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WARNING: -Expect drama while reading this, please be patient with me. It'll make sense even if it seems it doesn't. - a lot of swearing/cursing - MATURE CONTENT(kids you were warned) - Gore -GXG/WLW/BXB/LGBT+(just the gays, so homophobes, respectfully... begone please) -Forms of abuse from mental, physical, SA, etc. (It may be mentioned as someone's past or present) - THIS IS AN AU, AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Certain events might change or would not happen or have happened. Some pairings will have changes. Some facts about the story or the characters might change (Honestly, it's because I'm too lazy to research and watch it all over again) -English isn't my first language, so you will see misspellings and grammatical errors, I might or might not go back to edit them later on. -the frequency of chapter uploads depends on the mood really, so you might get more than one chapter a week or just one. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, STORY AND THE CHARACTERS OF IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OR OWNER OF IT, THE ONLY THING I OWN ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THIS STORY, THEY BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS (did I do that right?) AN: This is a wish-fulfillment thing. I ran out of stories to read about Twilight, so I made one of my own. I'm not earning anything from this, I still have this boring job and responsibilities in real life, so please don't... please don't pressure me and be mean. For those who are wondering why I even published it here, it's because I wanted to motivate myself to continue the story. Thinking that there may be people wanting me to continue this as well. Basically, means I just don't want to end up forgetting about this. ~~~ This is a story of a woman who was forcefully reincarnated to another world. She was just working, kept thinking of just disappearing, and not existing. The usual shit that sadly a lot of people also think like this. Waking up every day, feeling shit because, well... I woke up. Seeing all this, a ROB plucked my soul out of my body, and just killed my healthy(not healthy, bitch be living like no tomorrow with the junk food and smoking) body and forced me to reincarnate, refusing my original wish to just disappear into oblivion! Told me I should be grateful to be alive and some shit that sounded like a 'live, laugh, love' type of culty thing. Woke up in a hellish situation, don't know which universe he shoved me in, just a clue that it was from one of the things I liked, but that didn't help to narrow it down aa, I liked a lot of stuff... Some weird too... Continued to suffer my hell for a while, cursing and begging the ass face for the sweet release of death and hopefully meet the guy again so I can punch him in the nuts, and suddenly the door opened and when I saw who it was, I now knew where I was. 'F***ing twilight?!'

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Chapter 46

AN: A bit of a surprise here. But just to say this in advance, so no speculation bout them will be made. NO. nuh uh. They are not happening.


The Denali's territory


I and Isaac parked the car a bit farther from the actual home because I wanted to surprise them a bit with my presence. I made sure to stop just at the edge of their senses range. Yeah, impractical because we're a few miles away, but given the current breeze we have today, I think this spot is just about right.

Isaac was a bit nervous and was just standing near me, fidgeting in place. Well, it's an understandable and valid reaction, he might have been able to do better if he was meeting the rest of my family again after knowing about them being a vampire... He's known them for a long time and has interacted with them normally... But it's another thing to meet complete strangers that can potentially snap his neck and suck him dry if he somehow offends them...

I've already tried to reassure him that the Denali's are actually more laid back than my family, they follow the same diet and are family to us Cullen's. Tho our covens might have differing ideas regarding violence or killing... The Cullen's are law abiding, and pacifist, tho lately... I kinda am doubting that a bit... And The Denali's will kill if it threatens their peace, even if there's another way of maintaining it. But all in all, Our cousins are harmless unless blatantly provoked.

I sensed multiple people, or rather... Vampires heading to where we're located, one in particular was faster, and I have a guess as to whom it might be.

A smile was beginning to form on my lips but was halted when I sensed a new... Unfamiliar, yet somehow familiar scent... Where have I encountered this person? My eyebrows furrowed trying to remember who this vampire was, I kind of pride myself on my ability to remember all vampires I encounter, regardless of who they are.

Yup, I memorized every single one, meaning I know almost everyone in the Volturi castle, almost... Because I have sensed some vampire scents that came back from somewhere... They disappear to do some work/mission for a few days, which is like just a few hours in vampire time, and then they come back to feed. It might just be them mingling with outside vampires, but there's something fishy with those particular guards.

Bottom line, this one I'm sensing, their scent is familiar yet... Not? That's weird, how can something be familiar, yet not? It should be either, or...

I was so busy contemplating l, trying to figure out the mystery person that I was too late to react when I sensed one of them coming directly at me, without slowing down, and finally talking me down the snow-covered ground, I felt her legs locking behind me, and her arms latched to my neck, engulfing me in a bone-crushing hug, and rolling us around.

"Robin! Our little Liesha finally decided to come back and visit her poor cousins huh? It's me right? You miss me so much, that you decided to come back for more of me?!" She finally stopped rolling us around and buried her face on my neck, and kept inhaling my scent.

Others might find it weird or creepy, but I don't... It has been tried and tested that my scent is pleasant to every vampire... I do not have a specific scent... My scent differs for each vampire, it's whatever is home to them, or whatever makes them feel at ease or relaxed. It kinda seems like my body was made specifically to be desirable or valuable to vampires.

[AN: well, yeah... You're gonna be dealing with vampires, shifters, and a lot more right? You kinda have to have that passive bruh. Thank me😊]

I sat up without removing her from me and just patted her back while I looked at the others who also finally arrived right after Kate's and I's collision. And they were now just staring at us with warm smiles.

She kept at it for approximately 2 more minutes before she finally let go, stood up, and pulled me up to look me over up and down.

Making a hand gesture that told me to twirl around so she could see my changes. This made me laugh out loud, transmitting my current feelings, which are amusement, and how much I missed them... And yeah, me being heartbroken and longing for my mate.

They were smiling at first when they felt the positive feelings but eventually frowned because of the last bit. Oh boy. Haaah... Shouldn't have made a sound. Tsk. This is gonna be troublesome. Fuuudge~

I don't want to deal with it at the moment, so I can only divert their attention. I beamed a smile at them.

*who's the new addition? An old friend of yours who decided to settle down here? She smells familiar somehow...* I tilted left and right to try and see who it was, their being obstructed by Eleazar and Carmen.

All of them froze at the same time when I asked that question. They exchanged looks like they were trying to not be the one to explain. Kate started to visibly be uncomfortable, biting her lower lip, and looking away... Oh my Rob, can you not all look any more suspicious than this?

I squinted my eyes at them, and then I sensed the person come forward from the couple's back. My eyes widened when I saw who it was, I didn't even have to take a second to rummage through my memory bank to identify who they were... No wonder I didn't know this vampire scent. SHE WASN'T A VAMPIRE THEN!

"Long time no see... I believe your name was Robin? They kinda love you to the extreme here huh..." She said with a complicated look towards me... Giving me a small strained smile.

My lips parted, and my eyes widened. I looked at her, then at them... I kept switching my gaze to analyze their expressions. My mind trying to comprehend this situation, trying to come up with possible scenarios of how this could have happened. And then my gaze finally landed on the blonde vampire beside me, who was now slowly inching away from me with a guilty expression.

Then realization hit me when the most likely... possible scenario hit me... Haaaah... Tsk.

Kate visibly flinched when I clicked my tongue. She knew that I may have figured something out already, and I was now upset with her.

I shook my head in disappointment, but I didn't want to deal with this for now. I need to do something first. I feel guilty and sorry for the girl, but my best friend comes first. Call me cruel, but I chose to help him first over making amends with a complete stranger that I just met once when I was 13.

Kate was about to speak, but I raised a finger to shut her up for now, then directed my gaze at Tanya, and smiled at her warmly.

*Sorry, But lets out a pin on this issue for a while. I want to prioritize something first.* I sped up to Isaac who was now again inside the car, trying to make himself look as small as possible.

I opened the cars door and pulled him out, to carry him back towards my cousins, which made him let out a yelp from surprise. I let him down and he just stood there, looking a bit anxious, but also curiously at them.

*This is my best friend, Isaac. He's sick, and I'm going to turn him. He's going to need a lot of help adjusting to our lifestyle, so I'm asking for your help.* I say gazing at him, and then my cousins, leaving out their new member for now.

"But I thought you didn't have venom? If you want, we could help with that. I can do it for you sweetheart." The ever so sweet and enchanting Tanya offered to us.

Isaac came forward, smiled at her, and shook his head to politely decline.

"That's very kind of you to offer, but I was told about your diet, and I wouldn't want you to break that for me. I also would prefer if the one who turns me would be my best friend... Well technically not her exactly, she has a syringe of Carlisle's venom." He said while looking back and forth at me and Tanya.

"Are you sure about this? It will hurt a lot, like you're burning from the inside out, and you can feel your body changing, rearranging, and transforming... It's very painful..." The new girl chimed in, looking worriedly at him but Isaac only looked at her and gave her a kind smile, thankful for her concern.

"I know. I was already told and warned many times by Robin vehemently, and I still chose to be turned and spend my eternity with her and possibly take a gander at this whole mate thing," he replied with a cheeky grin, which made everyone chuckle in amusement.

"I think he's going to fit right in with the family. So let me say this in advance for everyone. Welcome to the family Isaac," Irina said with a welcoming smile.

This woman, it's easy to solve her fate. Just kill James and Victoria or knock some sense into Laurent in advance, I don't care if I have to compel the stupid out of him or educate him by breaking him over and over until he gets it. But I will not let this woman's heartbreak after waiting for such a long time.

They've been waiting for their mate for such a long time now, and they deserve to have someone just for them to spend the rest of their life with. I know Irene's and Kate's from the canon, but there wasn't any mention of Tanya's... I hope she meets him soon.

Tanya told us to all go back to their home to continue the talk and get ready for Isaac's transition, Kate wanted to go with us in the car, but I was kinda still upset with the possibility of what she might have done, so I just sent her a look, and she got it and went to follow the rest of her coven, an I drived behind them.



Even though I've already explained and described to him multiple times how transitioning is or how it felt, we still collectively decided to do so again for Isaac's sake. Everyone shared their experiences and thoughts before, during, and after. Which took a few hours with the amount of storytelling and playful banters here and there.

And then it finally came... The time I had to kill my own best friend, stop his heart forever from beating, turning him into one of the cold ones. I'm being DRAMATIC I know.

But can you blame me? I'm literally stripping him of his ability to eat and sleep, that's kind of a big thing, right? Those two things are sometimes, better than sex... you know? But he made his choice, and to be honest and selfish, I love it... I love the fact that he chose to turn and spend his eternity with me.

He now lay on my bed looking up at me with a smile, waiting for me to start. I already gave him something to knock him out, so it will be easier for him.

"Hey, don't leave my side ok? I want to see your infuriatingly perfect face when I wake up," he said, I could see a bit of anxiousness in his eyes.

I sat down next to him and held his hand to my face.

He sat up a little to touch our foreheads together, closing his eyes, and then gave me a kiss on my forehead... He went back to laying down and his eyelids kept blinking slowly, getting heavier... And he eventually fell asleep.

I stood up, still not letting go of his hand, I grabbed the syringe on the table beside the bed... I looked at it for a second... And then at him... I steeled my resolve, raised the syringe up and aimed it at his heart, and plunged it... Releasing the venom that will end his human life.


3 days... It's been 3 days since the venom entered him. I didn't leave his side as promised. I have never let go of his hand... Even when he convulsed in pain... I just kept singing to calm him down, it helped a little... only just a bit. He should be waking up anytime now.

I cried, I cried a lot within these 3 days... It's never an easy thing for me to see my any of my loved ones in pain. If I could take the pain for them, I would...

I felt his hand tighten on my own. I looked up to his now seemingly perfectly sculpted face... And I saw him grinning at me cheekily.

"Good morning bitch"


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