1 Chapter 1: An Author's Extraordinary Demise

David, a solitary figure hunched over his computer, labored into the wee hours of the night, consumed by his devotion to his underappreciated story, "Redo of a Hero." His work on a popular publishing site had not gathered the attention he'd hoped for, a disappointment that he grappled with every day.

David's creation, an extraordinarily powerful hero, was his proudest achievement. He had hoped that this towering figure of strength would attract readers, drawing them into a unique world of heroes and villains. Instead, they scoffed at the hero's might, their comments full of scorn for what they perceived as a character too powerful to be interesting.

Enryu, David's pride and joy, was a character unlike any other. He was more than just a hero; he was a force of nature, a towering figure of raw power and strength, capable of feats that defied comprehension. Born of David's vivid imagination, Enryu was the epitome of might, his powers unparalleled in the annals of superhero lore.

However, Enryu wasn't just a manifestation of raw power. He was a character forged in the crucible of hardship and betrayal. The hero had lived through the ultimate tragedy: the treachery of his beloved, a heartbreaking blow that had shaped his character and path. This betrayal and its aftermath were an integral part of Enryu's story, marking his descent from the heights of glory and strength into the depths of despair.

But his story didn't end there. When Enryu died, his tale took a fantastical turn. Rather than being the end, his death triggered a regression, sending him back to his past, to the point when he was a young, inexperienced student at the Elite Future academy.

Elite Future was a prestigious institution dedicated to nurturing heroes, a place where the gifted youth of the world honed their powers and skills. For Enryu, it was the starting point of his journey, the place where his heroic saga began. The regression to this point in his past presented an opportunity for him to alter his tragic destiny, to right the wrongs he'd suffered, and perhaps, even prevent the betrayal that had shattered him.

David had painstakingly crafted this plot, combining elements of tragedy, betrayal, redemption, and rebirth. The strength of Enryu's character was not just in his superhuman abilities, but in his perseverance, his resilience in the face of adversity. But the readers failed to understand the depth and nuances of Enryu's character, their criticism focusing solely on his formidable powers, ignoring the emotional complexity and growth that were at the core of his character's journey.

Regardless, David remained resolute. The biting remarks, intended to deter him, only stoked the fires of his determination. He persevered, continuing to pour his heart and soul into the misunderstood world he had birthed from his imagination.

As David's weary eyes scrolled through the comments, the words, barbed and dismissive, struck him like physical blows.

"Honestly, Enryu is just too overpowered. It's not even interesting anymore because you know he'll just freeze everything to solve his problems."

"Overkill much? What's next, Enryu's going to freeze the entire universe because he had a bad day?"

"This hero needs a reality check. No one is that powerful. It's absurd and laughable."

"Who needs enemies when you can freeze the entire world? Zero tension. Zero stakes."

"Yawn. Wake me up when Enryu faces a challenge he can't just bulldoze through with his superpowers."

"How about giving Enryu an actual personality? Power isn't everything, you know."

"Enryu's betrayal is just so cliche. 'Oh no, my lover betrayed me, let me regress and start over.' It's been done to death."

"There's no struggle, no growth. Just a god-like character in a human world. It's not relatable at all."

Each comment felt like a dagger in his heart, twisting with each harsh word. Yet, he couldn't tear his gaze away, each cruel critique only driving him further into the depths of despair.

David's fingers paused above the keyboard, a sharp, sudden pain resonating from his chest, forcing him to catch his breath. It felt as if a serrated blade was being twisted inside his heart. 'Just indigestion,' he tried to reassure himself, although the rational part of his mind whispered it was something far more severe.

He reached for his energy drink, shaking slightly. 'I've been pushing too hard,' he thought, remembering countless nights spent hunched over his laptop, the caffeine his only source of fuel. But the novel was his life, his unyielding passion, even if it felt like he was the only one who appreciated it.

As he lifted the can, the intensity of the pain grew, spreading like wildfire through his chest. A cold dread crept into his mind, countering the warmth from the computer screen. 'This isn't right,' he thought, a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead. 'Is this what it feels like... to have a heart attack?'

He glanced at the screen, at the last comment ridiculing his hero. 'They don't understand,' he thought bitterly. 'He's not overpowered. He's... he's alone. Just like me.'

The pain spiked, a scream trapped in his throat. Panic fluttered in his chest like a trapped bird. His thoughts swirled as he tried to maintain control, his fingers clawing at the desktop.

'No,' he thought, his heart pounding erratically. 'I can't... I'm not finished. My story... My hero...'

His vision blurred, the screen fading into a swirl of colors. His heart lurched painfully once more, the world dimming as a cruel coldness claimed him. His last conscious thought was of his protagonist, the powerful hero the world failed to understand. 'Maybe we are both too much for this world...' he mused as he slipped into darkness.

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