27 Unlocking New Buildings

[Level 2 Grave: A grave that can bury an unlimited number of C-class and lower zombie bodies; prerequisite building: Level 1 Grave; price: 50 apocalypse coins.]

[Mid-Level City Wall: (Unique building), six meters high, fifty centimeters thick, made of reinforced concrete. Functions: Defense (can defend against attacks from B-class and lower zombies), Control (all life forms within the city walls are under the control of the city lord). Prerequisite building: Basic City Wall. Upgrade cost: 50 apocalypse coins.]

[Dark Castle: Covers fifty square meters, made of brick and wood. Functions: Rest, Treatment (rest rooms can quickly replenish stamina, treat ordinary injuries). Prerequisite building: Rest Room. Upgrade cost: 40 apocalypse coins.]

[Corpse Storage Room: Covers twenty square meters. Function: A room for storing bodies; bodies stored here will not rot or mutate. Price: 50 apocalypse coins.]

[Slave's Prison: Covers fifty square meters, occupies underground space and does not conflict with other surface buildings. Can imprison slaves who have made mistakes and need to be punished; once a slave enters the prison, they will constantly suffer torment. Price: 50 apocalypse coins.]

[Slave Hut: Covers 20 square meters, the dwelling place for the slaves of the City of Darkness lord. Each person has only a two-square-meter single room, completely isolated during rest. Price: 50 apocalypse coins.]


[Three-Eyed Raven: The eyes of the city lord, capable of flying at low altitude, invisible in form. The city lord can control the Three-Eyed Raven to scout within a three-kilometer radius around City of Darkness. Creatures with a mental attribute score below 80 cannot detect it; price: 60 apocalypse coins.]

[Wandering Hound: Attacks all life forms that enter City of Darkness without permission; price: 50 apocalypse coins.]

[Hunter's Repeating Crossbow: Attacks all life forms assaulting City of Darkness, can also be controlled by the city lord. Each crossbow bolt costs 1 apocalypse coin (automatically purchased upon use, until all apocalypse coins are depleted); price: 200 apocalypse coins.]

[Strangler Armored Vehicle: An armored vehicle with powerful armor and engines, capable of withstanding attacks from B-class zombies and below, making it the best vehicle for the lord of City of Darkness; price: 300 apocalypse coins.]

[Zombie Predator: A powerful C-class zombie that roams outside City of Darkness, with formidable attack power and amazing defense. Invincible among its class, it actively kills and collects zombies approaching the walls, can merge with special zombies to evolve, and can be controlled by the lord of City of Darkness; price: 1000 apocalypse coins.]


[Lord's Illusion: Conceals all scenery within the walls of City of Darkness, making it impossible to observe the interior from outside the walls by any means; prerequisite building: Mid-Level City Wall; price: 500 apocalypse coins.]

[Tearing Iron Maiden: A punishment tool of the lord of City of Darkness, inflicts the cruelest pain imaginable without causing physical harm; prerequisite building: Slave's Prison. Price: 300 apocalypse coins.]


Alex briefly reviewed the newly unlocked buildings, which were generally very practical. However, these buildings felt undeniably evil and dark. Even Alex himself felt a bit unnerved by them.

The most attractive to Alex were naturally the Zombie Predator and the Strangler Armored Vehicle. With these two ultimate weapons, collecting zombies would be much easier for him.

However, good things come at high prices, and for now, it seems more practical to strengthen the basic infrastructure step by step. "System! Show my attributes!"

[City of Darkness (Mid-Level) City Lord's Name: Alex]

[Gender: Male]

[Constitution: 80]

[Mental: 66]

[Strength: 80]

[Endurance: 80]

[Agility: 80]

(Average value for an adult male human is 60)

[Skills: None]

[Items: Sinful Knife (Basic), Spatial Bag (Basic)]

[Apocalypse Coins: 189]

Alex glanced at the apocalypse coins column. After spending 300 apocalypse coins to upgrade the City of Darkness, he was left with 189 coins, which should be enough to build some basic facilities for the time being.

"Then, let's upgrade the grave first!" Alex walked to an empty grave and said to the system, "System, upgrade the grave immediately!"

[Level 2 Grave: A grave that can bury an unlimited number of C-class and lower zombie bodies; prerequisite building: Level 1 Grave; price: 50 apocalypse coins.]

[Level 1 Grave selected, conditions met, ready to upgrade...]

[Consuming 50 apocalypse coins...]

As the system's synthesized voice finished, the grave in front of Alex began to tremble. Then, a more sinister and luxurious grave appeared before Alex.

[Level 2 Grave Upgrade Complete...]

Alex immediately picked up the burly zombie's body and threw it into the dark space of the grave. A ghostly wail sounded. This time, the body of the burly zombie was not ejected out. Two lines of text appeared on the tombstone.

[Body is being buried]

[Estimated Time: 2 Hours]

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