8 Want to Survive? Pleasure Me! [R-18]

"If I agree to serve you, will you rescue us and take us to your city?" Li Wan Ning didn't respond to Alex's insinuation but instead asked directly, her teeth gritted.

"Serving me will only get you some food. If you want to come with me, it depends on how sincere you are," Alex replied nonchalantly. He sat on the girls' pink bed, casually spreading his legs, revealing the tent in his lap to the two women, gazing indifferently at Li Wan Ning.

The implication was clear: their only asset was their bodies.

"Of course! I won't force you to do anything. It's all your choice. If you don't want this, I can leave right now."

Shen Ting Ting, realizing what Alex was implying, turned deathly pale.

"And it's not necessary for both of you to do this. Whoever wants to come with me should show their sincerity willingly. If you're unwilling, you can hide in the bathroom, or look for food and water in other dorms. I've cleared the zombies in this corridor, so searching other dorms might yield some food and let you survive for a while longer," Alex continued emotionlessly.

Li Wan Ning bit her full lips hard. In her two years at university, many guys had pursued her, but she, who was always fastidious, never let any man get close to her. Her aloofness had made her a well-known 'Ice Queen' in her department.

But today, she was forced to choose between survival and dignity.

Her father was a powerful figure, and under normal circumstances, she should have been living a carefree and proud life.

But now, to survive, she had to lower her proud head and desperately try to please a man whom she would not have given a second glance before.

"Okay! I'm willing!" Finally, she said these words, and instantly felt a sense of relief.

Slowly walking up to Alex, Li Wan Ning tremblingly knelt down and gently pulled down the zipper for Alex.

Alex lazily leaned on the girl's pink cozy bed, allowing Li Wan Ning to undo his pants and remove his underwear.

A thick black penis instantly popped out from the crotch, fiercely striking Li Wan Ning's delicate cheek.

Li Wan Ning suddenly shivered, feeling a sense of panic.

Although she had never experienced sexual intercourse, it didn't mean she didn't know about a man's thing.

She had secretly watched adult films from a certain country out of curiosity before.

Even those boyfriends' penises were not as huge as Alex's!

Moreover, Alex's penis was fierce, not only long and strong, but the veins seemed to be entwined like a green dragon.

Li Wan Ning swallowed heavily, tightly closed her eyes, summoned all her courage, and opened her cherry-like mouth, taking Alex's penis in one gulp.

Alex felt a tingling sensation throughout his body, as a wet and slippery feeling filled him.

The warmth of being enveloped made Alex's penis even stronger.

It even began to slightly tremble.

Li Wan Ning held onto Alex's huge glans, then tightly closed her eyes. Following the scenes she had seen in the adult films, she slowly and painstakingly took Alex's entire penis into her mouth.

Li Wan Ning's mouth was small, belonging to the type of cherry-like mouth. So when she had Alex's huge member in her mouth, Alex felt an intense sense of being enveloped.

Wet, slippery, tight, and the soft and trembling pink tongue moving beneath the glans.

However, it was a bit uncomfortable because Li Wan Ning was giving a man oral sex for the first time, and her mouth was too small with limited space inside. So Li Wan Ning's teeth would occasionally graze against Alex's glans, causing a tingling and slightly painful sensation.

If it weren't for this tingling sensation stimulating Alex, as someone experiencing oral sex from a woman for the first time, he would probably have already released his essence into Li Wan Ning's small mouth.

Li Wan Ning's delicate hand gripped Alex's penis, and with each in and out motion of licking and sucking, she began piston-like movements.

Alex's body twitched, unable to hold back a pleasurable moan.

So this is what it feels like to receive oral pleasure from a beautiful woman. It's so pleasurable!

Shen Tingting looked on in disbelief, trembling all over...

"Sss... Mmm... Ssssss..."

While enjoying Li Wan Ning's attention, Alex looked towards Shen Tingting.

"What about you? If you don't want to watch me leave, please step aside. After all, I'm not a pervert who enjoys being watched while doing this." Alex enjoyed the comfort of being enveloped, wearing an evil grin as he looked at Shen Tingting.

In reality, Shen Tingting's figure still tempted him. Perhaps this youthful face with large breasts, along with her plump body, would be very enjoyable during lovemaking!

After trying oral sex, Alex didn't mind trying latex next.

Shen Tingting felt stiff under Alex's gaze. In this moment, her heart was filled with conflict.

To be honest, she looked down on someone like Alex.

As a rich second-generation beauty with a family-owned enterprise, how could she be interested in someone like Alex?

But now was not the time for likes or dislikes. She had no choice but to comply.

Her choice was already clear - either die of pride or give up her dignity and become this man's sexual plaything, living without any dignity.

Shen Tingting watched as Li Wan Ning became more skilled with her mouth, her shirt torn open by Alex, revealing her pink and white breasts. Under Alex's kneading and caressing, her two pink nipples had become erect.

Li Wan Ning's face had turned pink, and under Alex's teasing and prodding, she let out a painful moan.

Shen Tingting was proud, she was not afraid of death.

But she was also timid, afraid of being alone.

Since Li Wan Ning had already surrendered to Alex's crotch, she had no choice but to do the same...

After a while, Shen Tingting slowly walked towards Alex.

"I really like your thing. Come wash my face with your big breasts. After all, I haven't washed my face for days." Alex commanded with arrogance.

Shen Tingting, with tears in her eyes, slowly removed her clothes.

A pair of huge and round snow-white breasts bounced out like white rabbits.

These were true watermelon breasts.

Not only were they huge, but they were also very round and firm without any sagging. Moreover, the nipples were delicate and pink with only a small areola around them.


They were simply the best breasts!

Even in Japanese AV films, Alex had never seen such a wonderful and perfect pair of breasts!

Alex couldn't help but reach out and grab Shen Tingting's breasts!

They were delicate, smooth, and full to the touch!

Alex's palm was quite large.

But in front of Shen Tingting's breasts, he could only hold half of one watermelon breast in his hand.

As Alex kneaded them, Shen Tingting's breasts changed shape as if they could be molded into any shape!

"Mmm..." Shen Tingting's breasts were perhaps her most sensitive erogenous zone. Being kneaded by Alex made her nipples protrude, her body heating up, and instinctively wanting to dodge.

But Alex's movements were faster. Since he had already taken hold of such wonderful breasts, would Alex easily let go?

He grabbed Shen Tingting's plump buttocks and pulled her forcefully, pulling her into his embrace.

The plump and ample breasts surged like waves, slapping against Alex's face.

An unprecedented softness enveloped Alex, as if he was buried in a cloud.

Alex took the opportunity to suck on Shen Tingting's nipple, his tongue entwining and gently sucking.

Shen Tingting trembled all over.

Unable to resist, she let out a comfortable moan, "Hmm... Ah~~~ Don't~~ It's so itchy~~~ Uncomfortable~~~"

Under Shen Tingting's moans, Li Wan Ning's movements became more urgent.

Alex finally reached his peak, thick semen gushed out and sprayed into Li Wan Ning's mouth.

Watching Li Wan Ning kneeling in front of him desperately sucking his cock, Alex felt a wave of pleasure and a strong sense of conquest.

The thick semen surged in Li Wan Ning's throat, causing her to gag and want to spit it out.

However, Alex grabbed Li Wan Ning's long hair and sternly commanded, "Don't spit it out! Swallow it!"

Li Wan Ning trembled all over, tears streaming down her face as she struggled to swallow the semen.

The two women watched as Alex's penis slowly softened, feeling relieved.

However, in the next moment, Alex's penis stood proudly once again.

With a wicked smile, Alex stood up and tore open the lace panties under Li Wan Ning's skirt.

Inside the panties was a pink underwear printed with cute cartoon characters.

The round and perky snow-white buttocks were enticing and elastic.

Seeing a real woman's perky buttocks for the first time made Alex feel like he had found a treasure.

"Bend over!" Under Alex's command, Li Wan Ning tearfully bent her waist and raised her buttocks high.

The scene before him became even more impactful.

Wrapped beneath the pink panties, the plump and beautiful vagina revealed a wonderful slit.

Within the slit, there were even some shy secretions overflowing.

This little girl seemed to be instinctively aroused.

Alex slapped Li Wan Ning's raised buttocks hard, causing her to cry out in pain.

But she didn't dare to dodge at all.

Alex extended his middle finger and gently toyed with Li Wan Ning's pink panties.

"Ah!!~~~~" Li Wan Ning's raised buttocks trembled, and under Alex's teasing, a stream of love juice slowly flowed out.

At this moment, Li Wan Ning felt her whole body go numb, as if she had been poisoned by desire. Her delicate hole twitched as if it was extremely empty.

After all, she was a young girl who had never experienced such a special feeling before. Under Alex's shameful teasing, her body reacted strongly.

Alex took off Li Wan Ning's pink panties, then inserted his index finger into her vagina.

A slippery and warm sensation wrapped around his finger, as if it was sucking on it.

"Ah!!~~ It hurts!~~~" As Alex went deeper, Li Wan Ning, who was originally enjoying herself, suddenly trembled and fell to the ground in pain. However, her buttocks still remained raised high, wriggling towards Alex.

"Indeed, still a virgin!" Alex laughed heartily.

Every man has a virgin complex, and Li Wan Ning being a virgin made Alex very happy.

His actions naturally became gentler.

Alex took off all his pants, then with his erect penis, gently slapped against Li Wan Ning's plump mound.

"Piapiapia!" The sound of flesh colliding in the lubrication was very pleasant to the ears.

Shen Tingting, who was being commanded by Alex to use her ample breasts to give him a full-body massage, couldn't help but secretly swallow her saliva.

At this moment, the liquid had already flooded her underwear down below.

When Alex was teasing her nipples earlier, she felt uncomfortable all over, as if there was an endless void waiting to be filled.

This feeling, for someone who had never experienced the conquest of a man, was so unique and wonderful.

Since she had already made up her mind to become Alex's sexual servant, she no longer intended to hold back.

Since fate couldn't be resisted, she decided to fully enjoy it!

Watching Alex's penis slowly enter Li Wan Ning's vagina, Shen Tingting's body trembled as if it was her own underneath Alex.

As for Li Wan Ning, as Alex's penis entered, her whole body trembled in pain. After letting out a tearing scream, she instinctively wanted to escape.

But how could she escape from Alex's grasp?

Alex tightly grabbed her hair with one hand and pressed the other hand on her shoulder, firmly controlling her.

Li Wan Ning's body was weak, how could she have the strength to struggle?

She could only endure the intense tearing sensation and painfully let out a moan!

Finally, Alex's penis fully entered Li Wan Ning's vagina, directly tearing her hymen and deeply pressing against her uterus.

"Ah!!!" A heart-wrenching scream echoed throughout the girls' dormitory.

Then, Alex began to thrust vigorously!

The feeling of thrusting into the delicate and lubricated flesh made Alex, who was experiencing a woman for the first time, intoxicated with pleasure!

This feeling was indescribably exquisite and beyond words!

It made Alex unable to stop!

Compared to masturbating with his hand before, this feeling was simply too wonderful!

The more Li Wan Ning struggled and moaned in pain, the more excited and dominant Alex became, increasing the speed of his thrusts.

"Splurt... Hiss~~~" Thick semen gushed out, directly flowing out of Li Wan Ning's honey hole with Alex's movements!

"Roar!!!" Alex let out a furious roar and collapsed onto Li Wan Ning's naked body.

He pressed his body against Li Wan Ning's raised buttocks while kneading her breasts.

Shen Tingting looked at the two naked bodies writhing in front of her with a complex expression and couldn't help but clench her legs together and squirm.

"You! Come here!" Alex, lying on top of Li Wan Ning's body, raised his buttocks and scolded Shen Tingting, "Use your tongue to lick my asshole and my balls!"

Shen Tingting gagged, then closed her eyes in pain and extended her tender pink tongue, slowly approaching Alex's asshole.

Alex was clean down there because he had enough water.

Apart from the semen and Li Wan Ning's love juices from just having sex, there was no other taste.

Shen Tingting's tongue touched Alex's anus and began to lick it like a little kitten.

Alex instantly felt a tingling sensation throughout his body, a tremendous pleasure filling him!

"Push your tongue inside me!" Alex scolded again. Shen Tingting's tender tongue formed a circle and trembled as it slowly entered Alex's anus.

"Ah... Ah~~~" Alex felt a surge throughout his body, as if the pleasure of ejaculation had appeared again, causing him to tremble.

As Shen Tingting's tongue went in and out, Alex actually reached climax.

"You! Go lick my testicles and my cock!"

Experiencing the feeling of being teased and served by a woman for the first time, Alex couldn't resist.

Under Alex's command, Li Wan Ning opened her cherry mouth and took Alex's balls in one mouthful, swirling her tongue around them and gently sucking.

Alex felt like he was being electrocuted, his whole body trembling violently, his buttocks rising high as he fully enjoyed the attention of the two women.

Under Li Wan Ning's increasingly skilled oral skills, Alex's penis stood erect once again!

This time, it was Shen Tingting's turn!

Alex stood up fiercely, threw Shen Tingting onto the bed, and then spread her snow-white and tender thighs. He plunged his penis into Shen Tingting's already drenched pussy without hesitation!


Alex had never experienced such pleasure before. As a poor student who was admitted to this prestigious university, he had never even been in a relationship.

In the eyes of his classmates, Alex was a silent otaku.

Sometimes, when he was alone, Alex would fantasize about having a passionate love affair with the goddesses in his school, but in the end, he could only compromise with his own hands.

Tasting this unique flavor for the first time, Alex found himself unable to stop!

Perhaps it was due to his enhanced physical condition, even though he had to handle two people, Alex didn't fall behind in the slightest!

Looking at the two spots of red on the bedsheet, as well as the blush and tears on the faces of the two girls, Alex suddenly felt a faint sense of accomplishment!

Maybe he was destined to be a villain in this lifetime!

"I'm satisfied with your performance today. Since you're both still inexperienced, I allow you to enter my castle. But I won't tolerate idleness. From now on, you will serve me in my daily life and make me happy. There will also be some simple tasks for you to complete. Understand?" Alex calmly got up and took out two bottles of mineral water and some food from his storage space, throwing them to the two girls.

"Understood, master!" The two girls obediently responded.

Looking at the two beautiful goddesses lying on the pink bed, looking pitiful, Alex's eyes once again shone with a sinister light.

"You two have too much water. You've made me dirty. Clean me up." Alex straightened his body and ordered imperiously.

Shen Tingting hesitated for a moment and slowly reached out her hand towards Alex.

However, Alex slapped her hand away fiercely and said coldly, "No hands allowed!"

Shen Tingting gagged and with tears in her eyes, slowly approached with her small mouth, taking Alex's penis, covered in semen, into her mouth...

Perhaps it was the itchiness caused by Shen Tingting's small tiger teeth, but Alex soon became interested and pushed Shen Tingting down onto the bed...

Two hours later, Alex was finally exhausted and lying on the bed.

While enjoying a massage from his two beautiful classmates, he casually lit a cigarette and smoked it slowly.

Is this the end of the world?

Perhaps, this is my heaven.

Alex smiled wickedly, slightly intoxicated, and exhaled a smoke ring.

"Ah!! Help! Someone help me!!"

At this moment, a scream of horror came from the teacher's dormitory building behind the girls' dormitory.

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