Apocalypse: Domain Sovereign

The careless mistake of a powerful entity caused a mortal world to undergo forced evolution. An energy that was not supposed to exist in that world spread and contaminated the wildlife, turning them into monstrous creatures. With the changes brought upon by the mysterious energy, the world soon descended into chaos. Humanity’s advanced weapons were strangely rendered unusable so they were forced to fight off the evolved creatures using primitive methods. Despite their efforts and struggles, the humans were quickly defeated. Countries fell and all human territories were destroyed. The few surviving humans fled into various remote locations to avoid being killed by the evolved creatures. The humans who once dominated the world were now at the bottom of the food chain. Meanwhile, the powerful evolved creatures became the new overlords of the planet. Under these circumstances, it was only a matter of time before humanity would become extinct. However, humanity’s chance to rise from the ashes finally came when their gift appeared. A gift that came in the form of a system! Release Rate: 7 chapters per week Goals: Top 200 Golden Ticket Ranking (1 extra chapter) Top 150 Golden Ticket Ranking (2 extra chapters) Top 100 Golden Ticket Ranking (3 extra chapters) Top 50 Golden Ticket Ranking (5 extra chapters) Top 25 Golden Ticket Ranking (7 extra chapters) Gift Goals: 1 Castle = 5 extra chapters Trending Rank Goals: Top 200 = 7 chapters a week Top 100 = 10 chapters a week Top 50 = 15 chapters a week Top 25 = 21 chapters a week

Malignant · Fantasy
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46 Chs

Fight to the Death!


He could hear heavy footsteps outside the building.

Rendell held his breath while holding the fire axe tightly in his hand. 'That thing won't eat me, right?' He nervously thought to himself. Although he was a suicidal person, he had never thought of killing himself by being eaten alive. Just the thought of it made his skin crawl.

Suddenly, a large hairy head peeked inside the building.

A nauseating stench filled the air as soon as the creature arrived. The smell was so repulsive that he had the urge to vomit. However, he held it in, afraid that the creature would detect his presence.

His face had already turned red from holding his breath and he couldn't hold it for too long. 'I can't hold my breath anymore!'

Rendell's face turned purple. A few seconds later, he gasped for air.

The sudden sound was heard by the large rat and it tried to go inside the ruined building. However, it was too big to fit inside the door. It tried to squeeze its way in while brandishing its sharp claws towards Rendell's hiding spot.

Squeak! Squeak!

Rendell was terrified when he saw the large maw of the oversized rat. He hurriedly jumped backward, but he found himself leaning against the wall.

The giant rat became more aggressive when it sensed its prey trying to escape. It swiped its claws, clearing the rubbles and debris that blocked its path.

"Ahhh!!" Rendell screamed when the creature's claws almost reached his feet. He quickly got up while trying to avoid its sharp claws.

Squeak! Squeak!

The creature's blood-red eyes were filled with bloodlust. After it had grown thousands of times larger, its appetite had increased rapidly. It was no longer satisfied with meager meals.

Squeak! Squeak!

Rendell's body was trembling and he was breathing heavily. The fire axe in his hand had long since fallen into the ground.

'I have to do something!' Rendell tried to compose himself. He looked down and searched for the fallen fire axe. It was the only weapon that he had.

He found the fire axe lying five feet away from him. It was close to him, but he would be in danger once he got struck by the large rat's claws.

Gritting his teeth, Rendell dove into the ground while reaching out for the fire axe. The rat noticed his actions and it immediately swiped its claws.


Rendell felt a sharp pain on the left side of his face. He didn't even notice that he had almost been killed in that instant.

A deep cut appeared on his face, but due to the adrenaline, he failed to notice anything.

Rendell grabbed the handle of the fire axe and rolled to the side. He then pushed the ground and jumped backward, leaving the range of the creature.


The large rat was enraged after seeing that its prey managed to get away. Its movements became increasingly violent.

Rendell noticed cracks appearing on the wall and it might not be long before it would collapse.

Seeing this, he looked around, searching for anything he could use to distract the creature. There were chairs and tables, but he was too weak to carry them and he didn't even know if he could throw them to the rat.

Suddenly, he saw a mop lying on the ground together with a bunch of other things. Without hesitation, he grabbed the mop and snapped the tip portion with a kick to remove its head. What he was left with was a wooden stick with a sharp tip. 'I can use this as a spear. Hopefully, it won't break too easily.'

He put down the fire axe and grabbed the makeshift spear. He then slowly walked closer to the range of the creature.

When it saw him moving closer, the rat immediately reached out to him while letting out angry squeaking noises.

"Ahh!" Rendell shouted as he stabbed the rat's leg with the makeshift spear.

The sharp tip of the makeshift spear pierced through the rat's skin, impaling its arm.


The rat recoiled in pain and it tried to pull its body out from the building. However, it found itself stuck, unable to move.

The rat wriggled its body while letting out pained squeaking sounds.

Rendell also noticed its predicament. 'Should I attack it?' He hesitated.

The rat was writhing in pain and was distracted.

Gritting his teeth, Rendell moved into a throwing motion and aimed for the rat's head. After aiming, the muscles in his arm contracted as he hurled the makeshift spear.


He aimed for the head, but the makeshift spear pierced through its neck.

The rat's blood-red eyes widened as it screamed in pain.


Blood gushed out from its neck.


"How tenacious!" Rendell grabbed the fire axe and slowly moved towards the rat with his back leaning against the wall.

At this moment, he was only a few feet away from it.

The nauseating smell of the rat's breath was magnified.

He ignored the stench as he raised the fire axe into the air. He then struck down hard with all his might. "Ha!"

He repeatedly struck the rat's head with the fire axe while screaming.

"Die! Die! Die, you bastard!"

The rat squeaked in rage and pain. It swiped its claws at Rendell, sending him flying into the air.

The rat's claw managed to leave a long cut on his body, extending from his right lower jaw down to his left hip.

Rendell crashed into the ground, bleeding all over his body. His ribs and a portion of his intestines were visible behind the gaping wound across his torso.

"Urgh!" He groaned, unable to move his limbs. 'Is this how I'll die?'

He moved his gaze towards the direction of the large rat and found out that it had collapsed on the ground. It was still breathing, but from its ragged breath, he knew that it would soon die.

He smiled while thinking about it.

'Which one of us is going to die first?' Rendell thought gleefully.

After a long time, his vision was blurred by the blood leaking out from the laceration on his face. Soon, more blood covered his eyes, blocking most of his vision. The feeling in his limbs was also starting to fade away.

Just as he thought that he would finally die, a bunch of texts appeared in front of him. He squinted his eyes in an attempt to see what those texts were, but he soon passed out.

You have slain a [Level 5 Giant Rat]!

You leveled up!

You leveled up!

You leveled up!

You gained 3 stat points!

You awakened the Gift [Regeneration]!