Apocalypse - Infinite Plunder

Noah survived for ten years in the apocalypse, only to be reborn back to the beginning. Obtaining the 'Infinite Plunder', whoever he encountered was thoroughly stripped bare, as an evil gateway opened up before him. "You like hoarding supplies, huh? Bring it on!" "Your abilities are impressive, hand them over!" "Your level is quite high, hand it over!" "Even zombies have skills? Bring it on!" "The skills of apocalyptic beasts are even more formidable? Bring it on!" "This mall looks good, let's just take it away!" "This plot of land is nice, let's snatch it while we're at it!" In his previous life, he meekly survived nine cycles of the apocalypse, but in this life, he's going to traverse the apocalypse with an invincible posture, pushing through all obstacles along the way.

bomer_allen · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
291 Chs

Prosperity, All Mine

[Successfully replicated ability and obtained: Sandstone Dominator S]

[Successfully plundered ability and obtained transferable ability: Sandstone Dominator S]

[Successfully plundered wealth, obtained 38 million wealth points, transferred to the wide-area space, please check as soon as possible]

After a triple plunder, Noah also liberated the second-in-command.

Since then, all three chiefs of Sinners' Island have died without exception, and the resources were mostly plundered by Noah. It's likely that the resource warehouse on Sinners' Island was now completely empty.

However, Noah didn't leave immediately but turned back to the island to continue plundering.

Without the three chiefs, he could act unrestrainedly, rampaging through the enemy base and looting extensively.

In an instant, alarms blared across the island, and prison guards rushed out, some armed with cold weapons, others with firearms.

Noah, transforming into a shadow, began his plunder.

"300 wealth points? Taken."

"This one has 500 points, not bad at all."

"30 points? Quite poor, but I'll take it."

"8 points and still showing your face, I'll clean you out!"

In no time, Noah moved as if he owned the place, plundering everyone he saw, regardless of the amount of wealth points, even not sparing their weapons, confiscating everything.

Seeing Noah impervious to their weapons, the prison guards panicked, their invincible leaders nowhere to be found.

Consequently, the guards threw away their weapons and ran towards the water, hoping to escape by boat.

But Noah would not let them have their way.

"Get off my boat!"

"Mine, everything is mine, hehehe...."

He kicked people into the water one by one and collected all the boats into the wide-area space.

The escaping guards had no choice but to run back to the center of the island, huddling together, trembling in fear.

This time, Noah did not pursue them further but looked at the vast reservoir, lost in thought.

"Since I'm already here...."

The water in the reservoir is still unpolluted for now, but that might not be the case in a few days. Perhaps it would be wise to take some as a backup...

Moreover, during the second apocalypse, water will be scarcer than food, even surpassing it in scarcity.

Thus, Noah used his thoughts to create a reservoir in the wide-area space and directly transferred all the water from the actual reservoir into it.

After the water was transferred and emptied, a dense mass of fish and shrimp was revealed, easily amounting to over a hundred thousand tons.

"An unexpected harvest, I'll take it."

After collecting the fish and shrimp, Noah looked at the silt at the bottom of the reservoir and couldn't resist taking another million tons.

This stuff is great for growing vegetables and nurturing seedlings...

Regardless of whether it's needed or not, better to take it first. There's still plenty of space in the wide-area space, which hasn't even been filled to one-tenth of its capacity yet.

Having taken nearly everything he wanted, Noah finally left, satisfied.

He had captured a helicopter and intended to fly it back, but unfortunately, he had never learned how to fly.

He was good at fighting, though...

Consequently, he had to give up on that idea, crossed the dried-up reservoir to the road, took out his motorcycle, revved up the throttle, and headed back along the road.

After Noah left, the surviving prison guards dared to peek out.

When they saw the entire reservoir dried up, everyone was stunned.

"That monster finally left."

"Too terrifying, I felt like I was going to die just from him looking at me."

"I wonder if he killed the leaders..."

"What's going on, where's all the water in the reservoir? Why is there not a drop left?"


As the guards were collectively bewildered, a burst of shouting and killing erupted from the direction of the prison.

"It's bad, the prisoners have escaped, what do we do?"

"We're done for, our weapons were taken by that guy just now."

"What else can we do, run!"

The prisoners numbered between eight to nine hundred in total, but now only seventy to eighty of them were alive, less than one-tenth of the original number. Without weapons, they stood no chance and had to flee in panic.

Thus, a massive battle royale unfolded on the Golden Dragon Reservoir, with the enraged prisoners mercilessly pursuing the prison guards.

Noah, who had left early, was naturally unaware of all this.

Riding his motorcycle leisurely on the highway, humming a tune, he felt relaxed and happy.

This trip had netted him a total of eight abilities, including two S-tier abilities, along with more than fifty million in wealth and resources.

He had now collected four S-tier abilities, worth several billion in resources.

Even in the post-apocalyptic world, it would be hard to find anyone else with such rapid development.

He could flaunt his wealth and power whenever he wished.

At this moment, he felt even the air was sweet.

It was then that a nearby survivor camp caught his eye.

This was a small camp, covering just a few hundred square meters, surrounded by iron fences. In the center of the camp, a roaring fire was burning, with about a dozen survivors cheering around it.

Next to the bonfire was a small wooden stage with a large iron cage on it. Inside the cage was a cat-like animal the size of a calf, covered in black scales, and a zombie was chained next to the cage.

The zombie seemed to be terrified of the strange animal in the cage, struggling incessantly to escape.

A woman draped in a white sheet stood in front of the cage, delivering a vivid speech to the audience below.

"Look, everyone, this is the divine beast sent to us by the heavens, it will lead us away from our suffering."

"The arrival of the divine beast heralds clear skies; with the divine beast, good days are upon us."

"The evil and filthy zombies will soon be eradicated by the divine beast, which will protect its loyal and devout followers through the crisis."

"Lost lambs, offer your loyalty and tributes to the divine beast, and the omnipotent divine beast will bless you."

Under the woman's enchantment, the crowd below erupted into applause, with many actually bringing out food and placing it in iron buckets at the edge of the stand, worshipping the so-called divine beast.

[Mutant Animal: Scale Cat LV6]

Noah: "....."

He had seen this creature in his past life.

This was no divine beast but a mutated domestic cat...

It wouldn't protect people; it would eat them, for heaven's sake!