Apocalypse: Domain Sovereign

The careless mistake of a powerful entity caused a mortal world to undergo forced evolution. An energy that was not supposed to exist in that world spread and contaminated the wildlife, turning them into monstrous creatures. With the changes brought upon by the mysterious energy, the world soon descended into chaos. Humanity’s advanced weapons were strangely rendered unusable so they were forced to fight off the evolved creatures using primitive methods. Despite their efforts and struggles, the humans were quickly defeated. Countries fell and all human territories were destroyed. The few surviving humans fled into various remote locations to avoid being killed by the evolved creatures. The humans who once dominated the world were now at the bottom of the food chain. Meanwhile, the powerful evolved creatures became the new overlords of the planet. Under these circumstances, it was only a matter of time before humanity would become extinct. However, humanity’s chance to rise from the ashes finally came when their gift appeared. A gift that came in the form of a system! Release Rate: 7 chapters per week Goals: Top 200 Golden Ticket Ranking (1 extra chapter) Top 150 Golden Ticket Ranking (2 extra chapters) Top 100 Golden Ticket Ranking (3 extra chapters) Top 50 Golden Ticket Ranking (5 extra chapters) Top 25 Golden Ticket Ranking (7 extra chapters) Gift Goals: 1 Castle = 5 extra chapters Trending Rank Goals: Top 200 = 7 chapters a week Top 100 = 10 chapters a week Top 50 = 15 chapters a week Top 25 = 21 chapters a week

Malignant · Fantasy
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46 Chs

The Students Trapped in the School Building


In front of him were boxes filled to the brim with all sorts of products. There were beverages, canned goods, instant noodles, and many other items that can be found in a supermarket.

"I don't have to worry about food now, but I have to be careful since there might be monsters like that giant rat. I have to secure this place first."

Rendell locked the door and blocked it with some heavy items. He didn't know what kind of terrifying creatures he would encounter so it was better to be careful.

After making sure that the door was secured, he gathered some boxes and folded them neatly to make a temporary bedding for himself.

Although it would make his back stiff, it was better than sleeping on the cold, tiled floor.

Rendell grabbed the medicine kit inside the backpack and took out the gauze, antibiotic ointment, and adhesive bandage.

He cleaned his wounds using a bottle of mineral water and patted them dry with a clean cloth. He then applied some antibiotic ointment on the wounded area to prevent infections. "Hiss!" He gritted his teeth and endured the stinging pain.

After this, he patched his wound with an adhesive bandage.

The scar on his torso was huge so he had to wrap a gauze around his abdomen to prevent it from opening up. The process was hard since he only had one arm, but he still managed to do the task with some effort.

Rendell leaned on the wall while wiping off the sweat on his face. "I should get some sleep."

He lay on the folded boxes and closed his eyes. Soon, he drifted into sleep.


Inside Lochwall College, the second-best school in the country of Norhen.

Inside a classroom with cracked walls and ceiling, seven students were huddled together. Three of them were women, while the remaining four were men.

"How long do we have to stay here?" A tall young man with a buzz cut asked the thin young man wearing spectacles.

The young man with spectacles lowered his head. "As long as that creature is still there, we can't leave the classroom. You have seen what happened to the guys who tried to escape. None of them survived." He shivered at the end of his words.

The tall young man became silent upon hearing his words.

Another young man with handsome facial features stood up and looked at the situation outside the building through the broken window.

There was a huge worm-like creature crawling beneath the school building. It has a segmented body that looks like metal rings connected. Each segment of its body has two pairs of sharp legs. "That thing is still down there." He pointed at the huge insect with a disgusted look.

"Let's stay here for the time being." Said a muscular man who was being treated by a young woman with short black hair.

Everyone turned their gazes at him. He was the only adult in the room and he was also the person who saved all of them. Because of this, everyone respected his opinion.

"Sir Ralph is right. We should get some rest and think of a plan tomorrow." Replied a beautiful young lady with long black hair.

"Fine." The tall young man stood up and went to a corner to rest.

Everyone noticed that he was in a foul mood so they didn't bother him.

"You guys should rest too. I'll keep watch." The handsome young man said to the others before turning his gaze to the young man wearing spectacles. "Kent, I'll wake you up later to replace me."

Kent pushed the rim of his glasses and nodded. "Alright."

"Will you be fine by yourself, James?" Asked the blonde girl with a shapely body.

James smiled at her and nodded.

"You guys rest first. Once I'm done bandaging Sir Ralph's wounds, I'll follow you." The short-haired Ericka said to the two young ladies.

The beautiful young woman with long black hair nodded at her words. She then grabbed the katana beside her and went to another side of the room together with the blonde-haired young lady.

"Celine, do you think we can escape safely tomorrow?" The blonde-haired girl asked while hugging her legs.

Celine held her friend's hand, transferring her warmth to her. "Sir Ralph is a strong man. With his Gift, we should be able to leave unharmed. Both James and that jerk, Phillip, are also powerful. And I'll protect you, Aurora. I won't let anything happen to you."

Aurora lowered her head and said in a whispering voice. "Thank you, Celine."

Celine gently rubbed Aurora's back. "Let's go sleep now."


Meanwhile, the short-haired Ericka was almost done bandaging her teacher's wounds. "Sir, you shouldn't overdo it tomorrow. We won't survive in this world without you." She muttered.

Ralph stared at his student who was trying hard not to cry. He smiled and patted her shoulder. "Don't worry about me. I will make sure that you guys can leave safely."

"Sir, we can take care of ourselves. You should also think of your safety. Didn't you say that you have a family waiting for you?" Ericka looked at him with a stern gaze.

Ralph was stunned and he couldn't help but think of his wife and kids. He hadn't seen them since the apocalypse began. "You're right. I will find them once we get out of here." He muttered with a determined expression.

An hour later, only James was left awake. He took a glance at Celine, silently admiring her beautiful face. "I won't let you get harmed." He whispered before turning his gaze to the moonless night sky.

James Cooper [Level 2]

Strength: 12

Agility: 12

Vitality: 12

Stamina: 13

Endurance: 10

Mana: 15

Available Attribute Points: 0

Gift: Fire Manipulation (Epic) ⭐️

"With this power, I will protect you from danger." James opened his hand. A small flame suddenly appeared on top of his palm, flickering against the wind.

With a mere thought, he extinguished the flame.

Suddenly, he heard some movements. He lifted his head and saw Phillip leaning against the wall, looking at him with a calm expression.

Seeing that he was awake, James smiled. "Can't sleep?"

Phillip snorted at him.

His response made James chuckle lightly.