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Chapter 54

AN: it's so freaking hot. So hot. I simultaneously wanna sleep and submerge myself in cold water.

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Since that day in the forest, Emmett has been hanging out with us more, sometimes, he even comes with us when we hunt, I had to watch my best friend Princess carry Emmett while we do our run to our hunting ground, with the latter blushing all throughout the way.

Emmett has asked us a lot of questions about our kind, a lot about mine because of my peculiarity and a loooooot more from Isaactaht even involved his past sexcapades, which as his best friend for eternity, of course... I answered truthfully for him while I tied... I mean, he went away for a bit to give me and his mate a chance to bond. Needless to say, Emmett gave him the stink eye for a while, and Isaac tried to get back at me through our sparring sessions, to which he lost miserably. °psh... Pathetic°

[AN: bitter salty bitch. 🙄]

Oi, I don't wanna hear this from you, of all people. You have no ground to stand on regarding this sort of action you B. Whatever.

Anyway, we've been having fun lately, letting Emmett see all the benefits of being a vampire while also explaining, very thoroughly the downsides. Like having to leave his old life, which surprisingly wasn't hard for him to decide to leave because apparently the Emmett in this universe didn't have a close relationship with his siblings, and both his parents are dead.

I liked hanging out with them, I truly do, but seeing them all happy together can be a bit too much for me, so I sometimes go off on my own, or take Leo with me. We are now bathing in a lake within the forest, well, I'm soaking myself while the little one is just chilling on top of a rock with his lettuce and carrot. It is weird that he's not going off as soon as I lay him anywhere, he's so well-behaved and smart, do you know that he's my unofficial alarm clock? Yes, he wakes me up every morning and reminds me whenever I forget something... he either taps, bumps, or drops something... Is that weird? Nah, it just means we took care of him so well, and he became so smart, right?

"My baby boy Leo is a smart boy huh... Look at him all behaved like a widdle gentow mewn..." I cooed at him.

"And one other perk of having you is I now have a living being I can audibly talk to, well, you were affected by my gift before, but as someone who has been with me the longest, well almost the longest... You're already almost immune to my gift. You're even better in this regard with your grans and uncle."

I see Leo raise his front right foot and open his mouth like he's agreeing with me.

I chuckled at him and went back to my thoughts, I can see it, it's only a matter of time before Emmett decides to join us, but there seems to be something that is holding him back... Maybe we shouldn't have been too honest with him. The not being able to eat or sleep part is a bit of a big thing... What about the not being able to have a child? They are gay, they'll adopt. If the Volturi acts against it, I'll do something about it, my bestie and brother deserve their own happily ever after too.

One of my children even found her mate, I never thought Jane would be paired up with anyone, let alone to my previous blood singer. It was awkward when we all hung out and Coraline told the story of °How I met your mother° with the sequel °How I got turned into a Vampire because of your Mother°... Jane's face was too precious at that time, she was so torn and confused as to how to react, and who to side with if a conflict arose between us. Both mine and Coraline's eyes met and we laughed at her expression. She was annoyed at us for teasing her, but we both saw a small curve at the end of Jane's lips.

My boy Alec is still single, but he's not upset about it. He actually has this renewed hope in him, it's not discernable to most people, but to those who actually know him and bother to observe, there's a glint of life back in his eyes, his facial expression a bit softer too when it's just us, he still very scary when working, but when his off, he's become quite approa-... Well, less scary?

I sent everybody letters, probably take a while for them to receive them. But hey, wellness check right? The rest of our coven has joined the military medical service volunteers. So they won't be with the Denali's when we get there with Emmett.

I sensed Isaacs and Emmett's presence at the edge of my range, but it's fine, they're probably just taking a walk, they decided to hold off on sex when I sat Emmett down and forcefu-... Uh... When I kindly taught him about °Vampire sex 101 BxB version°. After that, I don't know why, but he had sworn to never ever have sex with Isaac as a human... Ever... While his eyes were blank. He just kept mumbling it over and over. How cute.

[AN: You monster! 😫 Leave poor Emmett alone!]

Whatever. I focus my gaze on the sky... Ignoring everything else, which would be dangerous for others... But not for me. I could literally regenerate anything. I'm even more durable than vamps. If they lose a limb, unless they get it back to reattach it, it's gone forever... But me? I get a new limb, organ, or whatever... This makes me wonder about my virginity, once I lose it, is it gone gone, or does it heal again to its original state? Do I have to keep breaking my hymen each time? And why do I not hate the possibility of it?

[AN: ehem-degen-ehem... 🤭 M... I mean, maybe you are overthinking this... Just let it be for now.]

Maybe I could experiment with another female vampire, I could go back to the Volturi's... Nope... They'll use women to try and manipulate me. Hmmm I don't know anywhere else I could go, well, I know about the other vampires that were shown in the movies, but most of them have mates already, it's fine if they're lesbian couples, but they're all hets... I don't really wanna get poked by a man. I want to maintain my gold star status in this life. So my only option is to wait to see if I could meet an unmated female vampire along the way to test it out... Unless...

[AN: Denali's... Do it... Do it.. Do it... 🥺🙏]

Oooooi, they are family! We're family! WE ARE COUSINS!

[AN: you do know that you're not actual cousins, and no matter how much you want to hold onto human morals, you're a vampire now. You're going to live a very long loooooong life, possibly forever.]

You know what? Your presence has been too much lately, why didn't you just make yourself my sentient system since you're pretty much acting like one? People are starting to get annoyed at you you know.

[AN: ...]

Thought so. But you have a point. The older vampires aside from my overprotective siscon of a brother were fine with me being chummy with Kate, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind it if we did have some fun... They have been around for a long time, and have been with many lovers, to the point that there have been lores about them in history, many of which are in Alaska where they chose to take root.

And for those who are gonna react that I sound like I'm slut shaming them, I'm not, by this point I'm pretty sure we've all already established that I'm no prude in that aspect. And for those who are slut shaming them, don't... You go and live as long as they did, experience what they did, let's see if you don't get a high body count.

Maybe I should really consider the sisters huh... Ugh... I feel my bond with my mate protesting... Tsk... Aaaargh..


At the same time in some random forest somewhere in the U.S.

"No, no, no, no, no, don't do it... Fudge. BIG SISTER DON'T DO IT! As much as I want to slap Rosalie's face and for you to get back at her, this isn't the way to go... At least choose someone else..." A cute pixie-haired Alice suddenly stood up from sitting on the trunk of a tree.

"What is it darling, did you get a vision again about big sis?" the pretty blonde-haired man Jasper asked his mate. He got used to addressing her soon-to-be big sister with the insistence of his mate. She kept drilling it into him, telling him stories of their future with her. And honestly, with how much he's struggling with his control, he can't wait to meet her.

Her presence was already large for both of them even without actually meeting her.

"She's contemplating about fucking one of our future cousins. It's not final yet, but I can see 2 futures at the moment, and the one with her going through with it caused a huge fight that I want to avoid because big sister got hurt." Alice shared with a worried look.

"When will it happen? We don't know the exact location of the cousins you've mentioned, there are no markers yet in your vision that could tell us... And for some reason, big sisters' visions tend to be able to avoid giving out her location..." Jasper's face morphed into worry.

"Aaargh! If I didn't know any better, I would think that my big sister knows about my gift and is purposely avoiding me! If so, that would be so mean of her..." Alice said exasperated.

"We can only wait and see for now, and when it does happen, we can only do our best to protect her... But I must say, darling... I'm more inclined to root for her to go through with it. She's hurting, and given her inclination to physical intimacy, it would be easier for her to move on if she did" Jasper replied.

"I guess you're right.." Alice replied, plopping her butt back to the tree trunk, looking down at the old shack they've been observing for a few days now.

"I think these guys are the last ones on the list. After this, we can start earnestly staying on the diet. And then we can search for our family to finally join them. I wanted to find big sister first, but I guess that's not happening any time soon. Haaah" Alice's eyes turned sharp and deadly.

"Yes, we should try to do it cleanly this time. We got blood on big sisters things last time, and it was a bit of a pain to remove it without causing damage" Jasper added.

"It wasn't my fault! They said disgusting things about big sister, and don't you dare say it's just me who went wild last time, you ripped them to shreds too you know. You even managed to ignore their blood. By how disgusted you were with them." Alice quipped with a smug grin at the end.

"Fine. I admit. But still... Let us try to end this once and for all, get her things if there's any here, and burn all evidence of her existence. After this, she'll be free from them" Jasper added.

The 2 exchanged looks, then jumped down the tree, and entered the shack. Soon, shouts of pain, gun fires, and begging were heard, but all of it only lasted for a few seconds... Then silence. Soon, 2 figures went out with a sack full of things looted from the dead belongings, and then the shack was set ablaze as the 2 just continued to walk away, a beaming smile on their face, their unbeating heart a bit lighter with the knowledge that they've gotten rid of their big sister's enemies.


At the same time in Rochester NY.


A blonde woman grasped her chest from a sudden pain. She has no idea why or what caused it... But she has this feeling like she's going to lose something.

"Rosalie, are you ok? Should we go to the hospital?" my now husband asks me.

"I'm fine... It might be just something I ate or maybe the stress from having to attend all these parties." I shook my head to deny it.

But I wasn't ok, I hadn't been myself since I left my best friend's house before the wedding... And now she's gone, along with her lover Isaac. Everybody had thought that they eloped, but they kept wondering why they did that, they didn't have to their families were not against their marriage, and the people already accepted that they were eventually going to end up together... So another rumor spread, that it's possible that Robin got pregnant before marriage, so they left in shame. Which is a little bit of a stretch for me.

But I don't know why... But every time I picture her being with Isaac, I get this uncomfortable, unwilling feeling... Like I couldn't accept her being with him... At first, I thought that I might have feelings for Isaac, but the thought of it made me cringe like it felt wrong...

"If you say so... By the way, did Robin really not tell you where they went? And why? It kinda defeats the purpose of our marriage without them here... Well, I'm fine with Isaac leaving, it's a shame... A bit regretful that we didn't get together, but since I'll be joining the military, but you... How about you and Robin?" my husband asked.

I looked at him confusedly... What is he talking about?



I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard them come to where I was. I'm not shy or ashamed about my body, I didn't mind them seeing me naked, so I didn't bother to cover myself.

"Little Robin, honey... Your potential soon-to-be brother-in-law has a request... Uuuh but first I'd like to apologize... I kind of shared your love story with him... Since we kinda had the same situation, but now he wants to feel what you feel now that you've... You know..." Isaac started off as nonchalant and funny, but then like he just realized how stupid and hurtful his request was, his voice trailed off.

Emmett also realizing his mistake now sported a guilty look on his face. They both stopped in their tracks and just stood there a few feet away from my baked self. Leo is now looking disapprovingly at both of them. How is that even possible? I audibly sighed, letting them feel how hurt I was by how tactless they'd been... But I still love them, and I get where Emmett's coming from. This might be the final piece to lock him in with us... Waitbthat sounded wrong... But you get it right?

"It's fine, I will..." I audibly said... Which put them in a bit of a daze, Isaac a bit more resistant, and Emmett's eyes more unfocused, but it's fine, with how much he'll feel later, he'll wake up from it.

I look up at the sky and see that it is almost nighttime, I've been here for quite a while huh... Well, it's perfect. This song will make more sense at night.


Third person pov

The music played throughout the forest. It wasn't Emmett's first time experiencing it, but it still was an amazing experience each time. Each song carries different emotions. But by the melody that's playing, and what was stupidly requested by them earlier... He can already feel that he'll regret this. But he had to know.

Isaac just stood there, holding his mate's hand... Already regretting his thoughtless words... He'd already experienced her singing about Rosalie... And it felt horrible... It's one of the reasons why he either kept his mouth shut, avoid that topic completely, or push his best friend to fuck somebody else to forget.

Robin closed her eyes to recall and feel everything... If Emmett wanted to feel what it's like for a vampire to not be chosen... She will make him understand.

=Late night thoughts by Belfa=

🎶Late night

Thinking about the way it was as you and I

Thinking about our memories as a lullaby

Thinking about the way I felt as you and I

As you and I🎶

A small smile formed on her face remembering their happy moments... How it felt... How much they loved each other. Aaah, it felt good... Those were and are still the happiest moments of my life, I've never felt so complete in either life.

The couple present couldn't help but smile by feeling the happiness she felt... It was similar, and they dare say even more than how they felt for each other which was baffling for them.

🎶Late night

Finding deep regret inside from the goodbye

Can't help but imagine what we could've tried

Thinking about the way it was as you and I

As you and I🎶

After being away from her for a while now... She has realized how hasty she had been... Just leaving like that, it was all too suspicious... But she let her emotions win over her brain. Regret filled her each day, more and more... Now it's too late... She did send people to check on her... She's not proud of it. But she compelled vampires to check on her. And they all said the same thing after investigating... She was happily married. So she let go... And was now trying to live and wait for their next meeting.

The couple clutched their chest in pain, dropping to their knees... Emmett's eyes are now flooded with tears, about to fall anytime now. Isaac hated it more since he knew he couldn't cry...

🎶Late night, no

Daytime, no

Midnight, no

Can't help but think about your face

Late night, no

Daytime, no

Midnight, no

Imagine if you can be my baby

You do drive me crazy like you never met me, I'll have you know

We can't just be a maybe, I see you hesitating

It's so suffocating, letting you go🎶

Even with all the things Rosalie said back then... She knew how her mate truly felt... But she still let her go... Even going so far as to erase THEM... °I'm sorry° is all she could say...

The couple is now full-on crying on their knees... Emmett was sobbing while clutching his chest, his lips now bleeding from him biting it to possibly numb the pain from Robin, his nails dug and scratched his now bleeding chest. Isaac had experienced something new, venom now flowed from his eyes, substituting tears, which alleviated the pain a bit, but it was just a tiny minuscule bit.

🎶Letting you go

Letting you go

Letting you go

Letting you go

Imagine if you can be my baby

You do drive me crazy like you never met me, I'll have you know

We can't just be a maybe, I see you hesitating

It's so suffocating, letting you go

Late night, no

Daytime, no

Midnight, no

Can't help but think about your face

Late night, no

Daytime, no

Midnight, no

Imagine if you can be my baby

You do drive me crazy like you never met me, I'll have you know

We can't just be a maybe, I see you hesitating

It's so suffocating, letting you go🎶

It's a bit mean of her... But she wanted to teach them to think over things first before saying or doing it... So she recalled every painful scene and experience with Rosalie and rained it down on them, full force... She thinks it rivals how strongly she felt when she just left the wedding and sang in the forest with Isaac...

The couple plopped to the ground, writhing in pain, screaming, wailing...

"Stop... I'm sorry... Please... Emmett can't take it..."

Robin halted the music and canceled her gift. She picked up her clothes and dressed herself. After picking up Leo, she cast the couple one final look, disappointment and guilt present on her expression. Then left them to ponder on the experience.

The couple took quite a while to recover... Quite a while... The pain was too much even for the vampire, maybe it was more painful for him because he is a vampire? He looked at his lover who was still lying on the ground but was now facing up, looking at the evening sky.

"I've decided... I want to be with you...



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