Anything For You
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Anything For You


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What is Anything For You

Read Anything For You novel written by the author Phoenix on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Emerald Azure, an aloof werewolf, Alpha of CRESCENT MOON pack who is not blessed with a Destined Mate by Moon Goddess happens to cross his ways with Scarlet Lozenge, a normal human girl only to get surprised learning her true identity and falling for her deeply, even after cutting the knots of deadly Blood pact and enjoys his love life after centuries, but things take a different turn with the entry of Dankein Cosh, king of Dream-Catchers who happens to be entangled with both Scarlet and Emerald since their previous lives. Both the Alpha and Scarlet didn’t realize what they are landing themselves into, when a witch haunts their lives. Whom would Scarlet choose when lives are at stake? How would Emerald and Scarlet react to the only truth binding them together? What turns would their fate take after being handled by the choices they make?? **Join me on this adventure to unfold this mystery. **Chapter updates:- 5-6 chapters/week. **Instagram handle:- Pooja.bansal.92560 **Email id:- poojabansalbnl@gmail.com **Cover credits:- Author ( Pooja Bansal aka Phoenix)

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What a interesting book! this book is amazing....I loved the characters, plots it's so interesting and I'm hooked to it. the characters and plots are well described....with full of suspense and thriller...amazing book! give it a chance guys!


The writing style is great, this was a really fun read. With some relatable moments. I like the characters dynamic and dialogue, I also like their descriptions. I can actually picture the characters.




This is really good. It is really hard to create supernatural beings and to call a flow of story like that. This is impressive writer please continue writing more it is exciting.


If you are into stories about supernatural beings, especially werewolves, this book should be in your reading list. Give it a read. The characters are well described, so you can imagine them perfectly as you progress through the story. Very interesting work. All the best, author!


Writing quality: Perfect, dialogues on point and the story is consistent, and the detailing is not much there in the story which is a plus point. Story development: The flow of the story is medium-paced and gets better as it progresses. Character design/ world background: the characters are well portrayed and can be visualized by them which reading it. The world background is exquisite and praiseworthy. My thoughts: good read and so far the best werewolf novel I’ve read so far...can't wait to read more and how the story progresses further...highly recommended!!! Keep up the good work, author!!!


I am a lover of anything paranormal, this book is officially the loml I recommend this book The story idea is wonderful Thumb up to the author Great work


one of the most interesting werewolf novels I've read. This book just gets better and better and mlre interesting with every chapter. It's written so well and it's so clean to the eyes of the reader. Good job!


The plot is just breathtaking and the author's writing style has made it more interesting. The characters are so well described I can literally feel what the characters are going through. Great work author, keep producing more works like these!


The werewolves; this is my best. The introductions of the characters, idea is too good. It helped me too much to attract. I could easily adapt myself to the story. Congratulations to the author for sharing such a good one with us.


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This is a wonderful book! I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading this incredible written piece of perfection 😍❤️ fabulous job author 👍 the plot, the storyline, the suspense everything is amazing! A must must must must read for everyone


Very interesting novel. What else can I say? The idea is good and with every chapter it gets more interesting. The Author definitely has a talent.


The book was definitely a good read, the way it was written plus the concept never failed to amuse me! I'm not really a fan of these kind of genres, but this changed my mind. I'm looking forward fro more, Author!


Reveal spoiler


Hello! First of all, I would like to give credit were credit is due. Writing a fantasy book takes a lot of imagination and thinking prowess to create. Fantasy is a genre that has a lot more creativity involve because the author is creating a new world in their image. This novel is no exception. The characters are intriguing and the world built is also. Props to the author!!


Good plot! the characters interaction with each other is good. The author really put this together very well. I would recommend this story because it's just different and fresh


I so mich love the start, its interesting and intriguing. I have added the book to read later. keep Up with the good work. I highly recommend this book to any one who loves werewolves 🔥🔥🔥


the author intrigued me with the synopsis then sucked me in with the story itself and honestly my favorite kinds of stories are slow burns so I have really been enjoying this so far!😊


hi! I love how the story goes well and the plot was amazing. the synopsis can caught a lot of attention and the flow of the story was stunning! keep it up author.


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