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Read ‘ANTAGONIST’ Online for Free, written by the author rexgriffin17, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Finding himself in another dimension, Rex discovers people with special powers and abilities and finds him to be one of ...


Finding himself in another dimension, Rex discovers people with special powers and abilities and finds him to be one of them. Follow him on his journey to master his powers and learn about the existence of magic, mysterious creatures and other things..... at last like every other story out there he meets his nemesis and is given two choices... Read the exciting adventure of Rex in a new world unlike any other

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A novel written about a colony on the run from their lands into a dark magical world full of war and wonders, men turned into heroes, heroes turned into beasts that rule lands, men turned evil all is possible non the wiser about the truth that lies in this pages, only by reading you will see the truth, so Clear your calendar because you won't be doing anything else but be stuck in this story. Man by the name of Harry will go through life wanting more he finds himself to be a hero to a nation, will he save them or be the reason of their demise, his close friend Billy. A man turned into a creature of mystical powers, lived so long in the shadow of his legendary friend Harry will he be a friend or foe. Amara the most beautiful princess who is torn by love, eroticism and duty. With a king who demands she marry a king, will she deny the king of marriage and start a war that will outlive many kings or will she run break one of 3 men's hearts and start a whole other war that will darken the hearts of heroes make villains smile. What will she choose in a horrible snowball effect reality of her own making. A main character that will make this story come to life with unlimited storylines, a king stuck in the old ways try to change the world to his image will he be a good king or be named the villain. Follow Harry and Billy and enjoy the ride of a lifetime. And then there is this man, a man with many names A creature that was once a man, trapped in a cage for thousands of years. Who destroyed his makers. We know him as Adrienne. A creature who can turn men into beasts by a touch. Underneath a city imprisoned, a king who brags about how he defeated adrienne but there is a twist a brother of adrienne. Who will it be? And what will he do.

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My first attempt in publishing a book. Hope you will enjoy the book and please do comment about any mistakes or how you felt about the book. Thank you


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