33 Dreams in the Yoga Studio [R-18]

Although Tang Jingyan maintained a calm facade, she had already cursed Alex thoroughly in her mind. However, she was powerless against Alex. It wasn't Alex chasing her now; rather, she needed something from him.

"Alright, my time is precious. If you want to come back to my refuge, you better show your sincerity soon," Alex said. Tang Jingyan bit her lip hard, realizing that her usual goddess-like attitude, which worked flawlessly with other men, was utterly ineffective against Alex. This emotionally unintelligent, straightforward man was simply impervious!

"I can give you what you want, but in return, you must treat me well. No hitting, no scolding, no forcing me. You must listen to me, no deceiving, no hiding anything from me. If there's anything good, you must give it to me first, and don't make me do household chores. Also, once you're with me, you are not allowed to seek other women," Tang Jingyan said seriously, setting her conditions after a moment of struggle. Even now, she failed to recognize her situation, acting as if Alex was the one pursuing her.

"Sorry, you're not in a position to negotiate terms with me. Your bargaining chip only allows you entry into my refuge, as my servant," Alex bluntly interrupted Tang Jingyan's long list of demands, sounding like a rehearsed text. Tang Jingyan was left speechless, utterly frustrated by this straightforward man.

After a long contemplation, her face turning from green to white with inner conflict, Tang Jingyan finally chose to submit. She looked around, maintaining her dignity, and said, "We can't possibly do this here, can we?"

This was the rooftop of a gymnasium, open-air. 

"Of course, we can go to your yoga studio. Today, I'll let you perform your yoga skills on your own stage," Alex said, opening the door and heading towards the downstairs yoga studio.

Tang Jingyan's face turned crimson as she looked at the deserted rooftop and then at the surrounding zombies. Biting her lip, she hurriedly followed Alex.

"The yoga studio is surrounded by mirrors... and I often perform there. In that space, I feel like I'm being watched by many," Tang Jingyan said, her breathing becoming rapid. "Can we go somewhere else?"

"No," Alex said unreasonably.

Just as Tang Jingyan described, the entire yoga studio was clean and spacious. Mirrors on all sides reflected a clear image of anyone standing in the middle. Alex recalled the times he secretly watched Tang Jingyan and others practicing yoga from outside the studio. Back then, like other boys, he had dreamt - if only he could "unlock various positions" with Tang Jingyan in the yoga studio, what a wonderful and blissful thing it would be. Today, Alex was about to fulfill this dream for all his male counterparts.

Alex allowed Tang Jingyan to lead him into the yoga studio. Although it hadn't been cleaned for a long time, the studio was still tidy and clean. The mirrors around were clear and bright. Alex, seeing himself in the mirror holding the yoga goddess, felt like he was in a dream. He never imagined he would have such a day.

With a loud "slap!", Alex smacked Tang Jingyan's buttocks and imperiously pointed towards the changing room, saying, "Go prepare two yoga mats here. Then take a shower and change into a sexier and cleaner set of yoga clothes!"

Tang Jingyan's face was flushed with shame, biting her lip without daring to protest, and quickly walked towards the changing room. Soon, she emerged from the changing room, carrying yoga mats.

This time, Tang Jingyan wore a bikini-style white fitted crop top that tightly wrapped around her chest, making it look round and full. Perhaps because she was wearing someone else's yoga attire, the top seemed very tight, squeezing her ample bust and revealing a deep cleavage.

For her lower body, Tang Jingyan wore a pair of pink ultra-tight fitting pants. Thanks to her regular yoga practice, her figure was near perfect. Not only did she possess a round and perky derrière, but her legs were also round and slender, exuding extreme beauty! Every move she made was incredibly elegant.

Alex's eyes were fixed on Tang Jingyan's buttocks, his body heating up with excitement. Her buttocks were breathtakingly beautiful! After Tang Jingyan had placed the yoga mats, Alex pointed to the center of the yoga studio and said, "Perform a yoga routine for me to see!"

Under Alex's command, Tang Jingyan reluctantly walked to the center of the studio and began performing yoga on the mat. It was undeniable that Tang Jingyan's proficiency in yoga was profound; each movement was graceful and precise. Especially when she did splits and lifted her hips, her round buttocks and the tautly pressed intimate area, revealed by her tight pants, were filled with beauty and temptation.

Tang Jingyan slowly turned around, bending over, lifting her head and hips, her ample bust almost bursting out. As she moved, her chest heaved dramatically. Then, she raised her left leg high, unabashedly displaying her tautly clad privates and buttocks to Alex. Watching the goddess's sensual yoga performance from such a close distance made Alex's heart race wildly, each of Tang Jingyan's movements causing his breath to quicken!

This ultimate beauty and provocative teasing would drive any man wild! At this moment, Tang Jingyan had fully immersed herself in yoga, devoting her entire being to the practice. Her breathing was steady, her expression serene, as if she had forgotten the presence of a lecherous onlooker nearby.

Alex enjoyed Tang Jingyan's yoga performance from different angles, slowly entering a certain state of mind. Before the apocalypse, he was just the most ordinary guy in college, not handsome, without any special talents, and certainly without money. His and his roommates' biggest joy and hobby were to sneak peeks at the yoga goddess's classes outside the yoga studio. Back then, the studio was filled with beautiful women, each in sexy tops and tight pants, following Tang Jingyan in various explosively sensual poses.

Outside the yoga studio, a group of drooling boys watched, including Alex. They would secretly take photos, then go back to their dorms and magnify the pictures, fantasizing over the goddess's perfect buttocks.

But now, Alex didn't need to take photos, nor did he need to enlarge them. He was right beside the goddess, closely observing her buttocks. Tang Jingyan took a deep breath and, following the yoga routine, did a split with her legs, lifting her buttocks high, her body lying flat on the yoga mat. Then, she reached out with her left hand to grab her left leg and her right hand to grab her right leg, slowly curling her body together.

This was an extremely difficult move, requiring a high level of flexibility. But Tang Jingyan could easily accomplish it. "Now is the moment!" Alex seemed to have had his fill of admiration, seemingly captivated by the pose. Suddenly licking his lips, he violently rushed over with scissors and rope in hand!

Tang Jingyan, still immersed in her yoga, was suddenly bound by Alex, her limbs tied in an extremely awkward position. She tried to struggle but couldn't move at all. "What are you doing?! Hey! Alex! Why are you tying me up?!! It hurts so much!" Tang Jingyan began to cry out in pain. Indeed, such a pose, if held for too long, would be painful.

However, Alex paid no heed to Tang Jingyan's screams and pleas. He took out the scissors, grabbed Tang Jingyan's fitted pants, and cut them with a swipe. "Rip!" The pants were cut open by Alex right at the crotch. The quality of the pants was very good, so they didn't tear apart but revealed the cut area.

Tang Jingyan was wearing pink CK sports underwear, made of excellent material with great elasticity and fitting snugly. "Snip!" Alex's scissors cut again. This time, he directly cut Tang Jingyan's underwear, then forcefully tore it off her body and placed it over Tang Jingyan's head.

Tang Jingyan, humiliated and in agony, struggled desperately, crying out in pain. However, all of this was completely ignored by Alex. He just stared, eyes wide, fixated on Tang Jingyan's snow-white buttocks.

This was a round and elastic perfect buttock, and Alex was sure that if Tang Jingyan entered an American butt contest, she would definitely rank in the top three! Moreover, due to Tang Jingyan's peculiar position, her buttocks were clearly spread apart, revealing her intimate areas to Alex's view.

Tang Jingyan's private part was very soft and delicate, with the opening stretched due to her split leg position, opening and closing with each breath and struggle, incredibly tempting. Her thick pubic hair extended like a bush to her backside. Although it wasn't as delicate as her front, its movement was quite cute, and the black pubic hair next to it made it even more enticing.

Alex, like a pervert, extended his hand and gently played with Tang Jingyan's intimate area. It was a typical Chinese woman's private part, but with a difference: her clitoris was very prominent and full. As soon as Alex touched it, Tang Jingyan trembled all over, and a flood of fluids gushed out - a highly sensitive clitoris!

Alex extended his tongue, ignoring Tang Jingyan's screams and pleas, and gently licked the full and protruding clitoris. "Slurp, slurp, slurp~~~" Alex teased Tang Jingyan's clitoris as if licking and sucking on a nipple. Just a few light touches, and Tang Jingyan screamed loudly: "Ah~~~ No!~~ I can't take it!~~ I'm going to come!~~ Ah!~~ I'm coming!~~"

As Tang Jingyan called out, a large amount of fluid crazily sprayed out. Alex pulled down his pants, his erect member thrusting upwards and straight into Tang Jingyan's private part. "Ah!!~~~~" Tang Jingyan immediately felt a tearing sensation in her lower body, tears of pain streaming down.

For Tang Jingyan, a curvaceous fitness girl with a well-endowed figure, honed by long-term yoga exercises, Alex showed no tenderness whatsoever. The feeling of tearing through the hymen made his member tremble with pleasure. As Alex thrust in and out, Tang Jingyan's voluptuous buttocks began to sway and bounce like waves.

In this position, he penetrated deeply, but Tang Jingyan's intimate area easily engulfed Alex's entire length, tightly wrapping around it, writhing and gushing fluid. Alex hadn't expected that Tang Jingyan was not only a virgin but also had an exceptionally deep passage. Even in this position, he couldn't reach the end, something that would have been different with Lin Mancha in the same pose.

After a while of thrusting, Tang Jingyan released herself from the initial pain and began to moan and respond to Alex. Alex stretched out his hands, grabbed Tang Jingyan's bound hands and feet, lifted them into the air, and then with a roar, began to thrust furiously. Tang Jingyan was like a curled-up ball of flesh, soaring and rolling in the air. "Ah!!~~~ It feels so good!~~ I feel like I'm flying!~~~"

Having tasted the thrill and pleasure of sex for the first time, Tang Jingyan, after escaping from the initial pain, completely succumbed to the stimulation and ecstasy, thoroughly enjoying Alex's magical thrusts. As semen sprayed wildly, Tang Jingyan felt her private part instantly filled with Alex's hot semen, the burning sensation mixed with a tingling wriggling feeling, making her insatiable!

Alex laid Tang Jingyan on the yoga mat and then untied the ropes. He roughly stuffed his member into Tang Jingyan's tender lips.

"Clean your fluids off my penis with your tongue!!" Alex, grabbing Tang Jingyan's ponytail roughly, thrust his member into her mouth, penetrating deeply into her throat. Watching in the mirror as the yoga girl Tang Jingyan, naked with her voluptuous buttocks and private area exposed, arched her buttocks high and knelt beneath him, desperately sucking and licking his member.

This feeling gave Alex a sense of conquest. It all seemed like another world. The lively and clean yoga studio, with the yoga goddess kneeling at the front, followed by a group of beautifully figured yoga women. And in the midst of the yoga studio, the sole male, Alex, stood arrogantly, pulling the yoga goddess's hair, rubbing her buttocks with his foot, thoroughly enjoying the goddess's servile submission to his member.

Such a scene, not even in his wildest dreams had he imagined! Fantasizing, Alex's member became rigid and hard again. He picked up Tang Jingyan, tore her top open, releasing her snowy and enchanting breasts, then spread her legs apart, pressing them heavily onto the ground.

Tang Jingyan arched her buttocks high, actively twisting her waist, trying to get Alex to insert his member into her. Alex, grasping one of Tang Jingyan's breasts and her ponytail, pulled her into an arch, and harshly thrust his member inside her. The intense thrusting, the wild roars, filled the entire yoga studio with Tang Jingyan's moans and screams, occasionally accompanied by Alex's angry shouts.

After Alex shattered Tang Jingyan's goddess facade, she released herself openly.

Perhaps it's a woman's innate submissive nature, to involuntarily yield and seek approval from a dominant man. Even if the woman was once an admired goddess, in front of Alex, she was nothing more than a submissive pet. Nonetheless, the feeling of conquering a goddess did give Alex a sense of achievement.

After toiling in the yoga studio until the next day, Alex, finally satisfied, carried the exhausted Tang Jingyan on his back and returned to the City of Darkness. Lin Mancha was very pleased with Tang Jingyan's arrival. The two women, both unable to walk, empathetically embraced each other.

Alex handed Tang Jingyan over to Lin Mancha and others, then eagerly buried a Level C agile zombie in the Level 2 crypt. [Body Being Buried][Estimated Time: 2 Hours]. The burial time was similar to that of the burly zombie, indicating they were likely of the same level. Thus, the attributes and apocalypse coins he would receive should be similar. Alex wondered if these four Level C agile zombies could bring him new skills.

He opened his attribute panel again and glanced at the apocalypse coin section. Thanks to the ceaseless work of his maids, Alex's apocalypse coins had finally reached 50 again. "System, upgrade Level 1 crypt." Alex walked to another crypt and chose to upgrade it.

[Level 2 Crypt: A crypt capable of endlessly burying all zombies below Level C, prerequisite building Level 1 Crypt; Price: 50 Apocalypse Coins.]

[Level 1 Crypt selected, conditions met, upgrading...]

[Consuming 50 Apocalypse Coins...]

[Level 2 Crypt Upgrade Complete.]

Alex threw the Level C agile zombies into the crypt again and returned to the Dark Castle, using his mind to control the three-eyed crow to start searching the surroundings. He needed more evolved zombie corpses. However, as the three-eyed crow just flew out of the City of Darkness, Alex saw a modified Ford Raptor off-road vehicle and a large modified pickup truck roaring down the road outside the school, pushing aside cars and zombies in their path. Then, the two modified vehicles abruptly stopped, dominantly parking at the school entrance.

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