Apocalypse - Evil Shelter System

[Shelter System successfully bound to host!] [Option One: City of Light, save the survivors in the apocalypse and become a glorious and benevolent savior.] [Option Two: City of Darkness, humans who enter the City of Darkness can only become your slaves. And you, will be the devil ruling over the apocalypse.] Sorry, I am no saint, I choose City of Darkness! From today onwards, I will be a villain!

AllenWorker · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
371 Chs

Blocking the News

"Ancestor... just received news, that human has appeared again... This time, Bavarian City is destroyed... The special forces in the Billchius State suffered heavy casualties, with one in ten surviving... In addition... Senator Basile Wardhaus sacrificed, along with the Special Forces Captain and other high-ranking officers..."

"What?!!" Upon hearing the report from his subordinate, the pupils of the three vampire ancestors rapidly contracted, and their bodies instinctively trembled, almost falling to the ground!

Previously, the deaths of tens of thousands of vampire civilians meant nothing to them. However, now, with the annihilation of the special forces and the death of Senator Basile Wardhaus, one of the twelve senators, the impact on them was not so simple!

This incident had escalated to a new level, posing a great threat to the rule of the ancestors!

"Ancestor... I suggest we negotiate with that superhuman again... this way..."