Apocalypse - World Traverse System

Transported to a post-apocalyptic world, Seth gains the World Traverse System. He discovers that beauty from two different worlds can sense each other. In the 1993 post-apocalyptic world, Nicole, who swore allegiance to Seth for survival, remains a superstar in Hollywood in 2006. However, the moment she sees the protagonist, she can't help but feel the urge to kneel...

AllenWorker · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
369 Chs

World Traverse System

Seth's forehead was sweating with tension.

This dilemma had been plaguing his mind since the appearance of the two.

Seth was well aware that this was the apocalypse!

No one could be trusted!

But for Seth, who had traveled from the peaceful year of 2019, the thought of watching two living people being devoured alive by zombies without offering help was unbearable.

More importantly, if he hid here alone, with no electricity and no internet, would he go insane from loneliness?

Could these two be the last survivors here?

Living with a superstar couple might make this apocalyptic world a bit more interesting…

With a loud "clang," the overburdened iron fence gate finally collapsed under the pressure of the zombie horde. A massive wave of zombies rushed in.

"Philip! We have nowhere to run!" Nicole-Todd clung to Philip-Harris, tears streaming down her face, as they fell into complete despair.

"Roar!!" A strong and tall zombie emerged from the crowd, rapidly pouncing towards them.

Philip-Harris, trembling, held Nicole-Todd tightly, closing his eyes in despair, having given up any hope of resistance or escape.

At that moment, the security door in front of them suddenly opened.

"Roar!" Seth roared, rushing out at high speed, and struck the approaching zombie on the head with a stick.

With a "thud," the head of the tall zombie burst open like a watermelon.

[Ding Dong! Host has killed a zombie, World Traverse System binding in progress…]



Without paying attention to the strange voice in his head, Seth grabbed the two and quickly pulled them back into the house.

With a "thud," the heavy security door was shut tightly.

Philip-Harris and Nicole-Todd, having narrowly escaped death, couldn't help but embrace each other, crying with relief.

Meanwhile, Seth was drenched in sweat from the tension, his body trembling uncontrollably. The wooden stick in his hand fell to the ground due to his nervousness, making a dropping sound.

Although he knew they were zombies, the fact that these zombies had human-like forms made

Seth feel as if he was killing people.

[Binding successful…]

[Zombie brain core energy detected, system automatically harvesting energy…]

[Charging 10% complete…]

[Please continue to kill zombies to charge the system…]

The mysterious synthesized electronic voice rang out again. Seth felt a strange white energy orb enter his body from outside the door. The nervousness from his first zombie kill significantly diminished. His dry mouth became moist and sweet, and he felt as if he was filled with strength.

A white energy bar appeared in front of Seth, like a projection. On the left side of the bar was a green dot, and on the right side, a black "10%" figure.



World Traverse System?

Is this the legendary system?

What is the use of this system?

Seth looked at the projected energy bar in front of him with surprise. For a 21st-century young man who frequently read novels and watched American TV shows online, the concept of a system was not unfamiliar.



"Thud! Thud! Thud!"

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The sounds of zombies growling and shrieking, accompanied by the noise of pounding on doors and windows, continuously echoed from outside. Horrific faces desperately smashed against the window glass.

Blood and some strange viscous fluid smeared on the glass looked incredibly disgusting.

Without time to think further, Seth quickly started drawing the curtains while urging the two,

"Quick! Draw the curtains! Keep quiet!"

This was a tactic Seth learned from zombie-themed movies. He didn't know if it would work, but at least drawing the curtains meant not having to see those horrifying faces.

It turned out that Seth's experience gleaned from past movies was useful!

Shortly after the curtains were drawn, the howling and banging outside diminished significantly.

Peering through the gaps in the curtains, Seth could see the zombies slowly retreating.

"Thank you for saving us!" Nicole-Todd said to Seth with a tearful yet smiling face, appearing pitiable yet carrying a hint of arrogance in her eyes.

Her thanks were due to her good upbringing, but the contempt was an inherent bias of a superior person towards an inferior one.

She was a rising Hollywood superstar, a promising star of America's future.

Her beauty and talent made her the object of pursuit for countless men worldwide.

And the man before her, not only did he dress somewhat oddly, but he was also of Asian descent.

Had it been half a month earlier, this man wouldn't even have been worthy to carry her shoes!

This wasn't arrogance on her part; it was simply a fact.

Having struggled in the professional world for many years, Seth could easily read the arrogance and disdain in Nicole-Todd's eyes, a sense of superiority that kept others at a distance.

"Phew~~" Philip-Harris let out a long sigh of relief, panting with lingering fear. He switched his fire axe to his left hand and then, with gentlemanly demeanor, extended his right hand to Seth, gratefully saying, "Thank you very much for saving us! I am Philip-Harris, and this is my wife, Nicole-Todd."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Seth replied, equally pleased, as he shook hands with Philip-Harris.

After all, these two were Hollywood superstars, and shaking hands with such world-class idols gave Seth a sense of achievement.

Nicole-Todd nodded politely at Seth. Neither of them seemed interested in asking for Seth's name.

After noticing Seth's skin color and attire, Philip-Harris slightly furrowed his brows and discreetly withdrew his hand from Seth's.

"It's good you opened the door for us. We nearly died outside," Philip-Harris said to Seth with a smile.

This statement seemed like a reproach, but Philip-Harris's tone and expression bore no hint of blame. Instead, it conveyed a warm, gentlemanly grace and a sense of benevolence and tolerance.

"I was upstairs when you knocked on the door; it took me some time to get down," Seth replied with an embarrassed smile and an apologetic tone: "I'm really sorry."

The mysterious synthesized electronic voice from before made Seth eager to find its source. He wasn't in the mood for small talk with the couple and didn't wish to dwell on the recent events.

However, Seth could still sense a certain distant wariness and an air of superiority from both of their words and actions.