1 The Apocalypse is Here! The Infinite Modification System!

Morning, 8:14 AM!

It was the peak of the morning rush hour.

On a main road in the city center of Shangbin City, as always, traffic was jammed into a long queue.

"Damn it, it's been half an hour already, are we moving or not!"

"What's happening up front?"

"I'm screwed, I'm definitely going to be late today!"

"Beep beep beep..."

In the heart of the congested traffic, a young man sleeping in the driver's seat of an old van was awakened by the noisy, piercing honks and the clamor.

He subconsciously scratched his head, "Are they crazy? Honking like this early in the morning, doesn't anyone want to sleep well?"

As he spoke, he opened his eyes.

But when he rubbed his eyes and saw the scene before him, he was stunned.

"Why the hell am I in a car?"

Now, he was not in his familiar university dormitory, nor in his comfortable bed, but in an old van with worn-out interior, faded seats, and windows that were controlled by hand cranks.

Even the steering wheel he accidentally touched felt loose, as if it might fall off at any moment!

Looking outside, he saw vehicles of various license plates congested into a long queue, trapping his old van in the middle of the road.

Unable to move forward or backward!

Additionally, there were some impatient drivers stepping out to check the situation, as well as pedestrians of different skin colors walking along the sides of the road, watching the spectacle.

"When did Shangbin City get so many foreigners?"

Ray shook his head, still groggy from waking up, and wondered in confusion.

Although Shangbin City is an international metropolis, never lacking in foreigners, it had never been to the extent seen before him. Glancing casually on the street, out of ten people, there would be four or five foreigners!

He intended to get out and see what was happening, when the conversation of two impatient drivers who had stepped out to smoke reached his ears, making him look over unconsciously.

"Do you know what happened up front?"

"I see the military's here, probably another rabies patient biting incident?"

"Rabies patient??"

"You don't know? Recently, a new type of rabies virus emerged, very severe, spreading very fast. Several cities have already reported infections, but it's said those patients were quickly contained. Whether they were cured afterward, remains unknown."

"A particularly severe new type of rabies virus? And it spreads very fast??"

Hearing this, Ray felt an ominous premonition in his heart. Damn it, could I have traveled through time? And just so happened to land in a world that's just seen the outbreak of a zombie virus?

"Are there any other characteristics??"

"Well... I remember some rumors on the internet saying that people infected with this new type of rabies virus become like zombies, devoid of self-consciousness, wanting to bite any living thing they see. Those bitten by them would quickly get infected by the virus and become like them."

"What the hell?? Become like zombies?? A real-life 'Resident Evil'?? Is that why there's been a traffic jam up till now??"

"Haha, you're taking it seriously, huh? With today's technology, even if zombies really appeared, they wouldn't survive past the second day. They'd quickly be suppressed by the authorities using force."

"Better safe than sorry, bro!! I think we should make a quick getaway!!"


Ray had no interest in listening to their conversation anymore!

He was almost certain that this new type of rabies virus was actually a zombie virus!

This is seriously messed up!

I just took a nap, how did I end up traveling through time?

And even if I did travel through time, why did it have to be to a world that's just seen the outbreak of a zombie virus?

Isn't this like starting the game with a losing hand, directly leading me to death?

Although he hasn't seen any zombies yet, Ray, who lived through the information explosion era, wouldn't naively believe that it was some kind of rabies.

Which rabies virus could be this fierce?

So similar to a zombie virus?

Especially under the circumstances of traveling through time...

"Ding, Infinite Modification System binding begins..."

Just then, a cold voice suddenly echoed in his mind.


The novels were true, traveling through time really does come with a system!

Ray's eyes widened, just as he was about to speak, the cold voice sounded again.

"Ding, Infinite Modification System binding successful, beginning memory infusion..."

As the voice fell, a massive flood of memory information surged into his mind like a deluge.

Ray couldn't react in time, only feeling a swelling in his mind, followed by a flood of memory images flashing through.

"Shangbin City... Li Nation..."

In just a few seconds, Ray, having digested the memories unlike any before, couldn't help but twitch his mouth.

In these memories, the world he now found himself in was no longer the one he knew.

Here, it was called the Li Nation!

The city he was in was no longer Shangbin City, but still Shangbin City!

Moreover, this Earth was much larger than the one he knew, with a population reaching over twenty billion. As a result, the ethnic mix of various countries became even more blended.

As for the world's technological level, architectural styles, and cultural heritage, there wasn't much difference from his previous life. What existed in his former life was also present in this world.

One notable point was that, for some reason, the Li Nation he was now in didn't regulate knives and similar tools as strictly as in his previous life!

But he wasn't concerned about these. What he cared more about was.

Whether he was still himself!

Many transmigrators experienced soul transmigration, changing their appearance and directly switching bodies. He hoped he wasn't like that.

After all, it was now a post-apocalyptic world. To survive, not to mention anything else, physical fitness was the primary element.

He was previously a sports student, with a height of 1.8 meters and a physique of eight-pack abs. In this post-apocalyptic world, with his physical fitness, he was confident in his ability to protect himself.

His gaze fell on the rearview mirror inside the car. After adjusting it to face himself, confirming that the handsome face in the mirror was still his own, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good, it's still the handsome me. Otherwise, I'd have to live a lifetime in someone else's body."

Ray clenched a cold sweat in his heart and sighed. Just the thought of it sent shivers down his spine, let alone facing the consequences if it were to actually happen.

Just then, the system's prompt tone sounded again.

"Ding! System scan complete, host attribute panel generated!"

Name: Ray

Age: 18

Strength: 13 (Normal human: 10)

Stamina: 14 (Normal human: 10)

Endurance: 12 (Normal human: 10)

Neural Response: 10 (Normal human: 10)

Items: None

Points: 0

"Ding, the beginner's gift pack is now being distributed..."

"Beginner's gift pack?"

Hearing the system's warm prompt, Ray's spirits were lifted.

"System, open the beginner's gift pack!"

"Ding, gift pack opened, congratulations to the host, you have obtained: [LV1 Armored Vehicle Modification Card] *1! [Jarvis Program] *1! [Primary Strength Enhancer] *1!"

"The beginner's gift pack has been fully distributed to you, please check your system backpack!"

"The apocalypse has arrived, and zombies will arrive in three minutes, please prepare!"

Seeing the items distributed in the beginner's gift pack, Ray's face lit up with joy, but upon hearing the last sentence, his expression suddenly froze. Apocalypse! Infinite Modification System.

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