15 All of This Can Be Yours


Watching Digby writhing and wailing on the ground, Alex stepped forward with disgust and stomped on Digby's mouth, saying impatiently, "Enough of the noise! Keep it up, and I'll chop off your head too!" The immense pain made Digby feel as if his heart was being torn apart, but facing this demon-like figure, he forcibly suppressed his screams, sweat beads rolling down his forehead.

Alex smiled satisfactorily and looked up at the other students: "Who else wants to take my food and water?" Those touched by Alex's gaze stepped back in terror.

Myra secretly opened her eyes and, seeing Alex's domineering figure, felt no fear of him being a demon. Instead, she thought he looked more like a hero.

"Xiao Yi, please don't be angry! We're all classmates, all friends. Please, calm down! Now it's the apocalypse, and perhaps we are the only ones left who can survive in the school. We mustn't turn on each other!" Terry said with a flattering smile, trying to appease: "Xiao Yi, how about this? From now on, we all listen to you. You can distribute the food. I'll listen to you too. I'll humbly offer to be your assistant..."

"No need."

Alex didn't even glance at Terry, who was groveling for his favor, and coldly said, "What you do is none of my concern. Whether you survive or not is irrelevant to me. I will be leaving soon. I came here only to rescue those worth saving, but your behavior today has greatly disappointed me. Only Myra is worth my effort to save. As for the rest of you, you are none of my concern!"

"Alex! We were just pressured by Digby earlier; I actually support you! If it wasn't for you saving us, we all would have been killed by the zombies by now! Now you're here again with food and water to save us. You really are a great hero, a good person!"

A reasonably attractive girl hesitantly stepped forward, looking at Alex with a flattering gaze: "Alex, I want to go with you. As long as you save me, I'll do anything you ask!"

Myra looked at the girl with some disgust and whispered to Alex, "Don't listen to her. After they drove you out, she was the one who badmouthed you the most! And to get special treatment, she's been sneaking around with Terry at night! A lot of people have seen it! It's disgusting!"

"Get lost!" Alex coldly shouted at the girl. He had no interest in such a woman, especially one so dirty. He couldn't be bothered to give her another glance.

"Alex! What do we need to do for you to help us?" Darlene asked, her face pale and her body trembling involuntarily, but she mustered the courage to speak to Alex.

Due to the scarcity of water resources, Darlene hadn't washed her face in over two months. Her once delicate and fair face was now mottled with dirt. Even so, her beauty was not completely obscured. In terms of appearance and figure, Darlene was definitely top-notch.

Alex glanced over Darlene and then looked down at Digby, who had fainted at his feet. He sneered and said, "I heard you're Digby's woman?"

Darlene was momentarily taken aback, then tremblingly said, "I was indeed dating him before, but we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. I am not his woman!"

"You're not lying to me, are you?" Alex looked at Darlene with a teasing smile, "I hate it most when women lie to me."

Darlene quickly nodded, "I'm not lying to you! I'm not that kind of woman!"

But soon, Darlene sensed something amiss and looked at Alex warily, "Alex, why are you asking this? What does whether I am Digby's woman or not have to do with you helping us?"

Myra, though not understanding why Alex was asking these questions, still stepped forward inappropriately to remind him, "Alex, Digby really likes Darlene and almost always listens to her. In recent times, he has repeatedly tried to get close to Darlene, but she has always refused. I think Darlene is probably telling the truth."

Alex nodded, then looked at Darlene and said, "You always looked down on me as a bumpkin, didn't you? You thought I was disgusting and lowly. So why are you asking for my help now?"

"But since you've asked, I'll generously give you a chance. I can share some of the food and water in my backpack with you, but you must convince me with your sincerity. Now, it's up to you to show me what you can do."

As he spoke, Alex took out several bottles of mineral water and packs of beef jerky and sausages from his backpack and leisurely placed them on the ground beside him, "If you satisfy me, all of this can be yours. You have one hour."

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