46 We Are Willing to Obey You Absolutely

She found that she didn't feel averse to Alex's approach.

Although it was very realistic, it seemed only natural.

He saved them, provided them with food and drink, and protected their safety.

And what could they offer to Alex in return?

Except for absolute obedience, except for their own bodies.

What else?

They had nothing.

Compared to the despicable and dangerous behavior of Zhou Zhengyu and others, Alex's approach even seemed somewhat merciful.

With his strength, he could forcibly take everything he wanted.

Including her!

Si Ruqing knew that even she had no chance of resisting Alex.

He was simply too strong.

He had even surpassed the bounds of humanity.

She wouldn't even have the opportunity to die rather than submit.

Alex only needed to use one hand to make her faint.

Then, by administering a drug that could cloud a woman's mind and induce impulsive behavior, he could make her comply willingly.

Even if they didn't agree, Alex could still do whatever he wanted.

Whatever Alex did to them was within his rights.

Just as he said, he was the supreme law!

He was like a god!

No one could resist.

In this post-apocalyptic world, no one could punish him for doing as he pleased.

Yet even so, Alex still gave them the choice.

There were only two possibilities for this.

One was Alex's mercy.

The other was that Alex was indifferent to them, even somewhat contemptuous.

He didn't care.


Si Ruqing believed that Alex was indifferent to them, even somewhat contemptuous.

"We are willing to go back with you! We are willing to be your servants! We will listen to everything you say!"

No one expected that the first ones to speak up would be the two sets of twin little sister flowers.

"Staying here, we would only be a burden to everyone. Moreover, we two are too weak. If we encounter bad people in the future, we might not even have the chance to choose, and we might even get hurt by many people!" one of the twin little sisters said earnestly.

The other nodded: "We quite like little brother. Little brother is very powerful and also very kind. He saved all of us. If little brother wants us, we are very willing."

With these two leading, several other young women also quickly expressed their willingness to go with Alex and become his servants.

The cute little girl with big eyes, about seven or eight years old, also raised her hand and said: "Please take me with you! I promise to be very obedient! I am willing to do anything!"

Alex nodded in satisfaction, gently stroked the little girl's smooth hair, and said with a rare smile: "Silly child, brother doesn't need you to do anything. After you come back with me, just stay with the sisters and live well. I will also have other sisters teach you to read and study."

Hearing Alex's words, everyone was moved to tears.

Perhaps their previous experiences made them realize the dangers of this post-apocalyptic world. Alex's simple words had already made them extremely grateful.

They instantly saw Alex as a great and noble saint!

After Alex finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Si Ruqing. Now everyone had expressed their stance, leaving only Si Ruqing and a few other female team members who followed her without speaking.

Everyone looked at Si Ruqing, whose cheeks turned even redder.

Biting her lips firmly, Si Ruqing raised her head and said determinedly: "I am also willing to go with you, to follow all your arrangements, and to obey you absolutely."

When Si Ruqing spoke, the female team members behind her also stepped forward one after another and declared, "We are willing to follow you, obey your arrangements, and wholeheartedly obey you." Alex nodded with satisfaction, very pleased with their performance.

"You clean up this place first and stay here for a few more days. I will try my best to find a way to pick you up." Alex said seriously, without wasting any more words. He jumped off the rooftop and disappeared from everyone's sight.

"Sister Ruqing, this guy is actually quite cool. And, he is really amazing, like a superhero. I think it's a good thing to follow him," one of the female team members said while looking at Si Ruqing and staring at where Alex had disappeared, trying to comfort her.

"Officer Si, we also think this handsome guy is good. He should be a good person. We won't lose by following him!" a charming young woman said with a smile.

"Oh!Cai! I see you really want this handsome guy to have you! You little flirt, are you in heat?" a middle-aged woman teased with a smirk.

"There's nothing wrong with following such a capable man! I just don't know how good he is in bed. If he's also amazing, that would be great!" a plump woman in her thirties bit her lip with a slightly blurred look in her eyes.

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