18 There Are No Born Villains, Only Good People Gone Bad [R-18]

"What?" A bespectacled boy who had been silent the whole time widened his eyes in horror. "Mr. Terry, this... isn't this too cruel? Everyone knows how much Digby loves Darlene; he would give his life for her. Making him watch Darlene and Alex do that... he'll go mad!"

"Yeah... after all, we are classmates. Do we really need to go this far? Maybe we should stop..." A timid girl spoke up, her voice filled with conflict.

Terry walked over and slapped the boy hard: "Do you want to live? If you want to survive, stop your nonsense! Since Digby has offended Alex, he deserves the harshest punishment! The more pain Digby feels, the happier Alex will be, and the more food and water we'll get! If you want to live until rescue comes, stop playing the good guy!"

Though Terry didn't say it out loud, as a loyal member of a swingers club, he knew all too well the thrill of watching another man with one's partner.

Digby was quickly tied up by several people. As he was being restrained, two girls pulled up a cloth screen, and several boys took turns trying to sprinkle some urine on Digby's face. They had not drunk water for two days, so they could barely produce any. Finally, Terry managed to wake Digby with a forceful splash.

In a dazed state, Digby felt himself being lifted and then harshly thrown to the ground.

The intense pain finally woke him up. Digby slowly opened his eyes, feeling extremely weak due to the blood loss. Everything he saw was blurry...

But soon, his gaze focused on the swaying white figure in front of him! He tried hard to open his eyes wider, wanting to see the scene in front of him more clearly...

Finally, he saw it. The goddess he loved the most, the goddess he wanted to protect for a lifetime, the woman he dreamt of marrying, was now burying her head between Alex's legs. She was using her delicate and sensual mouth, working hard to please Alex. She was so diligent, so earnest.

Alex was roughly kneading Darlene's snow-white and ample chest, occasionally slapping it hard. "No!!!!" Digby screamed in his mind, but when it reached his lips, it turned into a weak moan.

Digby felt dizzy, and the scene before his eyes shattered. He seemed to see the sweet moments he shared with Darlene, remembered their past promises, and suddenly felt a wave of nausea. This immense sense of humiliation made Digby's throat sweet, and blood spurted out.

"Slap!" Alex harshly slapped Darlene's snow-white and perky buttocks, leaving a red handprint. Alex turned his head, looking at Digby, who was in tears, and a faint smile formed on the corners of his mouth.

You thought you were so proud and untouchable, didn't you? You thought you were above everyone, didn't you? You looked down on someone like me, a poor man, didn't you? Look now! See what your goddess is doing! Your goddess is nothing more than a bitch for me!

Darlene felt Digby's humiliated gaze upon her, tears of shame falling from her eyes, but her actions did not cease...

Alex let out a satisfied moan, freely releasing his urine into Darlene's mouth. Darlene gagged desperately, but had no choice but to swallow Alex's urine. Gradually, she even began to remove the scant clothing on her body, revealing her full and snowy white chest...

Alex suddenly felt a huge sense of accomplishment. He abruptly stood up, forcefully pressed Darlene down onto a chair, and began to thrust aggressively against Darlene's white and shapely buttocks... The tightness, the warmth, the initial resistance as if encountering a barrier...

With a forceful thrust, Darlene let out a miserable moan. Blood stained Alex's body. Alex, feeling dirty, pulled Darlene's head over to clean him up with her mouth.

All of this was witnessed by Digby! His goddess was being defiled, brutally and mercilessly, by a nobody, treated worse than a dog!!!

"Ah... Ah... Ah..." Digby tried desperately to scream, to roar, to curse this shameless woman! But all that came out was a weak and hoarse whimper.

The scene before his eyes was what he had once dreamt of! But now! He could only watch helplessly...

For two years of their relationship, he had forsaken all other women for his goddess, never even daring to touch her in those two years! In his eyes, Darlene was a sacred and inviolable saint, so pure and untainted! But now, his ice-pure saint was yielding beneath another man!

"Why?! Why?! I loved you so much, treated you so well, and you never gave in to me! But you gave yourself to a despised, damned poor nobody!" Tears streamed down Digby's face, his features distorted by agony, his hoarse voice barely coherent as he spoke.

But Darlene couldn't answer his questions, as her own cries were louder and more fervent than Digby's accusations: "Ah!! Ah~~~~Oh~~~Mmm~~~Hiss~~~No... it hurts~~~ feels like being torn apart...~~"

Finally, unable to bear such humiliation, Digby passed out once again.


The cloth screen was slowly drawn back. Alex sat contentedly in his chair, resting his unwashed feet for over two months on Darlene's shoulders, who was kneeling on the ground. He casually picked up some food and mineral water bottles from the ground and tossed them to Terry and the others, who were kneeling on the ground with obsequious faces.

"This is your reward," Alex said somewhat languidly.

Terry and the others nodded and bowed profusely, vigorously praising Alex's kindness and greatness. Alex stood up contentedly and turned to Myra, "Do you want to stay here, or come with me to my shelter?"

In Alex's view, among all the people in this warehouse, only Myra was worthy of following him to the City of Darkness. As for the others, they didn't deserve it at all.

"I want to go with you! Thank you, Alex!" Myra nodded earnestly, obediently following behind Alex.

Alex had thought Myra would be afraid of him, but to his surprise, he saw a look of admiration in her eyes. "Aren't you afraid of me?" Alex asked curiously.

Myra pushed her glasses up and shook her head earnestly, "I'm not afraid of you. There are no born villains in the world, only good people who have turned bad. Compared to the hypocrisy and ugliness of these people, I prefer your decisiveness and clear distinction between love and hate. In such an apocalypse, only by following someone like you who is strong and devoid of undue compassion can one survive better."

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