33 Grab me tightly...

The room was not large, it was only about 4-5 square meters, and it was extremely dark. The only source of ventilation was a small window the size of a hand in the upper corner of the room.

The only light source was the light from the corridor outside, which was enough for Hikaru to see clearly the situation inside the room.

In the room, a person sat huddled in a corner,on the ground covered with feces and urine.

It was not difficult for him to see that it was a girl, with long black hair but it was like a tangled mess of dirt covering her face.

She wasn't wearing any clothes, so Hikaru could clearly see that her body was badly injured.

Most of her injuries seemed to be caused by a burn, and it covered almost her entire body. Those burns had broken open, and blood and pus were all over her body.

The place where she sat was also filled with feces and urine. Even those waste things made her skin more infected.

The sores covering the burn were still bleeding and emitting a foul stench.

The girl was shivering and huddled in the corner of the room, she only had one eye left, the other eye was also necrotic from burns.

Her eyes were filled with fear but also filled with hope.

She didn't know Hikaru, but Hikaru knew this girl.

In the novel, this girl had an extremely tragic fate, but she was forgotten by the author.

She was Shiori.

In the novel, the author also talked very carefully about the identity of this girl.

Shiori was about 20 years old, and she lived in the countryside, in a very poor family with 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother.

Because her family was too poor, Shiori, who was the eldest sister, dropped out of university to work and raise her 4 other younger siblings.

Shiori had given up a lot of things, trying to work to take care of her family but her parents don't think so.

This Is Because Shiori's family still holds an extremely backward ideology that values boys and despises girls.

That's why, to Shiori's parents, she and her three other sisters were just like slaves to their younger brother.

Shiori worked hard to take care of her little brother, but the younger brother only slept and played.

But Shiori's parents still didn't feel that it was enough, so they made a brutal decision.

They Sold their 4 daughters, including Shiori, to human traffickers. They didn't care what the traffickers did to those 4 girls, and they didn't care about the girls who cried and begged them not to do it.

But it seems that in their eyes there is only their son, and they ignored all the cries and pleas of their 4 daughters.

The author did not talk about the fate of the other 3 girls, he only talked about Shiori.

Shiori was forced to sleep with other men by traffickers because she was also pretty.

Shiori of course did not accept this, and she protested, but because of that, she was brutally beaten by the traffickers.

And most of all… they poured boiling water over her, causing her to suffer severe burns and lose an eye.

Although she was lucky to be alive, they only handled her injuries lightly. That was also the reason for the burns on Shiori's body, still bleeding and infected.

Besides… they had no intention of treating her, they just kept Shiori alive until they took her organs.

After all, Shiori had lost her value as a whore, her ultimate value was the number of organs in her body.

Of course, they won't be able to get Shiori's organs because the end of the world will come, and she will become an evolved person.

Although the author didn't explicitly say what Shiori's power is, it seems to be related to a type of skill like Healing.

However, she only appeared for 30 chapters and then disappeared because the author didn't know how to change Shiori's mind.

That's right, when Shiori appeared, it was 20 days after the apocalypse had happened. At that time, Tadashi accidentally met Shiori, however, she at that time deeply hated this world.

Ironically, the person who possessed the healing ability was someone who hated this world for what she had endured.

At first, the author wrote that Shiori had just met Tadashi and she trusted and loved him. But then readers immediately scolded the author to the point that he didn't dare to update a new chapter.

Anyway, the way Shiori loved Tadashi was too forced. A person who hates the world falls in love with someone she just met for the first time?

Was the author stupid?

Or was the author FA Dog so he didn't know how to change a girl's mind and develop feelings for a girl?

The author had to revise those chapters. However, in the end he didn't know how to make Shiori become Tadashi's woman...

The author's intention when creating this character was someone who would help Tadashi better survive in the apocalypse.

In the apocalypse, having someone with a skill like Healing by your side will give you a lot of peace of mind.

Whether you were bitten by a Zombie or you were injured, Shiori could heal you.

Of course, readers also know why the author created the character Shiori with such an unfortunate past.

It's because of her super-power.

She suffered a lot of pain, even her appearance was so devastated that it turned her into an ugly monster. Therefore, she wished to be beautiful and be able to heal all wounds.

It was that intense desire that helped her gain the superpower of Healing.

Besides… This was a character that appeared later, the author wanted people to pay more attention to her, so he created such a painful past for Shiori.

Strictly speaking, Shiori's painful and unhappy past was all created by the author.

However, that painful past was a double-edged sword, the author did not know how to help Shiori fall in love with Tadashi.

In the end, the author had to ignore the character Shiori, and she disappeared from the novel "Apocalypse: I own the Panara Box" after 30 chapters.

Tadashi didn't need her, nor did the author need her but Hikaru needed Shiori.

That's right, for Hikaru, Shiori was a huge treasure.

In the apocalypse, medical care also disappears, so him having Shiori was like he was obtaining a second life.

Just imagine that you are injured, but you have no antiseptic and no medical treatment. In the end, a small wound can kill you.

But when Shiori was around, it was different.

Hikaru covered his nose with a scarf then approached Shiori.

She saw Hikaru getting closer and she felt even more scared and tried to step back. But right now, she was in the corner, and no matter how hard she tried to move back, she couldn't.

Hikaru felt that Shiori was like a wounded feral cat sitting in the corner of the wall. When she saw a stranger, she was afraid to run away.

Shiori couldn't run away, she was exhausted anyway, every movement made the burns and necrotic parts of her body painful.

Hikaru could clearly see that she was shaking, so he took off his jacket and put it on her.

At this moment, Shiori stared blankly at Hikaru with her remaining eye; it was as if she was seeing light in a dark pit.

She stretched out her arms with many wounds, blood and pus on them, and clutched the shirt that Hikaru gave her.

Shiori opened her mouth to say something but couldn't. However, Hikaru could see that her mouth was still bleeding.

No, to be more precise… her tongue was severed.

Hikaru clenched his fists until they turned white. Although he was not the main character or the representative of justice, at this moment, he really wanted to kill the stinking insects in this abandoned factory.

They weren't human, they were monsters wearing human skin masks.

However, Hikaru knew well that now was not the time for him to be a hero. The precondition was that he needed to save Shiori and get her the best treatment.

He was afraid that after he intervened there would be problems, and perhaps Shiori would die before the apocalypse hit.

It was the butterfly effect, just a small change could make everything else change too.

But he didn't want to keep Shiori in this hell.

Hikaru said softly, "I came to save you."

Shiori was so overjoyed that her body was shaking, even though she couldn't speak, her gaze was enough to tell him how happy she was.

"Can you move?"

Shiori heard Hikaru's words and tried to stand up, but her legs trembled, blood and urine involuntarily spilled out, making Shiori extremely embarrassed and in pain.

"It's okay, I'll carry you..."

Hikaru didn't care how dirty her body was, he held her in his arms and carried her like a princess.

Shiori wanted to grab his shirt to feel more secure, like a tranquilizer. But when she saw her hands were full of blood and pus, she did not dare to touch him.

Hikaru smiled and said, "Grab me tightly."

Shiori nodded, and clutched Hikaru's chest with all her strength. Then he quickly took her out of this place.

Because the people in the factory were worried about the fire, they didn't pay attention to what was happening.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps, because his body evolved, his hearing also evolved.

"About 10 meters…"

Hikaru estimated the distance, then carried Shiori behind the giant rusted machines in the factory.

A group of about 3 people all carrying pistols quickly headed towards the other room.

Fortunately, he and Shiori had just come out of that place, otherwise, even if he had evolved to become stronger, it was inevitable that he would die under those guns.

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