Apocalypse - World Traverse System

Transported to a post-apocalyptic world, Seth gains the World Traverse System. He discovers that beauty from two different worlds can sense each other. In the 1993 post-apocalyptic world, Nicole, who swore allegiance to Seth for survival, remains a superstar in Hollywood in 2006. However, the moment she sees the protagonist, she can't help but feel the urge to kneel...

AllenWorker · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
364 Chs

The Ideal Shelter

Cecilia's invitation was exactly what Seth needed to hear.

With its electricity and water, this place was indeed a great temporary refuge!

"Okay! If you don't mind, I'll stay here for a while. As for food, leave that to me!" Seth nodded with a smile, finding that he and Cecilia not only shared a connection but also seemed to get along well, as if they had a natural understanding.

"However, before that, I need to go out for a bit. There's something I must take care of."

After saying this, a hint of coldness flickered in Seth's eyes. "Where is the back door you mentioned? Can you show me?"

"Of course! Follow me!" Cecilia eagerly took Seth's hand and led him towards the kitchen's back door.

The moment their hands clasped, both felt incredibly natural.

It was as comforting and familiar as when Cecilia, as a mother, held her son Andy-Brandt's hand in the second world.

The kitchen was on the second floor, spanning about thirty square meters, with two doors at the front and back.

The back door led directly to the backyard on the first floor.

The villa's backyard was quite large, surrounded by high walls. It had several fruit trees and vegetable plants, and a couple of zombies dressed as gardeners, along with one in a suit, were aimlessly wandering in the woods.

"This backyard is separate from the front yard. When the zombie outbreak occurred, there weren't many people in the backyard. As far as I've observed, there are only six zombies here. The backyard was closed off during the outbreak, so other zombies couldn't get in."

Cecilia pointed to a vegetable patch and a few fruit trees in the yard. "There are five apple trees and three pear trees here. The apples and pears are almost ripe! Once we run out of our current food, we can pick these fruits. Also, the gardener planted cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, and carrots in that patch, which should be ready to eat by now. These will be enough for us to last more than half a month!"

This new discovery greatly pleased Seth. According to Cecilia, once they eliminate the six zombies, the backyard could become their private safe territory. They could not only pick fruits and vegetables from the garden but also consider planting more varieties.

With water and electricity, plus a backyard garden, this place was definitely a paradise in a post-apocalyptic world.

Seth's satisfaction with Cecilia and this new refuge grew even more.

"However, we must find a way to deal with those zombies!"

As she spoke, Cecilia picked up a kitchen knife, biting her silver teeth confidently, "I didn't dare go out when I was alone, but now that there are two of us, I think we can take a chance! However, for safety, we should go out at noon tomorrow…"

Before Cecilia could finish, Seth, holding a machete, turned and opened the back door, calmly saying, "Don't worry, I'll take care of the zombies in the backyard. Leave the killing and food gathering to me!"

As the back door gently closed, Cecilia watched through the window, nervously observing Seth's silhouette briskly moving towards the small woods in the backyard, machete in hand. Her anxiety was mixed with a faint admiration.

In such an apocalyptic world, any woman would yearn for a strong man to protect her. The man before her, who she felt an immense desire to be close to, gave her a profound sense of security.

Thinking of living here alone with such a man, Cecilia's face, full of concern, radiated intense happiness, a blush spreading across her charming face...

Cecilia was right; there were indeed six zombies in the backyard. In addition to the three Seth saw through the glass, three more zombies were eerily hiding in a damp and cool cave in a rockery.

The six zombies were all slow and fragile ordinary zombies, while Seth's machete was as sharp as a hot knife through butter. In just a moment, the six zombies had been decapitated and lay on the ground.

Having dealt with the zombies, Seth glanced towards the window where Cecilia was and then checked the time. It was already past 3 in the afternoon, with the sun beginning to set. It wouldn't be long before the temperature dropped, and Seth could distinctly feel it in the air.

Once the sun went down, the zombies in the town would become active again.

Time was running out, and he had to get back to his own villa before sunset!

Without hesitation, Seth agilely climbed a tree near the wall, leaped onto the wall, and disappeared from Cecilia's view.

"Will he come back?" Watching Seth's disappearing figure, Cecilia bit her tempting red lips, her body twisting in anxiety.

Being trapped in such a confined space with terrifying zombies all around, even though she had an abundance of food and water for the past half month, the loneliness and confusion of seeking refuge alone in this environment made her days feel like years. She endured each day in torment.

For Cecilia, what she feared the most right now was not hunger or death but the loneliness and the despair of not seeing hope. She had even felt the urge to end her life on several occasions.

Seth's arrival had rekindled her desire to survive.

"As long as he can come back and stay with me... I'm willing to do anything! Merciful God, please ensure his safe return!" Cecilia solemnly knelt on the ground, closed her eyes, and prayed devoutly.