Anti Hero with a Symbiote System

From the Author of Hitman with a Badass System & Rise of the Legendary Emperor Draven was a superhero who used his powers to save people and fight evil until ten years ago when the supervillains butchered his family in front of him. The one place that should have helped him betrayed him, stripped him of his powers, and cast him into a dimension where only the ruthless and cruel lived. When the world forgot about Draven and thought everything calmed down, they had no idea it was the calm before the storm. He stepped into the world once again, but he was not alone this time. An ancient god (Symbiote) and a System, each with their own agendas accompanied him on his revenge path. This is a story of a broken superhero who has chosen the path of revenge. Neither a supervillain nor a superhero could stand in his path. Join Draven on his path to see whether he would rise as an antihero or fall as a madman. Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat

don_offl · Action
Not enough ratings
231 Chs

New Information on Draven’s family’s death

Draven stood before the glass, steeling himself against the taunts of the other inmates. As the insults continued to rain down upon him, he took a deep breath, refusing to let their words get to him.

In the midst of the jeering, a black-armored soldier approached Draven's cell, holding a wooden tray with a meager meal of bread and a banana. With a loud clang, the soldier banged the tray against the glass, causing Draven to flinch slightly.

"Back off the glass, scum!" the soldier barked, his voice laced with disdain. Draven stepped back from the glass, giving the soldier the space he demanded.

Draven took a step back from the glass, obediently doing as he was told. The soldier then placed his hand on the glass, and a small opening just big enough for the tray opened. He tossed the bread and banana into Draven's cell, a mocking grin on his face.