20 The Beginning of Enslavement

Although Alex was quite a distance away, his sharp hearing still allowed him to catch the conversation of the three women. He was utterly dumbfounded when he heard Myra's earnest vow. The peculiar transformation of Li Wan Ning and Shen Tingting was surprising to him. Shen Tingting might still have been joking to some extent, but Li Wan Ning had been thoroughly enslaved, genuinely considering serving and pleasing him as an honor.

This change provided Alex with a deeper understanding of human nature. Perhaps there is a part of everyone that craves subjugation.

Alex decided not to pay further attention to the women's chat and began to unload zombie corpses from his space bag. He didn't collect many zombies this time, only bothering to bring back the weaker-looking ones. Yet, the ground was still densely covered with their bodies. It seemed more graves would need to be constructed.

"System! Show me my attributes."

[City of Darkness (Junior Level) Lord Name: Alex]

[Gender: Male]

[Physique: 80]

[Spirit: 66]

[Strength: 80]

[Stamina: 80]

[Agility: 80]

(Average value for an adult human male is 60)

[Skills: None]

[Items: Blade of Sin (Junior Level), Space Bag (Junior Level)]

[Apocalypse Coins: 469]

His spirit attribute had increased by one point, but his other attributes remained unchanged.

It seemed Alex's conjecture was correct; an attribute value of 80 was the limit that ordinary zombies could provide. Glancing at the Apocalypse Coins column, he noted that after some time, his stockpile had reached 479 coins.

Building a grave required only 20 Apocalypse Coins, which was more than enough. Alex decided to construct several graves at once. The open spaces in the City of Darkness were idle anyway. Although building graves wouldn't increase attribute points, it would increase his stockpile of Apocalypse Coins, which would be crucial for future upgrades of the city.

He understood the value of being prepared. "System, can I build more graves?"

"Yes! Constructing a grave requires 5 square meters of city space, 20 Apocalypse Coins, and 3 hours. Would you like to build a grave now?"

[Build Now][Build Later]

"Build now!"

Alex repeated the same operation a few times, constructing three graves in succession. Five graves were the limit for the current junior level City of Darkness.

The zombies in his possession were of the lowest level, so upgrading the graves wouldn't significantly affect the burial of these lower-level zombies, which is why Alex hadn't upgraded the previous two graves.

After completing all this, Alex felt a bit tired. He had been bitten on the arm by a zombie while protecting Myra on their way back to the City of Darkness and now needed to rest properly in the resting room.

With his energy replenished, his next step would be to head to the gymnasium to slay more powerful mutant zombies.

Alex walked into the resting room and lay down on the cozy bed arranged by Li Wan Ning and Shen Tingting, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

As the sun set, with the passage of time, the wound on Alex's body slowly healed, eventually regrowing into new skin.


Atop the rooftop of the gymnasium, four tall boys dressed in basketball uniforms and three girls in yoga outfits or dance skirts lazily formed a circle, discussing their next course of action.

"You all saw it yesterday! That loser with the knife was going in and out of the playground, and those zombies were no match for him!" One of the boys, the most handsome and athletic of the group, stood up confidently and said, "Even a short and stupid loser like him can easily kill zombies, so we, being so strong, surely can do it too! If we unite, we can definitely fight our way out!"

This boy, named Shen Jiabin, was the president of the basketball student union and the captain of the school basketball team. Both academically and in basketball, he was among the top in the school. Every time he played a match in the gymnasium, countless girls would come to watch and scream for him. Many girls in the school dreamed of him. He had also gradually gathered a group of followers around him. In the whole school, there was hardly anyone who didn't know this handsome basketball team captain. 

If Alex were here at this moment, he would undoubtedly recognize this Shen Jiabin. Alex had a deep impression of Shen Jiabin because, before the apocalypse, Alex also loved playing basketball. He had once fantasized about dominating the basketball court like Shen Jiabin, but because he was only 1.7 meters tall, when Alex approached Shen Jiabin to sign up, he not only failed the selection but was also ridiculed by Shen Jiabin as a 'Level 10 cripple'.

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