5 Panara box - Tadashi thinking

"What are you in such a hurry for?"

Faced with Hikaru's question, Tadashi just smiled contemptuously, and said, "Hahaha… no, I'm just afraid you'll change your mind."

"Change my mind? No, I don't want your seven-day inheritance either."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, I was just saying nonsense. I will wait for the butler to deliver the antiques as requested, and I will of course sign the documents." Hikaru shrugged his shoulders and said, his face still extremely calm.

Tadashi Suddenly felt like killing Hikaru. Tadashi was a bit startled, he didn't understand why this feeling appeared in his heart. However, he also had no intention of leaving Hikaru alive.

Yes, as an MC, he definitely had to kill the villain. Even if the villain didn't do anything bad, and he just despised the MC a little, it was enough for the MC to kill the villain.

The conflict between the MC and the villain was sometimes very negligible, even to the point of being petty and funny. But even a small conflict could make the MC kill the villain.

"Huh!" Tadashi snorted contemptuously.

Of course, Hikaru wouldn't let Tadashi live either, however, he couldn't kill Tadashi right now because his luck points were too high.

Besides, Tadashi was like a diamond in Hodai's hand, if Hikaru posed any danger to Tadashi, Hodai would surely kill Hikaru without any hesitation.

When the butler brought out four well-wrapped small boxes along with a title deed to the Noack house on the table, a notice board suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully robbing Tadashi of his base, you have received 1,000 villain points, also Tadashi's luck points are reduced by 1,000.]

When Hikaru saw the bulletin board he was a bit confused, he silently asked the System: "System, did the message board display a wrong message?"

[No, it's correct. Even though you took possession of the Noack mansion, that doesn't mean you've taken it. Later on, Tadashi or any other protagonist can still take it back from you.]

Hearing this, Hikaru realized that his journey was still too long, apart from taking the main character's opportunity, if he was robbed by the main character, all his efforts would be zero.

"But I took the Panara Box too, why is the notification not showing?"

That's right, among the 4 antiques Hikaru chose, including the Panara Box. He was afraid that choosing a single antique would attract everyone's attention, especially Tadashi.

Anyway, the antiques that Hodai owned were extremely valuable, if he chose a low-value item it would definitely attract everyone's attention.

They would wonder why Hikaru chose that antique, and assume that it was special.

Even if they didn't know it was a Panara Box, they would still feel that the item Hikaru chose must be something special.

That's why it was normal for Hikaru to deliberately choose three antiques worth $50,000, and then ask for one more item that was worth only about $2,000.

[Are you sure you can get the Panara Box out of here? Do you think that you can keep it until your quest is over?]

Hikaru was surprised to hear that, just like the System said, even if he kept the Panara Box, could he leave this place? Could he guarantee that Tadashi or any of the other main characters wouldn't take the Panara Box from him in the future?

However, when Hikaru was leaving, Tadashi suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable, it was like something very important was about to disappear. He looked towards Hikaru and said, "Wait!"

Hikaru was startled, he frowned at Tadashi: "what? You want to change your mind?"

Tadashi stared at the 4 boxes containing 4 antiques, a little confused in his heart. That's right, Tadashi didn't understand why he felt that the most important thing in his life was in those 4 boxes.

"Hikaru, I don't think you know anything about antiques either. That's it, I'll double the price, and buy back those 4 items, okay?"

Hikaru looked at Tadashi, he thought in his heart that maybe there was a connection between the MC and the items that were supposed to belong to him. Perhaps Tadashi realized that there was something in these antiques that he needed, that's why he said that.

Hikaru smiled, he calmly said, "I really don't know anything about antiques. However, your attitude makes me uncomfortable, that's why… I'm not selling them."

Tadashi frowned, feeling more nervous. If no one was here, he would definitely steal those 4 items from Hikaru's hands.

"So… what if I bid 5 times the original price?"

"Tadashi!" Hearing that, Hodai shouted, "Hikaru is a fool, do you want to be as stupid as him?"

Tadashi immediately lowered his head and said, "Dad, I'm just interested in those items, so..."

Hodai clasped his hands: "Okay, there's no need to say anything. There are many more valuable things in my collection than this. The things that idiot picked are trash, throw them away."

Tadashi looked at Hikaru with a frown, then said, "Yes, father."

Ryrlia saw this scene and felt a little confused but she was also a little amused. However, she didn't say anything, and she just silently observed everything.

Hikaru was also a little angry when Hodai scolded him for being stupid in front of everyone, he was Hodai's son after all. Still, that was fine, at least the people who thought he was stupid wouldn't watch out for him or notice what he was doing.

After signing the contract and giving up the inheritance, Hikaru stood up, took the 4 boxes and the contract of ownership of the Noack mansion and left without hesitation.

When he reached the door, he turned his head and said as if he had just remembered something: "Ah! Can I get a car?"

Hodai nodded but didn't answer. Hikaru didn't need him to answer either, he glanced at Ryrlia and Tadashi for a moment then left.

Right after that, Tadashi felt his chest ache a little, as if he had really lost something very important.

Hodai didn't pay attention to Tadashi's situation, he said with a little joy: "Okay, that stupid brat has left. Everyone, let's welcome our new heir, Tadashi."

The crowd applauded wildly, they kept praising Tadashi with compliments but he wasn't listening.

Tadashi felt extremely uncomfortable, he felt that the antiques that Hikaru took away were very important to him.

"I have to get those things back." Tadashi said in his heart. He then texted someone else.

Meanwhile, Ryrlia glanced at Tadashi, seeing his actions she also guessed what Tadashi wanted to do.

Ryrlia stood up and said, "Hodai, I feel a bit tired, I want to rest a bit."

Hodai was startled hearing that: "Ryrlia, are you tired? Do you feel uncomfortable? I'll call the doctor for you, okay?"

Ryrlia shook her head: "There's no need, I just need to rest for a bit."

Hodai quickly nodded: "Okay, don't work too hard, even if you don't do anything I will still take care of you for the rest of your life."

Ryrlia said with a smile, "I hope so too."

Then she left. Hodai followed Ryrlia's back, his eyes filled with greed and lust, however, that gaze quickly disappeared.

That's right, his body wasn't what it used to be, even if Ryrlia was lying naked in front of him, he could only look at it as he couldn't 'eat'.

His body was horribly degraded, so even though he was only over 50 years old, he had chosen the heir to his fortune. Hodai was afraid that one day he would die unexpectedly, and he did not want his property to fall into the hands of a useless person like Hikaru.

Ryrlia left the room feeling a bit relieved. At this time, another woman who was wearing a white shirt and trousers, with a black vest, approached. her face was covered by a mask, and only her eyes that were like two extremely beautiful black pearls could be seen.

When that woman saw Ryrlia she bowed her head very respectfully: "Master."

Ryrlia nodded and said, "Ekora, you should keep an eye on Hikaru."

Ekora was a bit surprised to hear that: "Master, are you interested in that useless person?"

"That's right. He seems to be very special."

Ekora didn't object either, Ryrlia was her master after all. If her Master gave any order, all she had to do was follow it, no matter how absurd the orders were.

Ekora nodded: "Yes, master."

After Ekora left, Ryrlia licked her lips, her face filled with limitless charm, she muttered to herself: "Hikaru… I hope you can excite me."

As soon as Hikaru went out, he immediately headed towards the basement, which was like a showroom of luxury cars. Hikaru immediately picked up an eye-catching black G63 then drove away from the villa.

In the mansion, Tadashi who stood by the window saw Hikaru driving the G63 away. He told Hodai that he had to make a phone call, so he left the room. Tadashi dialed a number, and the voice of a middle-aged man was immediately heard on the other end.


"It's me. I need your help with something."

"Besides killing people, anything is fine."

When Tadashi heard that he smiled: "Not killing people, I want you to stop a black G63 that just came out of my mansion. In the car is Hikaru, you just need to break his legs and get all the things in the car for me."

"Hikaru?" The other man hesitated: "This… is a bit difficult. After all, he's your brother, Hodai's son."

"Don't worry, he signed an agreement to give up his inheritance, now he's just a loner."

The man began to think, and after a while, he said, "Okay, but the price will be different, 10 million dollars."

"Okay, just get all the antiques he brought and bring it back to me. If you break his arms, I'll give you another 10 million dollars."


Tadashi turned off the phone, looked out the window, his eyes filled with murderous intent and cold. He muttered, "Hikaru, you have to thank me that I didn't kill you. At least, with 300 million dollars, you can be a cripple and have a happy life, hahahaha…"

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