin too much, it was very likely that irreversible mutations would occur.

Of course, the greatest danger came from the mutated monsters.

Once the red rain fell, a shocking number of mutated monsters would appear in the wild, and the danger would increase drastically!

To be honest, Wang Ye hoped that it would rain. This way, he would earn more potential points faster.

Unfortunately, things did not go as he wished. There were no clouds in the morning, and there was no sign of rain.

However, a large number of students were flustered due to the weather forecast, thus the wilderness was several times emptier than usual.

As a result, Wang Ye's harvest was unexpectedly bountiful.

Before 11 am, he had already killed ten mutated monsters and earned 1 potential point.

In the afternoon, his luck turned even better as he killed three extremely weak mutated monsters and successfully increased his potential points to 1.5 points.

"From the looks of it, regardless of the strength of the mutated monster, I will get 0.1 potential points."

Wang Ye took out a bandage and wrapped it around his right hand and the saber again. He then used his mouth to tear it before gluing the bandage.

He hadn't been injured.

After the Nine Forms of the Basic Saber Techniques were upgraded to the proficient level, his actual combat ability improved a lot.

Moreover, after fighting with mutated monsters continuously, his experience was getting richer as well. He was different from the students in the camp who only treated training as completing their missions.

"It shouldn't be a problem to get 2 potential points today."

Wang Ye was full of confidence.

After returning to the dormitory, he would be able to raise the Life Evolution Technique to the mastery level.

This level basically guaranteed that within a month, he would be able to raise his physical fitness score to the graduation standard, which was also the minimum requirement for the evolutionary drug - 60 points.

"Drip, drip..."

Wang Ye, who had just killed a mutated monster, exclaimed.

Looking at the reddish water droplets on the blade, he raised his head, and a wet drop of rain fell on his face.

It was no different from ordinary rainwater, but it seemed to contain some special energy.

Red rain was falling.

Wang Ye took out a protective raincoat made of a special material from his combat suit pocket, put it on, and quickly returned to the camp.

It was extremely dangerous to hunt in the rain. There was no need to do that.

"1.9 potential points."

Wang Ye ran quickly.

On the way back, he scanned the area, hoping to find a lone mutated monster.

The red rain gradually intensified and began to pour.

The mud splashed from the ground and landed on his boots, leaving reddish stains. God knows whether it was due to the red rain or blood.

Suddenly, the sound of battle came from the front.

Wang Ye looked over and saw the back of a student in a combat suit.

However, unlike himself, the other party was not wearing a protective raincoat.

Something was wrong.

Wang Ye wasn't interested in being a busybody, so he quickly ran away.

However, the student in the combat suit seemed to have heard him and suddenly turned around. His eyes were blood-red, and his face was ferocious. He held a blood-dripping longsword in his hand.

Wang Ye's pupils dilated!

In the ruins ahead, there was a female student's broken corpse!

"He's mutated!"

The moment Wang Ye reacted, the sword-wielding student roared and rushed over. His blood-red eyes were filled with killing intent.

Humans who had mutated would often lose their rationality, leaving only the instinct of a beast, craving for blood.

Fight? Escape?

Wang Ye quickly made a decision.

At this moment, he had to be decisive about whether to fight or run.

Compared to relying on his legs and luck, he believed more in the experience and combat skills he had honed in the wild over the past few days.

He would hold his fate in his hands!

Wang Ye gripped his saber tightly and his adrenaline surged. He instantly entered the zone.


The other party was obviously proficient in swordsmanship and Wang Ye could tell that he wasn't easy to deal with the moment he made a move.

Wang Ye saw a very long wound on the other party's reddish right arm that was holding the sword. The red rain must have seeped into his blood from the wound and thus the other party mutated.

He took a step back and blocked the attack with both hands. A loud clang rang out.

Wang Ye's hands went numb.

If not for the bandage wrapping the saber to his hand, the attack would have made the saber fly out of his hand.

After mutation, the physical fitness of a human would often skyrocket, making them akin to zombies.

But at the same time, they would lose the intelligence that humans relied on the most.

Wang Ye kept retreating and didn't fight the mutated student head-on. Even though he had gradually figured out the opponent's sword technique, the opponent's astonishing physical fitness still made him somewhat apprehensive.

He retreated once again, and behind him was a wall that had long been destroyed.

The mutated student's sword slashed at him fiercely. This time, Wang Ye didn't use his saber to block the attack but dodged sideways instead.

The longsword smashed countless bricks with a bang, and dust flew everywhere. With that, not only was the mutated student's vision blocked, but the longsword was also stuck in the wall.

Wang Ye drew his blade!


He clenched his jaw and heavily struck the mutated student's waist.

Blood splattered as the latter roared and lost his balance. His bloody eyes became even more ferocious. Following inertia, the sword was violently retrieved from the wall before slashing at Wang Ye.

Wang Ye didn't manage to avoid it, so his shoulder was grazed a little, but he couldn't care less now.

Life and death were on the line now!

Wang Ye's saber swiftly slashed at the mutant student's lower back, sending the latter to the ground and giving him a fatal blow.

"Chi!" Wang Ye held the saber with both hands and stabbed it into the mutated student's heart. The latter's body trembled until he stopped moving.

"Huff, huff, huff."

Gasping for breath, Wang Ye's mind was impacted more than his body by this battle.

However, he had no time to hesitate at all. He shouted with all his might at the wilderness of the ruins where the red rain was pouring down. Then, he quickly bandaged his injured shoulder and returned to the West Camp.


In the West Camp infirmary, Shu Meng'ou looked at the bloodstained Wang Ye and didn't know what to say.

She sighed and silently treated his wounds, disinfected and bandaged them.

Shu Meng'ou looked at the handsome boy from the corner of her eyes. To be honest, she admired his persistence and courage. This was an essential element to become a powerful Evolver.

However, his expression was a little solemn today. He had not said a word since he came in. He was not as talkative as usual.

"Are you alright?" Shu Meng'ou said softly.

Wang Ye looked at Shu Meng'ou with a different emotion in his eyes.

"Can you accompany me?"



In the student dormitory.

"Why hasn't Wang Ye come to class recently?" Yu Haitao sent a message on his phone and asked without looking up.

"The brat is running to the wilderness every day," Sun Yang sneered, "He's probably still thinking about the evolution fruit, but how can he be so lucky? Right, with his physical fitness, he won't be able to graduate without the evolution fruit..."

"It's almost the end of the month, and the second comprehensive test is coming. My brother told me a few days ago that if one's overall score is not even 45, one will be expelled from the Evolution Camp," Yu Haitao said.

"Should we do it, Boss?" Sun Yang made a throat-cutting gesture.

"Hurry up and do it. It won't be easy to get it done once we're back in the base city," Yu Haitao snorted disdainfully, "Does he think being a coward would guarantee his life? He's too naive. If I want to kill him, it would be like stepping on an ant!"

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