Anti-NTR Man: Kokujin No Tenkousei NTR Ru VERSUS

Yuuto Sakurai, the Anti-NTR Man, was transmigrated into the body of the 16 year-old Hiroki Morii, an NTR Protagonist. To most, it would be the most terrible nightmare come true... But Yuuto always dreamed about swatting an ugly bastard in another world...

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The sound of the slap echoed through the schoolyard.

"Holy shit!! Did he seriously just hit Nao-chan too?!!"

"I guess it's true... she was cheating on him," the students whispered among themselves.

"Hiro...Ki...?" Her eyes widened, her hand resting on her reddened cheek where Yuuto slapped her. She slowly lifted her gaze to Yuuto, disbelief clouding her eyes.

"D-did... you... just... slap me?" she asked, earning sympathy from some students who wanted to defend her.

Yuuto looked at her with disgust.

"H-HIROKI! YOU BASTARD, THAT WAS TOO MUCH!" A guy said as he watched tears starting to dripple from Nao's eyes.


'Look at these hypocrites. One moment they're on my side, and now they're on hers. I guess it's not acceptable to slap a girl publicly these days.'

'Oh well,' Yuuto thought, grabbing her shirt and slapping her again, harder on the same spot.

"Ah!!!" she cried out.

'A-again?!' She thought, her eyes wide in disbelief as the slap tilted her head sideways, a bit of spit escaping her lips.

The crowd fell silent.

Yuuto pulled her shirt collar, yanking her back to him, slapping her again.

"Aach!" she cried out, her head snapping to the side once more before he struck her again, this time with the back of his hand on the other side of her face. His knuckles burst a vein as they hit her nose.

She felt her breath leave her, her vision blurring from the backhand slap...

...But Yuuto didn't stop.

Another slap.

Another slap.

Another slap.

Each slap echoed through the schoolyard like an alarm. Yuuto made sure his entire palm landed on her face with each strike, so the sound was full every single time. Blood from Nao's nose and mouth began to spread across the dirt ground and Yuuto's palm.

"SENPAI, HELP HER!" a girl called to a nearby boy as Yuuto relentlessly slapped Nao without even pausing to catch his breath.

"I... I want to! But Hiroki just took down that transfer student!" he said, frustrated and fearful as Yuuto continued his relentless assault on Nao.

Her knees gave way, and she dropped to the ground, sitting there. Dust covered her lower torso as blood trickled from her nose and mouth.

"H-Hiroki... why..." she murmured, tears welling up.

"What? I thought you liked a strong man handling you like the whore that you are." Yuuto's gaze was filled with disdain as he leaned closer, Nao's eyes wide with shock at his words.

He then whispered, "Are you not turned on yet...? Should I have slapped harder?" He looked at her intensely, still grabbing her shirt.

'This bitch sold out Hiroki's mother to the transfer student. She's no different than him. A piece of shit. And in the manga, she said she'd let that guy kill me next time while she sucks on his dick. She's even worse than him,' Yuuto thought, struggling to restrain himself from beating Nao up. He grabbed her by the collar again and tossed her aside, eliciting gasps from the group of students who were too stunned to even pull out their phones to film.

"Stay away from me and my family. Come near us, and I'll slap you so hard your eyeball will pop out. Fucking whore," Yuuto said, turning away and walking off. "And if that wasn't clear enough for you, fucking smooth-brained ameba, we're breaking up."

"He just... tossed her aside... like that..." a third-year student murmured as Yuuto stood face to face with him.

"Move," Yuuto, now a first-year Hiroki commanded, staring up at the towering student.

The student averted his gaze and stepped aside.

"What happened to Hiroki? He's so..."

"Intense," a few girls murmured, shocked by Hiroki's sudden change, blushing as they looked at him.

The male students all looked at Hiroki with intense rage. Yet, none had dared to let out their anger as they looked at the tough transfer student lay defeated on the dirt.

'Damn, I was really angry... Is this a mix of my feelings and Hiroki's?' Yuuto thought as he walked away.

'I need to watch out for that skank. Who knows what she'll do. I have to follow her to see if she plans to retaliate. I also need to keep an eye on that transfer student. Maybe he's got people behind him,' Yuuto thought.

Meanwhile, Nao sat breathless on the ground next to the immobilized transfer student, still in shock.

'What just happened...?' She struggled to comprehend.

"N-Nao... Help..." the transfer student groaned from the ground.

She glanced at his beaten-up form.

'Hiroki... that Hiroki... just beat up the transfer student out of nowhere,' she thought, students rushing to her aid.

"Nao-chan! Are you okay?!" They called as they approached. She remained seated, lost in thought as she touched her cheek.

'And... then he beat me up... I guess he knew...? That I was cheating?' she thought, wiping blood from her nose and mouth, staring at her bloodied fingers.

"Oh my God, you're bleeding! Someone! Get a first aid kit!"

'Then he just... handled me... tossed me to the ground like a heap of garbage... Not even the transfer student... Was this intense with me...' she thought, remembering how Hiroki's face had drawn close as he whispered,


"Are you not turned on yet...? Should I have slapped harder?"


She recalled his fiery, intense gaze, as if he were staring into her soul.

'That... Hiroki... did that... to me?'

'How... dare... he...'

"Nao! Her face is so red! Did he slap the other cheek too?!"

She squeezed her thighs together, feeling a rush of excitement as she remembered how Hiroki (Yuuto) had handled her, his confident, commanding tone, his relentlessness.

'How... dare he... make me feel like this?!'

She thought as she clenched her teeth. The onlookers surrounding her all looked at her with concern.

"That FUCKER Hiroki!!! He went too far!!! I'll never forgive him for this..!!" They all muttered angrily as Nao raised her gaze in the direction where Hiroki had disappeared.


"Stay away from me and my family. Come near us, and I'll slap you so hard your eyeball will pop out. Fucking whore," Yuuto said, turning away and walking off. "And if that wasn't clear enough for you, fucking smooth-brained ameba, we're breaking up."


'Hiroki... called me... his girlfriend, his childhood friend... a whore? And then... tossed me aside like I was nothing?'

A deep blush crept across her face, masked by her reddened cheek as she stared at the spot where Hiroki had disappeared.

'...Dummy...' she thought, feeling a surge of lust at the thought of him.

'Disrespecting me like that... I'll have to teach him a lesson,' she thought as her heartbeat spiked, the thought of him dominating her racing through her mind.

SOY EL HOMBRE ANTI-NTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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