6 Will You Come to Save Us?

At this moment, the countdown on the tombstone changed to 00:00. A series of electronic synthesized sounds from the system echoed in Alex's mind.

"Ding-dong! Burial of the muscular zombie corpse completed!"

"10 Apocalypse Coins added."

"3 points added to strength attribute."

"1 point added to agility attribute."

"The Basic Crypt is now empty, please bury again."

As the electronic voice ended, a scorching heat wave swept through his body once again.

Indeed! This muscular zombie provided much more than an ordinary zombie!

"System! Display my attribute values!"

[City of Darkness (Basic) City Lord's Name: Alex]

[Gender: Male]

[Physical Constitution: 72]

[Mental: 60]

[Strength: 71]

[Endurance: 63]

[Agility: 63]

(Average value for an adult male human is 60)

[Skills: None]

[Items: Sinful Blade (Basic), Spatial Bag (Basic)]

[Apocalypse Coins: 24]

Seeing his current physical attributes, Alex swung the Sinful Blade, feeling it much easier to handle. Even if he swung it continuously more than a dozen times, he wouldn't feel too tired.

Of course, Alex knew that 71 points in strength wasn't extraordinary, at most equivalent to the strength level of a national level three athlete. The sensation of a sudden increase in strength was just an illusion caused by the enhancement of his attributes.

Alex picked up another ordinary zombie corpse and threw it into the crypt, frowning slightly as he looked at the red numbers on the tombstone.

[The body is being buried...]

[Estimated time: 1 hour...]

Burying an ordinary zombie also consumed an hour, and slightly stronger ones required two hours. At this rate, too much time would be spent on burials each day!

But now, he didn't have enough Apocalypse Coins to upgrade the crypt.

"System, can another crypt be constructed?"

"Yes! Constructing a crypt requires 5 square meters of city space; it costs 20 Apocalypse Coins and requires 3 hours to build. Would you like to construct the crypt?"

[Construct Now][Construct Later]

"Construct now!"

The time taken to bury zombie corpses was too long, so Alex needed to build more crypts to reduce the duration. The more zombies he buried, the stronger he would become. In this apocalypse, nobody knew what the next day might bring. He had to become powerful quickly!

Meanwhile, the two girls at the window, who were calling out to Alex for help, were filled with disappointment. It seemed the boy had no intention of heeding their pleas. Feeling the dryness on their lips and hunger in their stomachs, they plunged into despair. The water and food in the dorm could last them at most another three days. After that, they would face a dire situation.

The petite girl among them, tears streaming down her face, complained bitterly, "Humph! Are all the boys now so cowardly? Even if he doesn't come to save us, he could at least bring us some food and water! Look at all the food and water he has!"

"I really wish I could have a sausage right now..." The small girl bit her dry yet full pink lips with her sharp canine teeth.

The other taller girl shook her head, speaking with a hint of dejection, "It's the apocalypse now; preserving one's own life is what's most important! He really has no obligation to risk his life to save us or help us. We are strangers to him; he doesn't owe us anything."

"Can he really bear to watch two beautiful girls like us starve and die of thirst here?! Is he even a man?" The petite girl scornfully looked at Alex, who was leisurely drinking, and cursed venomously.

"Who says men have to save women? He's not your boyfriend! Let's just think of a way out ourselves, Xiao Ting," the tall girl said firmly, shaking her head. She bit her lip and took one last look at Alex before preparing to close the window.

Just then, she saw the odd boy holding a gleaming large blade, charging towards the direction of their dormitory!

"Is he coming to save us?!" The tall girl exclaimed in surprise.

"Wow, so cool! He's really coming over! The way he runs is so handsome!" The petite girl watched Alex with a dreamy look in her eyes, filled with admiration.

Although small and cute, the girl possessed an impressive figure, which even made the taller girl a bit envious at times. Perhaps this was what they called a 'baby-faced bombshell'...

"But with so many zombies, can he really make it up here?"

"Will he die on the zombie-infested road and get devoured by them?"

"He might be our only hope!"

"Is there anything we can do for him?"

While the two girls were anxiously and hopefully lost in their thoughts, Alex's figure had already neared the girls' dormitory!

"He's really amazing! He killed so many zombies!" The petite girl screamed, her sparkling eyes full of admiration.

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