1 Sent to another universe - 1st chapter

It was a normal day for me, as usual, I came back from school, I don't like school but let's be honest who does right? I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Majo Jurky (you can call me Mike if you want)

(Note: name Majo translates to Mike/Michael)

I am from Slovakia a very small country located in central Europe. I am 15 years old and a first year in a pretty "prestigious" High School. I live in a small village called Vasiľov which has less than 1000 population.

My hobbies are working out, watching anime, playing video games, and playing chess (I've played chess for 8 years now)

Anyways that's very basic information about me let's get back to my average boring day.

When I came home I started talking to my mom She was just baking a pie when suddenly I heard a really weird sound from the outside...

I looked out of a window and I couldn't believe my eyes, it looked like some kind of a monster from a fantasy anime or something, and then it disappeared, but only for a very brief moment and then... it annihilated my neighbor's house in a few seconds. My mom saw it too we were both in complete shock and couldn't move, and then the monster looked at us and started flying towards us at such a high speed that my eyes couldn't keep up at all.


The window glass got shattered and he went for my mom first because She was closer and he killed her before I could even register it.

I started running as fast as I could my instinct was telling me that if I don't give it my all I'll die here.

I ran into my hallway and the monster dashed forward to my position. I quickly ducked and the monster couldn't accelerate and got sent flying right through a wall. I quickly started running upstairs but before I could even reach my room the monster already got to me.

Just when it was reaching my face and I thought it was all over ... everything went black.

[Several minutes later]

I woke up and I was not alone, I and a LOT of other people just woke up it seems I wasn't the only one who got saved but what happened? Where even am I?

I looked at a person next to me, it was a girl.

Dark brown hair, light brown eyes, Asian, 165-170cm height ,and her age was around mine... Ithink.

That's what I could tell from the first glance. I asked her in English:

"Do you know what happened, have you also seen a monster?"

She answered:

"I don't know what happened, but yes I saw a monster and it almost killed me, I was just walking home from school."

Me: "How did you survive it?"

Girl: "I started running from it, it was huge but it was still a little bit faster than me, and when it was about to catch me everything went black and then I woke up here."

This conversation gave me two pieces of information:

1. Me and the girl share the same experience, just when we were about to get killed everything went black and then we appeared here.

2. The monster that she saw was completely different from the one I saw, which means that there are more types of these monsters.

This piqued my curiosity, I Can see hundreds of people here if not thousands and there are probably even more people but, does this mean that every single

one of us has shared

THE SAME experience? (information no.1)

If that was the case that would mean that there were at least THOUSANDS of those monsters here on the Earth at once. Or should I say here? I've already said it but I am not even sure where we are, this place doesn't look like it's on Earth tho that's for sure.

I decided to look around: I saw the reactions of other people: some were shocked, some were confused, some were talking to other people, some were just silent and calm, etc.

And then the girl asked me

"What about you? You mentioned a monster before I did that means you also saw it right? What happened?"

I explained my entire story to her and that reminded me that my mom is dead and it might not be just her

my brother , my dad, my uncle and also my granpa were all at home, what happened to them? Are they still alive? Are the monsters still on Earth? If yes just how many people got killed?

So many questions in my mind but none of them could be answered or that's what i thought.


A loud and strong voice came from somewhere. Everyone went silent although I am pretty sure someone behind me said: "Who the hell says Greetings in this day and age?"

Good question to be honest.


For a brief moment nobody said anything but after a few seconds someone shouted: "What happened explain, what were those monsters , were you the one who sent those monsters after us?"

After this a lot of people started shouting similar things.

"SILENCE" the voice said.


Then the voice in a calmer and not as loud tone said.

"Those monsters that you saw are from another galaxy, they are species just like you humans are and they are after your kind , and as you have seen for yourselves , you're no match for them."

That is truth , I mean if i wasn't teleported here or whatever magic did this "guy" use I'd be 100% dead right now.

The voice continued:

"The monsters are still in the other galaxy they are from the Andromeda galaxy. The reason they appeared on Earth was because they created portals but those portals were only active for a very short period of time , I am not sure myself but it wasn't more than 1 minute. What happened was that they oppened these portals simultanieously and then went through them. After the one minute passed they got automatically sent back in their galaxy."

Some random guy:

"PORTALS? that's bullshit there is no way that they could have something like portals"

"Let me just continue I will explain everything" said the voice.

"They are species that are far more advanced than you humans so you stand no chance against them and your planet will get destroyed in 10 years , because that's how long it will get them to get there BUT... there is a choice for you and you cannot decline it because the humanity's future is in your hands."

"For the next 10 years I will send you into another universe in which there are different laws of nature and such things as something you would describe "magical" or "magic" exist in this world. For the next 10 years you will be obtaining power in that universe and then I will send you back on Earth and you will defeat those monsters."

With a funny tone the voice said: "Any questions"

And few people including me raised their hands:

1st Question

Random middle aged woman: "What about the portals? Can't they reuse them or create new ones?" After the girl asked this questions multiple people raised their hands down which means they were thinking the same thing.

The voice: "I have Been watching their species for over century and it takes them to create those portals longer than it will take them to reach Earth."

2nd Question

The guy from before who said that there is no way they have portals: "You said that we will be sent into another universe , does that mean that the multiverse theory is confirmed?"

The voice: "Yes , that's correct."

3rd Question

This time he picked me

Me: "Who are you?"

The voice said "A god of knowledge , I only exist to gain more and more knowledge , and I gain a lot of knowledge from intelligent species such as you or Necrophages , that's the name of the "monsters" the reason I am helping you is because I need to preserve your species in order to gain more knowledge , so you need to get stronger because I cannot help your directly."

A bunch of people still had their hands up but the God of knowledge said: "Alright no more questions we ran out of time I cannot keep you in my pocket universe forever ( that answers my question as to where we are) so I'll be sending you to the other universe , the planet I am sending you to is habitable but it's twice smaller than Earth which means that the gravitational pull is smaller and you will be stronger on that planet than here on Earth , when you will get there I will give you brief information about that planet , that's all , take care."

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