3 Choosing City of Darkness

[Option One: City of Light, requires building a refuge to save the survivors in the apocalypse. For each person saved, corresponding Apocalypse Coins and merit points can be earned. Apocalypse Coins can be used to purchase buildings and upgrade the city. Merit points can enhance the host's physical attributes and be exchanged for talents, skills, and items.]

[Option Two: City of Darkness, requires building a crypt. The crypt can endlessly bury zombie corpses, and burying these corpses can earn Apocalypse Coins and corresponding attribute points. Special zombies can also yield talents, skills, and items. Humans entering the City of Darkness can only become slaves.]

Looking at the two options in front of him, Alex fell into deep thought.

The scenes of being driven out of the school warehouse were still vivid in his mind.

The ugly faces of those people made him feel nauseated.

Compared to facing the ugliness of humanity, he perhaps preferred confronting the dead bodies.

"I choose to develop into the City of Darkness!" Alex chose City of Darkness without hesitation.

[Successfully chosen City of Darkness! The system gifts you a crypt!]

With a thunderous "rumble", dust rose from the ground.

As the smoke cleared, a sinister and gloomy crypt appeared within the city.

[Ding-dong! Added building: Crypt, a crypt that can endlessly bury zombie corpses. Burying zombie corpses can earn Apocalypse Coins and corresponding attribute points, and special zombies can also yield talents, skills, and items. Current level: Level 1. Upgrade requirement: 50 Apocalypse Coins.]

Looking at the building icon and its description that appeared before him, Alex pondered for a while before he understood.

It turned out that just before his death, he had obtained a miraculous system called the Shelter, and after building it, he had become the lord of the shelter.

In the development direction of City of Darkness that I chose, to strengthen myself and expand the shelter, I must bury the bodies of zombies in this crypt.

Getting zombies is easy, as they are everywhere outside, but the key question is how can I kill these zombies and transport their bodies back here for burial?

Alex pondered as he walked up to the city wall and looked outside. He found that his location was actually above the school's playground, and a good half of the playground had been occupied by Alex's Apocalypse Zombie City.

Outside the city of the dead were dozens of zombies wandering aimlessly. Most of these zombies were students in sportswear, moving slowly with lifeless eyes, their bloodshot eyes occasionally looking towards Alex, then emotionlessly turning away, wandering off into the distance.

Alex touched his somewhat empty stomach and glanced at his own city. At this time, the shelter consisted of a city wall, a rest room, and a crypt, and beyond that, a barren piece of land.

Even if he wanted to eat grass roots to stave off hunger, there was no opportunity.

"System, do I have any other buildings I can construct now?" Since the existing buildings could be upgraded with a single click, Alex was sure that this City of the Dead must have more than just these few buildings.

"Sorry, master, your current Apocalypse Coins are zero, and you have no buildings that can be constructed."

The system's response was somewhat disappointing to Alex.

"Then show me my attribute values!" Since burying zombies could earn attribute points, he must also have attribute values.

Alex wasn't wrong, and the system quickly projected his attribute values in front of him.

[City of Darkness (Basic) City Lord's Name: Alex]

[Gender: Male]

[Physique: 65]

[Mental: 60]

[Strength: 65]

[Endurance: 63]

[Agility: 62]

(Average value for an adult male human is 60)

[Skills: None]

[Items: Newbie Gift Pack.]

[Apocalypse Coins: 0]

Seeing his physical attributes, Alex was quite satisfied. Overall, his physical condition surpassed that of most adult males.

Looking further down, Alex noticed a few shimmering golden characters – Newbie Gift Pack!

"System! What is the Newbie Gift Pack? Can it be used?" Alex asked.

The system did not respond verbally but instead presented two options on the interface.

[Would the host like to open the Newbie Gift Pack?]

[Open Now][Do Not Open Now]

Without any hesitation, Alex chose to open it immediately. Given his current situation, even with the miraculous Apocalypse Zombie City system, he might still starve to death in the city. With such a boon available, why wait any longer to use it?

[Opening Newbie Gift Pack!]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining: Zombie Reaper's Sinful Blade (can slice through iron like mud, does not wear out, and can easily behead zombies).]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining: Spatial Bag (can only store non-living objects, such as: corpses, food. Maximum storage capacity is one hundred zombie bodies).]

As the system's voice faded away, a long-handled machete wreathed in ghostly flames and an ordinary-looking black cloth bag appeared in front of Alex.

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