2 The System

"Huff... Huf... Ukh..!! "

With a heavy breath, Owen arrived inside his apartment after running with all his might from that accursed place. His body trembling, his mind filled with chaos as his heart filled with various emotions, anger, confusion, despair--


As Owen cannot take it anymore, he released all his dark emotions and rampage across his apartment room. He throws away all the things that remind him of her. A photo of them together, a birthday gift from her, items that were filled with their memories... They look like an abominable thing for him now.

"Huff... Huff.... "

After rampaging and releasing all his emotion for about 20 minutes, Owen falls on his back as he laments what just happened to him.

"Lisa... Ukh... Why? I thought we love each other..... "

Lisa had always been together with him since they are little, and he always liked her from the start, he started to remember when they are together, when she comfort him, when she accepted his confession, and----

"Ukh... Uuuu..... "

Tear fall from Owen's eyes as his brain just replays the happy event of them together like a magic lantern. But, it's all broken now, just a painful reminder of what they used to be. Feeling exhausted physically and mentally, a fast way out of this torment appears in Owen's mind. He took out a knife from the kitchen and bring it to his wrist.

".... "

As he put more pressure on the knife, his wrist begin to cutted and blood begin to flow from the wound, but as Owen tried to increase the pressure to finished the job, he suddenly remember his late parents as he stopped and drop the knife from his hand.

"ukh... Uuuuuu... No... I cannot die yet... They died protecting me...if I died by suicide, it will be an insult to them..."

As he falls to his knee he shouts out his frustration.

"Why!? Why must this happen to me!? I am doing my best for her to be happy, but why did she betray me!? I had enough!! If only... I know why and can prevent this!!! Getting NTRed like this!! I wish I can erase all the NTR in the world!!!!! "

[Compatible Host Found, installing Anti-NTR system]

"..... Eh? what? What is this? "

Owen is stunned as a game-like window screen appears in front of him.

[Welcome, host. Congratulations! You have been chosen to gain an Anti-NTR system! This system is granted to the one that gets NTRed an unfair way, and wants to reverse their pitiful fate]

"a- Anti-NTR system? "

[Yes, this system exists to help the host and save the others that got NTRed! As hard-working people that sincerely tried to make the world better and their soulmates happy actually got betrayed, and cornered to depression or suicide, the world concluded that NTR is bad and must be prevented. this system is created so that kind of unjust things didn't happen and the hard-working people can actually make contributions for the world]

"then... Can you make the NTR didn't happen!? "

[Ding! sorry, host. the system only can help people that already get NTRed to get on their feet again and can contribute to themselves and the world, or prevent the NTR from happening to possible victims. Its currently no force in the world that can alter what already happened, as that is forbidden for the sake of stability of the world]

"then,... What can you do to help me? "

[Ding! The system wants the host to help the others from suffering the fate of NTR and make them have a will to move on and find a new purpose, such as a new love example. In the process system can give countless benefits that can help the host in his life and also help the others]

So this system will help me if I helped the others first huh... Fine. I will do it... If I can get out from this hell and actually can help others from suffering the same fate as me then...

"Fine system, I will do it! What must I do? "

[Ding! The first step to helping other people is to help himself first! How can you make other stand up if yourself is in the gutter? For that purpose, the system will help the host! The system will generate a quest for host now]

[Find out why you get NTRed]

(To know the enemy first is to win the 1000 war! Find out why you get NTRed! If you know the reason you can take them as a lesson for the future yourself and help others!

Reward :

- 500 Points

- next quest

"..... Really? "

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