Apocalypse - World Traverse System

Transported to a post-apocalyptic world, Seth gains the World Traverse System. He discovers that beauty from two different worlds can sense each other. In the 1993 post-apocalyptic world, Nicole, who swore allegiance to Seth for survival, remains a superstar in Hollywood in 2006. However, the moment she sees the protagonist, she can't help but feel the urge to kneel...

AllenWorker · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
369 Chs


With a loud "bang!", Seth suddenly raised his foot and kicked heavily against the wooden door. The doors here were not as sturdy as those used by the Brant family.

With all his might, Seth kicked the door open in one go! A stunning scene was laid bare before Seth's eyes. He saw the maid, Sherry, lying on the bed, her snow-white, perky buttocks in the air, her large breasts shaking wildly, and her face, though covered, showed enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Pete's head of security, Sean, was vigorously moving his large penis, fiercely thrusting into Sherry's tender flesh, the wild thrusts bringing out the fresh juices from her. His strong muscles and robust figure exuded explosive power! Just as the two were about to climax, Seth suddenly burst in with a video camera.

This immediately caused Sherry to scream in panic! Sean exclaimed "Oh, shoot!" and shuddered violently. Seth saw that, under his provocation, both sprayed at the same time, reaching climax in their panic. The fresh juice from Sherry's flower sprayed all over Sean's large penis and thighs, and the condom on Sean's manhood suddenly swelled up.

"Sean, if I'm not mistaken, you're married, and you have a lovely 13-year-old daughter. You and your wife are very loving, and in everyone's eyes, you've always been seen as a good father," Seth said coldly as he closed the door. "As for Sherry, both you and I know about her relationship with my father."

Seth calmly took a few steps forward, picked up the handgun Sean had dropped on the floor, and expertly disengaged the safety, pointing it at Sean's head. "I think you both should be clear about the consequences if my father finds out what you two have been doing in his house. Especially you, Sean. I think you understand better than I do how my father treats me."

Sean, although a former member of the U.S. Special Forces, hadn't actually participated in many battles and had never experienced life-and-death combat. He had never even killed anyone. So, even though he had received excellent security training and systematic instruction, his psychological resilience was not much stronger than Seth's, who had survived the apocalypse and killed zombies.

Moreover, Seth knew from Andy's memories that as Sean aged, he became increasingly cowardly and cautious in his actions. Like the middle-aged people Seth had known in his previous life, Sean had many concerns. Pete trusted Sean because he had a wife and children, a respectable job, and a decent income.

Most importantly, Sean was still paying off a million-dollar mortgage. His child's education at a prestigious school also required a substantial amount of money.

If Sean gets fired over such a scandal, he will lose his annual income of a hundred thousand dollars and will no longer be able to work in security. Moreover, Pete has a lot of leverage over Sean! Pete knows that Sean wouldn't dare betray him. That's why Pete trusts Sean completely with his and his family's security, assigning all related tasks to him, including the dirty work. Sean also knows that he must keep his affair with one of Pete's women a secret from Pete.

Otherwise, at the very least, he would lose his respectable job, and his family could fall apart. Even worse, an enraged Pete could leave Sean with nothing and even land him in jail. Living under Pete's threat, both Sean and Sherry are well aware of Pete's cunning and ruthlessness.

"Don't... Andy... please don't... I beg you, please don't tell sir! I'll do anything you ask!" Sherry covered her ample, snow-white breasts, her impressive figure even more tempting under her attempts to hide it. No wonder Sean couldn't resist Sherry's allure, risking everything to be with her. Any other man might have been even more helpless under Sherry's seductive charm. At least now, Seth felt himself getting aroused.

"How... What do you want me to do to keep this secret?" Sean, his face ashen, looked at the twelve-year-old boy in front of him. The young but handsome face now seemed alien and frightening to him. He had planned to intimidate the boy, Andy, as he had done before, and coerce him into keeping their secret. But this time, Sean didn't dare to do so.

"Yes... yes..." Sean looked at Andy in front of him, who seemed like a demon possessed, chillingly cold and terrifying one moment and then innocently naive, kind, and lovable the next. His heart skipped a beat, and his hands began to tremble uncontrollably.

How could a person change so drastically? What kind of devil is this? Andy is only 12 years old! He's just a child! Yet now, he has become so... evil! From Andy's expression just now, Sean couldn't imagine that all this could be the act of a twelve-year-old child. Sean began to wonder if Andy had been possessed by an evil spirit.

"Quickly put on your clothes, both of you. You'll corrupt me, a minor, this way! Uncle Sean, I'll give you..." Seth glanced at his watch, noting there was an hour and twenty minutes left: "I'll give you one hour. Within an hour, you must buy me a chainsaw! Also, remember to buy me some steak, bread, compressed biscuits, anti-inflammatory drugs, a first aid kit, and drinking water, thanks."

Sean, with an embarrassed and ashen face, quickly put on his clothes and left without any hesitation, not daring to show any disrespect to the young master in front of him. Just now, he had sensed the devilish evil and cruelty from Andy-Brandt.

His intuition told him that this 12-year-old child, Andy-Brandt, was capable of anything! As Sean closed the door and left, Seth turned to look at Sherry with a faint smile. Sherry was still trembling, covering her impressive body with a white sheet. She had a voluptuous body that made men drool.

A seductive and exquisite beauty!

With her fair skin, slender figure, plump and ample bosom, and the full and perky buttocks that Western men love. No wonder Pete Brandt and Sean were completely captivated by Sherry.