Chapter 6 Search 602_1

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Wang Tao wasn't very familiar with walkie-talkies, but he knew they were a good thing.

Without a network, mobile phones were basically useless. However, the working principle of walkie-talkies was different, so maybe they could still make calls?

The guy must have been a radio enthusiast; there were four walkie-talkies of different shapes, along with their boxes.

Besides the walkie-talkies, there were also two radios, one large and one small. The small one used batteries, and the large one could be powered by hand-cranking.

Wang Tao briefly fiddled with them, but all he heard was a buzzing and crackling noise from the walkie-talkies and radios, no useful information.

He was slightly disappointed, but Wang Tao wasn't in a hurry. He could take these gadgets home and try them out slowly.

After searching the room for a while, Wang Tao gathered all the things he thought were useful.

There were two suitcases, packed full to the brim. Then, he grabbed a bedsheet and wrapped up the rest of the stuff. It didn't matter whether he could use them or not; he took everything he could.

Once he was sure he hadn't missed anything for the time being, Wang Tao packed up and locked the door to Room 602 on his way out, taking the key with him.

As he locked the door to Room 602, a sudden "bang, bang, bang" came from next door's Room 601, and a roar seeped through the security door.

Wang Tao's spirit instantly focused.

"There are really zombies in the room..."

He set down his things, approached the door to Room 601, and saw that it was securely locked, which relieved him for the moment.

Wang Tao remembered that a middle-aged couple lived in Room 601; they seemed to work close together and always commuted together.

"That means there should be two zombies inside..."

Wang Tao's gaze flickered. He could handle one zombie, but two was not certain... However, it was too early to discuss this since he couldn't open the security door.

"I need to find a way to get some tools for prying or picking locks. If I try to break in violently, not to mention whether it's feasible or not, the noise would definitely be loud..."

With zombies outside, although the corridor was temporarily clear of them, Wang Tao still felt the noise should not be too loud. Otherwise, even if the zombies couldn't get in, if they all crowded at the entrance, he wouldn't be able to leave.

Carrying a 24-inch suitcase in each hand and a large bundle on his back, with another hanging around his neck, Wang Tao headed towards the fifth floor.

After returning home, Wang Tao found places to store these items.

Setting other things aside, just the supply of food was enough for half a month. Along with his own stock, he could probably last about twenty days.

If he hadn't discovered his ability before, Wang Tao would have chosen to wait for rescue with so much food. But after discovering his abilities, he definitely didn't want to sit around and wait for death.

"That's enough for today; tomorrow, I'll see if I can open any other rooms. As for now... time to treat myself!"

Having food gave Wang Tao more confidence. He took out the perishables and prepared to make a big meal.

As for the cooking method, he wasn't picky. After washing all the ingredients, he added a block of hotpot base and stewed everything together.

"This is delicious!"

Wang Tao wasn't sure if it was psychological, but he felt this big pot of food was more delicious than anything he had ever cooked before.

He filled a large bowl with rice, sat down, and was just about to start eating when he heard the door knock again.

"Thump, thump, thump—"

The knocking was more urgent this time, and quite light.

Wang Tao immediately picked up the homemade short spear next to him, and then went to the peephole to take a look.

He saw a woman with her hair tied up high, staring nervously at Wang Tao's door.

"Is it her?"

Outside the door was none other than Wang Tao's neighbor across the hall, Zhao Yuan's sister-in-law whom he had asked him to take care of—Ding Yuqin.

Wang Tao did not open the door directly but first hung the safety chain behind the security door. In the apocalypse, one could never be too careful with others.

Outside, Ding Yuqin glanced at the corridor and then back at Wang Tao's door, her face extremely tense. Her own door was left ajar, if there was any commotion downstairs, she would run back immediately.

If possible, she really did not want to go out. Merely a few steps away, it was the result of her struggling for several hours.

But there was no choice, her family had run out of food a long time ago. If she didn't think of a solution soon, she might starve to death, even if she wasn't killed by the zombies.

Of course, what ultimately propelled her out the door was the fact that she had seen with her own eyes Wang Tao kill the zombie wandering in the stairwell!

The specifics of the fight weren't clear—as large as the peephole's field of vision was, it had its limits, especially since Wang Tao and the zombie had fought all the way downstairs.

But she knew, Wang Tao had won! The only zombie in the corridor, dead!

Wang Tao's strength was beyond her expectations; her husband, back when they were still in contact, had told her about the horrors of these zombies. It wasn't just about wielding cold weapons; even with a gun, one may not win. Many police officers had met their gruesome end in the jaws of zombies.

Yet, Wang Tao was able to go solo, using a cold weapon to kill a zombie, which was, she had to admit, incredibly impressive.

At that moment, Ding Yuqin felt the urge to run out.

But she still dared not, not just from fear of other zombies but also fear of Wang Tao—because she did not know if Wang Tao had been infected. If he was infected, wouldn't she be a lamb walking into the mouth of a tiger?

So, she waited a few more hours.

When she saw Wang Tao heading back and then coming out with a lot of things, big and small, from upstairs, she guessed that Wang Tao was most likely not infected.

The information online stated that although the incubation period after infection varied in length, most had a common characteristic: the body exhibited some negative conditions, such as weakness, fever, coughing, and the like.

Wang Tao, hopping around and carrying so much stuff upstairs, clearly had no problems with his health.

However, she was still somewhat afraid to come out, after all, stepping through this door also required tremendous courage.

But now, as her stomach growled and she smelled the faint alluring aroma coming from next door... she could no longer endure it.

Only those who have experienced hunger know that hunger is a more terrifying existence than any "addiction," after all, eating is an instinct for survival. When one is close to starving, as long as there's something to eat, a person can do anything.



The door of apartment 501 opened.

Wang Tao's face appeared from behind the door.

"Sister-in-law, is there something you need?"

Seeing this face, Ding Yuqin was taken aback. Was this the Wang Tao who could frighten children with his looks? Where was the large scar on his face?

Even though she was surprised, the voice and height were indeed Wang Tao's. Ding Yuqin had no time to dwell on it, she tucked some stray hair behind her ear, then spoke softly:

"Ahem, Wang Tao... look, we're neighbors, could you lend your sister-in-law some food?"